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November 22
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I've lived a good life studying people and gathering wool. My apologies to the Spanish speakers among us. My screen name might have better been "escrito para nada". Anyway you say it I'm not getting paid for writing.


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APRIL 16, 2012 9:33PM

Copyright and Fair Use: Addendum

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In a recent post I quoted large amounts of material from the website of the U.S. Copyright office.  I made the comment that I was not certain that that was not an infringement of copyright law.

I wrote the Copyright Office and was assured that information that is disseminated by government offices is not subject to copyright.  Some information that appears on government sites is not original with the government.  This material falls under "fair use", though, and is in the public domain.  So, any material appearing on a .gov site may be copied freely.



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Thanks for this info. It's an important topic that as you had previously stated is not all that easy to stay on top of.
Escrito ,thank you for the information.Jmac,has wrote an excellent ρost on coρyright issues among others...and these are useful things for us to know...Rated with best regards.