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On 9/11/01 a plane crashed into my office building. I took this as Al Queda's way of suggesting I shouldn't work in an office. Since then I've been cartooning and illustrating and writing funny stuff.


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DECEMBER 2, 2009 2:51PM

No apologies from Tiger

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No apologies from Tiger Woods!

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Seems he's apologizing now.. and changing the pre-nup, and putting money in his wife's account, and getting marriage counseling... Welcome to the world of infidelity!!
Love it. Perhaps you could put a big Kobe-style ring in his hand for Elin?
This is the best I've seen on the subject!!! Great drawing and the line just slayed me! Thanks for that!
He should apologize to the Florida taxpayers; he wasted a lot on man hours and just now (as of this comment) he admits to an affair. I live in FLA and I'm steamed. Rated.
I have a confession to make. I don't know anything about Tigers girlfriends or wives or even what kind of car it was he wrapped around that tree. And worse, I couldn't care less. As for wasting Florida Tax payer resources that is not cool. As I'm not following this story too closely, I don't know why they were involved in an incident on Tiger's property where no one got hurt.

In other news: 1_I_M, the baby's doing great! Thanks fer askin!
Give the guy, and his wife and kids, a break. How has Tiger let you, personally, down? You don't know anything about what really has happened, and there is no reason you should. What business is it of anybody else's? Life has enough sorrow, don't create more for them. Just cut it out. Comment on things that count, like wars and poverty and the environment. This petty fascination with public figures is foolish and pointless, and worse, it creates more difficulty for this family.
And this bullshit NON NEWS will not die because of people like

You're right Peter. My post was meant to comment on how ridiculous this is as a "news" item. It was not meant to insult Tiger or get him back for that time he stole my girlfriend.
If this is meant to be funny, please help me to differentiate it from sick.
Sure Anthony9h. Sick would be something like Mr. Woods saying,
" I did not have sex with that tree!"
Actually, that's pretty funny too, which brings up the point that 'sick' and 'funny' are not mutually exclusive. The gentlemen who bring us South Park provide ample proof of that.
Tiger will never improve. As he never stop wearing hi cap same as he never stop to betray his wives. Snow shovel