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FEBRUARY 23, 2009 11:20AM

cutting the cord

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i'm not ready to let go of my landline. i don't use it, it's costing me money, and i'm not ready. 

don't know why. it's silly, really....dithering about some deeper meaning when it really doesn't matter -  i'm just wasting money.  hanging onto something that's not useful. 

i like the number itself; kinda cool, one i 'knew' i'd want to keep with me when we moved. when....i moved.

we used to use it, when there was a we.

i can go get a prepaid cell  for an alert system, which is the main reason i'm using the landline. 

i gave away the coolest caller id box - the blue sharper image globe. ah, that thing was so cool. but it's gone.

this is ridiculous. some decider i am.  


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me too. it's so ridiculous.... it doesn't even work very well because a tree fell on the line last year. for me it's about giving up the number once and for all. somehow, that damn number means something to me.

I have to get past that. let me know if you do.
thoughts on how move past it:

buy a prepaid cell phone - to be the backup; ignoring that will be cheaper than ignoring the cable phone which is costing me....almost exactly what the bell landline cost.

my job might give me a cell soon, so i'm waiting on that. silly to spend even the few $ on a prepaid if i'm getting one for free.

carry on...
i did it!

silly, but powerful in some odd way. and i do feel disconnected, even with....1 cell phone, 1 blackberry, 1ipod touch, 11 email addresses, 2 computers, linkedin & facebook. doesn't seem possible, but there it is.

i have now joined the ranks of.....such as my husband, who's still adjusting to having a cell phone and texting. oy.