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APRIL 29, 2012 8:42PM

One Wedding and One Funeral

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Those of youse who have been reading this blog for a while were aware that Lady Lucia and I had been planning our Holy Union ceremony for nearly a year and would be having it in late April. (I hadn't wanted to specify the exact date on this blog until after the fact, for somewhat paranoid reasons, but it was yesterday; April 28th. Three days after my 50th birthday, which we celebrated simply, by going out to dinner).

Well, we had the ceremony and reception yesterday, as planned, and it was beautiful but bittersweet. Lady Lucia's mother, who had been ill for a long time, died the day before! We decided to go ahead with the ceremony and reception, which were held at the New Jersey Episcopal Church where Lady L serves, because, well, we had all the food and flowers and people were traveling to be with us. It didn't seem right to cancel (or postpone) on less than 24 hours notice. So, we had a lovely ceremony and reception but the very next day (this afternoon) after attending church with my congregation at the home, and having lunch with me, Lady Lucia had to get a cab to the airport and fly to Florida, to arrange her mother's funeral there, see her mother's lawyers and all those things that are necessary after someone dies.

'Though I had only met Lady Lucia's mother a couple of times, I liked her very much and am saddened, myself, by her passing. Wishing I could have had more time to know her. I also wish, with all my heart, that I could have gone with Lady L to Florida, to stand by her side and help her with everything. But we are not, legally, family, and it's not safe for me to be out at my current job (most folk at the Home think she's my room-mate). So, I must stay here alone with Alice and Trixie, while she goes, for a week-and-a-day, to do these sad tasks without the help that I long to give her.

I had already decided that this would be my last job "in the closet." I am telling all prospective future employers, in the "personal notes" section of my cover letters, that I am in Domestic Partnership with a woman. I actually have an interview, tomorrow, evening, for a job as Head Teacher at a downtown Brooklyn preschool. Those folk already know that the woman with whom I live is more than just a "room-mate." This is as it will always be, from now on.

On that note, I also want to tell y'all that I have had an article published, under my real name (with my real photo on it) in an online magazine called Pretty Queer. www.prettyqueer.com. The article is called "Coming (Back) Out" and will probably contain information that's familiar to readers of this blog but might be of interest anyway, if only because it's a "real" publication, for which I had to submit my writing and have it accepted by the editor.  The aformentioned editor has already said he'll want more pieces from me in the future. I'm pleased about that. While I don't have great ambitions for a writing "career" as I know some of youse do, I do think that having my writing published is a good thing. It allows me to tell important truths and give people food-for-thought, in a way that's taken seriously. I've been published before, but mostly as poet. This is a new way to write for publication and, as far as I'm concerned, a good one. And yes, giving you this link means that I "risk" having my real name and appearance known on Open Salon. Well, it's already known to those who encountered me at the New York meet-up in March, so I'm really not worried about that, 'though I intend to remain "Eva" in this space.

I'll probably be around here a lot this week, assuaging my loneliness and sadness for Lady Lucia, with the help of your virtual company. As always, thanks for being interested and supportive, through so much of muchness...

Blessings and well-wishes,

Eva T.

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Please accept my condolences and congratulations both! It sounds like good things are in store for you, and that your recent decisions are serving you well. I'll check out your article under your "real" name, but even tho I have met you, you are still your avatar to me!
Dirndl Skirt: I appreciate all of your sentiments! And I'm glad to be my avatar to you. I do identify with her.
Seer: What you say is good, wise and true. Thanks for reminding me.
So much joy and so much sorrow here. So much to say. First and foremost, my condolences to Lady Lucia and yourself about the loss of her mother. I hope the process of grieving and organizing everything goes as smoothly as possible for her. I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to both of you, and to her family.

Secondly, I am so happy you guys had the Holy Union ceremony. Congratulations and continued love and happiness in the future.

Thirdly, I know what it's like to be apart from the person you love, and for a fairly long time. Regardless of the reason, it's not always easy, but I'm glad you've got the cats and your work and other projects to keep you busy, and I hope the time will go by pleasantly and quickly.

Fourthly, Right on about not hiding who you are! Bravo to you!

Fifthly, CONGRATULATIONS on getting an article published! I've copied the link and can't wait to read it!

Best wishes for all the good things, and, again, my condolences and wishes of courage and healing for the bad.
I just read your article, and it is so well put - I left a comment (with a fake email address - I'm always paranoid to give out my real one :-) ). You did such a great job and I know what you wrote will help a lot of people. Great job! I can't wait to read more, and I'm so glad you have these happy events in your life at such a difficult time.
Alysa: Thanks for all of your good thoughts, prayers and wishes!It's helpful to know I have you in my virtual "corner," even though you're so far away geographically. One of the true blessings of the internet. I'm also pleased that you read my article. I'll have to go and check out your comment there.
Congrats to you both, and also very sorry for the loss of LL's mother.
Madhuri: Thanks for both sentiments.