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"Often this poet, strolling through the noisy splintered glare of a Manhattan noon, has paused at a sample Olivetti to type up thirty or forty lines of ruminations, or pondering more deeply has withdrawn to a darkened ware- or fire-house to limn his computed misunderstandings of the eternal questions of life, co-existence and depth, while never forgetting to eat Lunch his favorite meal..." Frank O'Hara Lunch Poems, 1964. This site is dedicated to the spirit of the man who wrote "I am ashamed of my century for being so entertaining, but I have to smile." Different century than the one we are all now inhabiting of course, and he did have the ill-grace to check out early, before the 1960s ended and America's contribution to that century’s ill-conceived wars, brutal assassinations and betrayals had changed our graceful, fond and confident smiles to the currently fashionable smirks, sneers, snickers and grimaces seen nightly on the news and political talk shows. But still. I hope to "limn" my own "computed misunderstandings of the eternal questions of life, co-existence and depth" on these pages, while never forgetting to eat Lunch, and always, always searching for those rare moments of grace -- when whatever it is that this century is clicks more clearly into view.


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MARCH 1, 2012 1:33PM

In the race for attention, Breitbart chose to go nuclear

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In the arms race of outrage required to gain attention and be successful in the modern arena of political commentary, Breitbart time and time again chose the nuclear option.

Today my sympathy is for his family -- but, in fact, I always felt sad for him. He was so painful to watch -- his rage so extreme and his sputtering hatred of others, whether forced or real, was so over-the-top that he was obviously harming himself, as well as the public discourse. Perhaps the most respectful way anyone, of any political ideology, can meet his passing is to honestly acknowledge how destructive the personal animosity, ginned up outrage, and full throated desire to destroy others that dominates our politics is -- to ourselves as well as others we count as enemies -- and stop feeding it with our attention, and rewarding it with wealth.

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nice to see you back on os :)

yes, a constant firing of the spleen is bad for the spleen well exhausting for the rest of us.