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MARCH 21, 2012 1:54AM

Death By Suburb

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Death By Suburb

Our Own Worst Enemies

backward gunI really didn't want to create a cartoon referencing the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Really I didn't.

When I first read the tragic story of this innocent 17-year-old being gunned down I naturally assumed that it was a cut-and-dried case of another racist idiot with a gun playing out vigilante fantasies and that he'd suffer the full weight of justice before the week was out.

But the days passed and the Florida police did nothing about the crime. They didn't even drug-test the shooter, George Zimmerman, though they drug-tested Mr. Martin's body.

I continued to follow the story and the more I learned about the Florida "Start Some Shit" law the more I realized, with rising horror, that the state had institutionalized murder, with the NRA's blessing, and that Mr. Martin was only its most recent victim.

The law as it stands in Florida, and 14 other states, pretty much allows you to shoot anyone you want if they make even the most minor of threatening gestures towards you. This kind of law is meant to appeal to those with a limited perspective, one that extends no further than their effective firing range. These individuals may take comfort in their metal toys but how long do you think it's going to take before every punk with a cheap handgun learns that they can get away with murder when the tie goes to the last standing? How long before it's your child, your husband, your daughter that gets cornered by a lunatic?

As for Mr. Martin, the Department of Justice has finally stepped in and a grand jury will investigate the slaying. Mr. Zimmerman may soon find himself in court but he's just a symptom of the disease. The killing will go on because the law will not be changed. That's what barbarians do.


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Trayvon was a kid. Since when did it become OK for buckaroos to gun down children on the street? How is Zimmerman any different from the whack job who gunned down those children at the Jewish school in France? I've got serious reservations about Florida and its laws. It's starting to sound like Arizona.
It's now the norm for murderers go go free and the gun lobby to pay the media, the police and the legislators to close ranks behind them. And this has everything to do with Bales and the 16 murdered brown-skins over in Afghanistan.
So far, from responses I've received to this cartoon from within Open Salon and without, I have to say that the women "get it".

Makes me sad to have a Y chromosome sometimes.
hey FLS, its an outrage and a tragedy, and I have a Y chromosome too. commend you for editorializing on it. sometimes the gears of justice turn slowly but I think Zimmerman is in for years of trouble. at the very least, a civil suit. it does sound like the police botched the job. as some are saying, "enablers". but they do have the fig leaf of that law to stand behind. the news coming out only seems to favor the victim. [eg his gfs statement to lawyer about her conversation with him]. it looks like we found a new nationwide scapegoat besides casey anthony.
As a barbarian, I find your association of my people with floridians offensive.
Valid comments but you are absolutely incorrect about the Florida law. Not even close. Not by a long-shot.

No offense but I just do not understand how people can comment on a law they obviously have not read. DEMAND THAT THIS LAW BE ENFORCED AS WRITTEN - that is the problem,

Everyone should rest assured that Zimmerman will be prosecuted. The admitted facts (in his own words) and the plain language of the statute assure he is toast.

 Thank you for this perspective.

 This might also interest you. See Trayvon Martin: Defense a Pig-Sty Beneath a Racist Facade?
Lefty:I am a bit late coming to your blog post because I am out of town for a while.
I am very glad you are participating in the outcry which is getting louder by each day.
How can it be that such law still exists like in times of the Wild West?
What needs to be done to change the legal shooting as excuse?
If visitors from other countries come to know about this,they might decide not to go to a state like this in the future.This will hurt the economy of the state.
Perhaps a boarder crossing information supply will bring change and abolition of such sick justice.