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November 06
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MARCH 5, 2012 3:05AM

Limbaugh Is Simply Misunderstood.

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Rush Limbaugh sucks metaphorical cock.

Bad Rush

rush limbaughMy favorite tweets about Rush Limbaugh:

Rush Limbaugh is a racist and misogynist. He's also one of the most influential conservatives ever. This is not a coincidence. - Oliver wills

To ensure that it will never be attacked during a Republican administration, Iran is changing its name to "Rush Limbaugh." - Frank Conniff

I think Rush Limbaugh owes me an apology for saying he was "trying to be humorous." - Gary Shandling

Rush Limbaugh: College drop-out, draft-dodger, four times married, druggie, & the voice of the Republicans Party…Did I miss anything? - Chico Delainky

BREAKING: Disgusted, Satan returns Limbaugh's soul. - Andy Borowitz

I don't agree with what Rush Limbaugh has to say but I will defend to the death his right to lose all his advertisers over it. - Anthony De Rosa

Why isn't the MSM reporting that Rush's boss is.., MITT ROMNEY! Bain Capital (along w/ a prvt equity co) OWNS Clear Channel, Rush's network. - Michael Moore


Mr. Limbaugh has already lost seven advertisers as a result of his recent knavery. If you'd like to increase that number, sign this petition.


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Ohhhhh SNAP! Glad somebody said it and equally thrilled that his advertisers are dropping like flies.