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November 06
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FEBRUARY 25, 2011 12:52AM

David Koch and Scott Walker really click.

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David Koch and Scott Walker really click

Lots of "found comedy" today.

First, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spent the day denying he'd ever heard of billionaire David Koch.

Really. A man who gives your political campaign almost $50,000 and you don't know who he is?


Believe it or not, Walker has presidential aspirations but the prank revealed him to be less a leader than a dog willing to don the leash of his masters. In other words, a good Republican.

As for Koch, I have to wonder if anyone questions it's really him when he calls. Heh-heh-heh.

Secondly, the right-wing scumbag machine, basically any media company with the word "Fox" attached to it, has been busy smearing prankster Ian Murphy with both hands. While simultaneously forgetting that Scott Walker readily admitted he violated both state and federal laws during his rambling conversation.

I listened to a half-hour interview with Mr. Murphy today and found him to be a very thoughtful and intelligent young man. He was cautious in his answers but it's clearly because there are forces out there who would do him harm. I hope he survives the Right-wing wringer to entertain us yet again.


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Mike, that was a great news story and I really like the way you made wonderful humor out of it here in your cartoon!
Heh-heh... Doesn't anyone in the Gov's office in Madison have any idea how to install and use caller ID? I mean...it's not a new thing. And now Walker has revealed far more about his true self and true motivation and ambition than was wise. Or savory. Ian Murphy, will you marry me?

"I've never heard of that billionaire with whom I'm obviously on a first name basis! ....Well... I suppose his signature on all those campaign checks sort of rings a bell."

Scott Walker--George Walker Bush.... even if they're not at all related, if you meet a Republican with Walker anywhere in his name, it's a good time to run like hell. Great cartoon!

and the anti-war, draft-dodgers, left-wing, white-collar OS cowards continue to bad-mouth another Republican this week for doing what the voters elected him to do as their new Master last Fall....what a bunch of whining cry-babies all you fucken OS liberals are and especially farleftside some yankee punk living in Dallas, boy you had better move back home become Texas become an free and independent territory again cause you, boy, your dumbass will become just another piece of dead yankee meat if you stay in Texas.
Hey! David is too humble to mention it, but Scott has good reason to do him political favors! David singlehandedly pulled Scott out of a jungle in Viet Nam and then air-lifted him to the nearest hospital! I know this because decorated war heroes Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Boehner, Limbaugh and Beck have all mentioned it on Fox News! So stop being such a leftwing draft dodger!

(uh-oh, laughed so hard I peed on the carpet again)
I would love to hear the phone call where he is bitched out for falling for that prank but it was worth it. the republicans will have a hard time complaining since they had James O'Keefe and the operation rescue entrapment scams on their side.
I do a great "Lloyd Blankfein" (Goldman Sachs) imitation. Gets me direct access to ANY President, Republican or Democrat.
Murphy calls himself a gonzo journalist--the kind of journalist who writes in the first person and makes himself a part of the story. Hunter S. Thompson was the first, I believe, to claim this title. I imagine Murphy won't let anything stop him.

In response to 28spirits, no one is my master; that is a scary freaking idea. Voters voted for him to deal with the budget problem. The unions have already conceded to the financial demands and are only trying to retain collective bargaining rights.

Finally, threatening lives here really indicates your extremism and absolutely sidelines you in this game. No one will listen to you when you pepper your argument with threats of physical violence. You are bullies and do not deserve attention. "Do it our way or we'll shoot you" reminds me a bit of North African struggles. Those dictators are losing, and so will you.
The "thoughtful and intelligent" young man is an illegal imposter and subject to prosecution under New York criminal laws. On the other hand, Governor Walker did nothing even remotely illegal. His only "crime" was his belief that callers are not criminals.

Too bad the public can't be treated to Obama receiving his daily instructions from union leaders who do everything but enjoy overnights at the White House.

Hardly fair and balanced reporting here.
Obama has been very willing to work and compromise with the Republicans. He is not in the pocket of the Unions. Walker on the other had refused to compromise and is in the Koch pocket. It made me sick to hear him excited about Koch flying him out to California for some fun after all this fuss is over. Walker deserves to be outed.
I'm glad Gordon said "fair and balanced." That phrase always gives me a giggle. I'm sure he was just as outraged about James O'Keefe's pranks.
I really enjoyed this post. I will forward it to some friends.