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MARCH 25, 2012 12:46PM

Different Decades For Different Folks

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Last night, Lady Lucia and I attended a 40th birthday party for our friend Hippolyta. I think that, these days, Hippolyta is probably my youngest friend (I used to hang out with a couple of people in their 20s while still living in Manhattan but have lost touch with them since the move to Brooklyn). So...my youngest friend just turned 40, in a month I'll turn 50, and now I find myself reflecting on the nature(s) of those milestone birthdays; how different circumstances affect the way(s) we perceive them.

I told Hippolyta that I hoped her 40s would be easier than mine had been. Well, I do hope that. Yes, Lady Lucia and I started our relationship during the final two years of my forties but that's about the only thing that has been really good about them. I don't know whether it's because of 9/11 or the economy or...what? But, yeah, this decade has pretty much sucked for me (with the notable exception of the Lady Lucia apsects). I wouldn't wish such a decade on a good friend. And I hope to hell my fifties will be better than my forties were!

I do expect that Hippolyta's forties will be good. She is now very wealthy (having inherited over a million dollars a couple of years ago) and money always paves the path to happiness, even if it can't, literally, "buy" it. She has published several books and is nearly finished with her second graduate degree. She can rightly consider herself successful. I'm happy for her. It was also nice to see her really enjoying the birthday party. It was almost enough to make me want a party for my fiftieth. Almost but not quite...

I expect that, on my birthday, I'll just go out to dinner someplace with Lady Lucia and leave it at that. We're not in a position (financially or geopgraphically) for big parties. Plus, we're already having a different sort of party (in a different location) the same week! Three days after my fiftieth birthday, Lady Lucia and I will have our commitment ceremony, followed by an informal reception for a small group of friends (mostly church colleagues) at the New Jersey church where Lady Lucia serves as a part time pastoral associate.

The date was actually my suggestion. I kind of like the idea of having my birthday "pre-empted" by a celebration that feels "bigger" and less ambiguous.

What a difference a decade makes? Well, maybe it will and maybe it won't. I can't know what my fifties will be like but I can know that Lady Lucia's presence in my life will be a blessing then, as it is now.

Blessings and hopes to all of youse, no matter your age(s)!

Eva T.

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Each decade is what we make it..now in my 60's...But that's very exciting Eva about the Committment Ceremony combined with your 50th. My sister did the same thing ON her 50th. Good luck with this whole new decade - and all its new adventures.
I have a feeling you are going to rock your 50's. Congrats on your upcoming Commitment Ceremony (how exciting!) and best wishes for a fabulous birthday. XOXO
I love that you are having your commitment ceremony around your 50th birthday. What a wonderful way to start your 50's!
trilogy: It is exciting. Thanks for your good wishes!
Lisa: I appreciate your vote of confidence.
LunchLady2: I'm glad you think it's "wonderful." Affirmation from people on OS really gives me hope and courage.
Eva,maybe it will be a dinner of surρrise or..a you never know beautiful and exciting thing..I know the ρlace ..the "I am not in a financiall position "...and I also know the other ρlace.."Oh how I wish to have many friends with me in my birthday"..The most imρortant is that you have your health and Lady Lucia.I have a feeling that you will be great..and haρρy..That are my wishes anyway..Thank you Eva for your wishes on blessings and hopes.Rated with best regards.
STATHI-STATHI: Thank you for your wishes and hopes!
First of all, whoa, having met you in person, I would never have guessed you're nearly 50! You have great skin! I am jealous!

Secondly, and probably more importantly, if a lot of the OSers are anything to go by, your 50's seem to be a good time. I wish that for you, and more.

Lastly, how wonderful that you're having a commitment ceremony! What are you going to wear? (Okay, that really isn't important, but I always ask that when people have a couples-related ceremony - I love clothes, especially ones for special occasions.) I know what you mean about having this event sort of overtake your birthday - I tried to blot out my birthday this year by going to the circus. We should, of course, be happy for every year we're given, but maybe making a milestone of it every time isn't good, either.

In any case, so many joyful events are coming up for you, and I wish you all the best for all of them!
Alysa: Thanks for the compliments and good wishes. I suspect that, waaaaaaay back in my family history (on the Italian side) one of my ancestors found the fabled Fountain of Youth and took some big gulps from it. A witch found out that someone else had beat her to the Fountain of Youth and, in her jealous rage, placed a curse uopn my ancestor and all of her descendents: "You will always look young but you will struggle to keep your weight down, all your life, and you will have acne until you are at least 35!" (I did have major acne well into my thirties, as have most of my relatives).