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Christine Macdonald
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November 09
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JUNE 15, 2012 3:49PM

Who's Your Daddy: A Stripper's View On Fathers

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If you've never placed a bet in your life, it's a pretty safe one to assume most strippers have issues. 

Every g-string diva has a story, and I can only speak for mine, which is your garden variety text book tale of father abandonment, followed by step-father abuse. This isn't to say I'm playing The Victim in my personal Lifetime Movie of the Week, nor do I seek pity from you readers. It just was what it was. I played with the cards I was dealt, and kept rolling the dice.

Every Father's Day, I find myself in awe of my male friends who not only take on their parental role, they actually engage in the lives of their children. I know men who coach soccer, volunteer at swimming practice, sell Girl Scout cookies in the office, and organize Boy Scout camping weekends. One of my buddies is so involved with his two boys he can't help but beam with pride in every Facebook photo he posts. You can see it in their eyes; the savoring of every moment caught on camera, moments that fly so fast, it makes you wonder where the time went.

Time, for a father is precious. I know some dads who put in 14 hour days at the office, when not traveling the globe for their career. The moments they have with their children fall by the waist side, becoming casualties in their war with the clock. 

Balancing life with children, for any parent is tough - but as a sole breadwinnng father - it can seem damn near impossible. It's no wonder some men throw in the towel and bail. Only the strong survive, and only the selfless remain. 

I may never have the experiences of father-daughter dances, or feel the strength and security slipping under his covers after a nightmare, but I get immense joy in knowing there are fathers out there who are getting it right.

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I'm in awe of people who have that combination of positive attitude in a real world!
i have such a soft spot for men who are great dads.
I'm going to consider this a compliment - thank you!!
I agree. My daughter won the jackpot when she was born... ~r
Thanks, Chocago Guy.

This IS a compliment to all the dads out there who get it right.

I am a sucker for good dads too (go figure).

That's awesome Joan.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I truly appreciate it. xxoo
My father dumped us when he divorced my mother. But my stepfather, Victor Izay, more than made up for it. I was never a stripper but had other problems associated with a missing father and abusive other stepfather--not Vic. *hugs*
That which does not kill us... xo
I'm was a stripper and also had daddy issues. Who woulda thought!? I wonder if we took a count; how many strippers had dads who loved them (the right way), protected them, nurtured them, told them they were beautiful and accepted them unconditionally? How many would there be? Few I would think.
It's so true. Cliche's are such for a reason. xxoo
And so much that is wrong with society like poverty and crime is the result of deadbeat dads who don't take responsibility seriously. Parenting is like work, just being their is half the game. Kudos to those who do their job.
[r] well said! best, libby
Sending good thoughts your way. Come hang out with me and my Dad. Your good thoughts will go a long way.:-)
i always keep in mind that strippers...
real ones or ..metaphorical ones...
have issues. daddy issues.

yeah it is the awesome f-ing truth indeed!
some men are what could conditionally, upon further examination,
be called, tentatively, "good". ay!

i know instinctively somehow that strippers are good.
why is that? what weird thing is going on?

i suppose i ought to watch more lifetime.
that is where the issues are real.
i am not kidding.

and i meant no disrespect of course. i hope that goes unsaid, c.
Multitask Man??? Not to many men can. Christine, nice post. Would have read it even if you hadn't mentioned being a stripper.
Once again, you come up with a grand slam home run of a post!
Thank you for the lovely comments. xo