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FEBRUARY 16, 2009 8:40PM

i hate to exercise

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i hate to exercise. i really do. it hurts, and that is not fun. and no, i am not doing it wrong - it just hurts.  my doctor has sympathy but offers no releif. she's nice, but straightfoward; 'too bad for you'. 

i have arthritis in my right knee and my right foot got broken a couple of years ago. the doctor said it would never be the same as it was before i fell, and he was right.

but i'm supposed to exercise, never mind that it hurts. my blood pressure is high, and i have adult ADD, and exercise helps. and it does - i noticed it almost right away. my bp is down, and my ability to focus and remember random stuff is defiantely up. so i exercise. 

except that it hurts. and that i have always, as an adult, gained weight when i exercise. my plan this time is to keep on doing it until i'm exercising so much that i can't possibly eat enough to gain weight.  

so i exercise  in short - really short - spurts, until the pain starts really annoying me, and then i stop. sometimes i can start again in a few minutes, most times i can't.  it hurts. 

i'm thrilled that my bp is lower - maybe i can take my ritalin again - and it's kinda neat to be able to focus. but

it hurts.

 it's gonna be a long journey. 


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hate it too. my favorite part is when it's over.
I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on OS, but if you have access to a pool that might help a bit.

yes i do have access to a pool - right outside my back door. not at the moment, however, as it's frozen.

i'm thinking of getting a soft hottub and bringing it inside, to the workshop. [ i honestly don't see the point of having one outdoors] but my house will be for sale again in april so i don't want to do too weird a thing.

ah, very true. i coulda written that at the end. thx