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September 26
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MAY 7, 2012 2:01PM

Prophet Manasseh Called Me on My Cell

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“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

            Matthew 7:15 King James Bible


Prophet Manasseh Jordan called me on my cell phone Friday afternoon.  Not sure how he got my number, but the Lord works in mysterious ways.  He left an extended message from his 1-800 number, telling me that he knew I was going through a very hard time and I needed God’s intervention.  He said I must join the Prayer Circle and urged me several times to call 1-800-234-9071 for more information.  I was wondering if Prophet Manasseh may have called any of you. 


Prophet Manasseh Jordan
(photo credit:

I was compelled to google Prophet Manasseh and found out very little about him except that he started training at the tender age of 8 with televangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn, who looks like a Greek Jon Lovitz. 


Benny Hinn
(photo credit: 

According to, Manasseh is a 20-year-old Christian minister currently based in Boston and appearing weekly on BET’s Morning Inspiration.  The son of Prophet Bernard Jordan, he is a self-proclaimed prophet, motivational speaker, CEO and author of The Art of Spiritual Protocol.


“Prophet Manasseh has the unique ability to motivate people to move through mediocrity and embrace excellence and wholeness in their lives.”  ( 


Since so little is written on Manasseh, I thought I’d research his mentor, Benny Hinn.  I learned that Hinn is best known for his “Miracle Crusades”—revival meeting/faith healing sessions held in sports stadiums in major cities, which are later broadcast on his TV program, This is Your Day.  Hinn was born in Jaffa in 1952 to Palestinian Christian parents and raised in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.  Shortly after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, he and his family moved to Toronto, Canada.  As a teenager, he converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Pentecostalism, and joined a singing troupe of young evangelics (Wikipedia).  He moved to Orlando, Florida and founded the Orlando Christian Center in 1983, claiming that God was using him as a “conduit for healings” (Wikipedia) and thus held healing services at the church.  His first nationally-televised healing service was held in Flint, Michigan in 1989, and in the 90s his daily talk show emerged. 


Millions attend his Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades every year.  The largest healing service in recorded history was the one he held in India, where 7.3 million people (3 services) were said to attend.  Celebrities such as Evander Holyfield attest to his power.  Holyfield claimed to have had a “warm feeling” go through his chest when Hinn touched him.  Benny Hinn Ministries are said to support 60 mission organizations throughout the world and several orphanages, and claim to feed over 100,000 children annually and support 45,000 children daily from donor contributions.  I think that is all terrific.


Hinn asserts that God has instilled in him the power to carry out supernatural acts of healing.  At his Miracle Crusades, he has supposedly cured attendees of blindness, deafness, cancer, AIDS and severe physical injuries.  However, investigative reports by the Los Angeles Times, NBC’s Dateline, CBC’s The Fifth Estate and 60 Minutes have all questioned the validity of such claims.  In November 2004, The Fifth Estate did a special entitled “Do You Believe in Miracles?” on transgressions they believed to be perpetrated by Hinn’s ministry.  Most telling was the discovery that those most desperate for a miracle such as quadriplegics, the brain-damaged and others with obvious physical conditions, were not allowed on stage and directed to return to their seats.  During a Canadian service, hidden cameras showed a mother carrying her daughter who had muscular dystrophy, being stopped by two screeners when they tried to get on line for their “blessing” from Hinn.  The screeners asked the mother if her daughter Grace had been healed and when she said no, they were instructed to return to their seats.  It appears that those who are generally permitted on stage are those with unseen maladies such as various forms of cancer and heart disease.


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so I am assuming that Prophet Manasseh is following in Hinn’s shady footsteps.  So, for now, I will not be returning Manasseh’s call and joining the prayer circle.  I hope he can find it in his heart to forgive me.


In this video, it appears to me (I am wearing my glasses) that Manasseh shoved one of the congregants to the floor.  What does it look like to you?








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As Jon Lovitz used to say, "Yeah--that's the ticket!"
Or as Jon Lovitz said many times, "It's called ACTING!!"
Yes, sirs, right you are. Acting all the way to the bank . . .
Or as Lovitz says now in the Subway commercials, "Eat fresh!!!!!"
I haven't seen him in that commercial yet, Chicken Maaan.
All the way to the bank is right - prophets or predators?
LammChops, definitely the latter.
"Benny Hinn Ministries are said to support 60 mission organizations throughout the world and several orphanages, and attest to feeding over 100,000 children annually and supporting 45,000 children daily from donor contributions. "

Hah! Excuse me if I think that's in the same league as these 'healings'.
Myriad, I'm with you. Me thinks I smell a rat! -E
What I have to say about this guy and those like him is so obscene I would never share. Thank you for writing this post, Erica. R
This is from Saturday Night Live, right? They 'shopped in the waving in the audience, right? Good luck finding one orphan these guys slipped even so much as a granola bar.
Thoth, they outrage me too. I can imagine taking my mom, who is wheelchair-bound with Alzheimer's, to one of the healing sessions. They would hurl us from the stage.

nilesite, it could be from SNL, but it's not. I still can't get over Hinn's uncanny resemblance to Lovitz.
Wolves feeding on sheep who only need help. If I thought this bastard could stop my pain, I'd kidnap him and keep him in my barn. Of course, I would feed him from time to time, but only if he stopped the pain that day!
Ive got three Benny Hinn CDs for sale on Amazon if you want them hahah
Much like Oral Roberts who pushed my mother away.
Ahh the snake oil charmers
Scanner, I know. I wish he could heal my Mom, but you know they are all full of shit.
Linda, Oral pushed your mom away? Seriously??
I can barely stand to look at him or any of his ilk Erica.

I am nauseous enough today already...

He should call Nigeria. I hear they are giving away lotto money to the 'right' customers...
I get emails regularly enough telling me.
Mission, I get the emails from Nigeria too. I hate people who prey upon the weak and less fortunate.
i cannot in good conscience doubt all this rather doubtful shit,
but i shall pretend i do..for..
i had a miracle lately..
it was a screaming kind...

i arrived at church 5 minutes early as usual
and the whole place was totally decimated
and God said, there!
i say, what the f. , Man?
he said, three damn days!told ya i would destroy the temple
in 3 days time, yo!

ah, i said to God, yo yerself. yer clock is way off.

He said, hm. whaaaat do i need, a new battery or somethin?
Sure, i said, alot more interested in looting the ruins of
this temple....some gold and silver, all melted..and some
cool books like some Paul Tillich, a theologian..

god muttered more but i ignored him.
I don't know what your spiritual positioning is - I am a Christian - but it certainly is a disservice to my beliefs. I would pray that you don't think this is representative of God or that He finds it pleasing.

True prophets do NOT ask for money - anybody that truely works for God will NOT do that. A cold call? Really? That is a shame... and from the investigating that you've done... a sham as well.

Don't lose hope - everyone gets what they got coming to them. Word.
What many do not recall or never knew is that Oral Roberts did this same thing early in his career. I vividly remember him coming to town when I was a kid. It was like the circus.

Anyway, this prophet is not able to telephone me unless he truly has supernatural powers. Nor is anyone else able to telephone me. Thanks for keeping me informed on what I have been missing in this well composed essay.
Well, now wait a minute. Let me be more precise. I well know that he does not claim supernatural powers himself. Rather, he claims that God has chosen him as a special conduit through which God's healing power flows. All glory to God.

That's what they all say.

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that I get it.
James,thank you for the poem. Some temples need destroying.

Job, I was raised Catholic, but am lapsed now. I have faith, but not in charlatans.

Brass, I'm glad you didn't get called.
He's 20?

He looks about 50.
Oh the enormous burden of his healing powers and magical spiritual something or other on his covered in (what looks like) made to order silk suited, overburdened's all aged him like a cheese.

now all you smart alec-y, tongue in cheeky, liberal sophisticates, don't be hatin' just cause the old looking Benny Hill dude is hooked up with serious manassehian electrical powers and shit! you could be healed by his crack team of singing and dancing blond nurses in mini skirts.

huzzah huzzah YAKITY SAX!!!
If he "laid hands" on my mother like that, they would be carting me off to the poky.

I couldn't finish watching the video, so predatory these people are. Criminal.

Congrats on the EP, excellent material!
Wow. Just wow! I grew up about half a mile from the Jimmy Swaggert Bible College. The stories I could tell ... but this is your post and your EP. Kudos to you, Erica!
A great piece of investigation here by you. And a well-deserved EP. Good photos too.
I didn’t get any calls, but Hinn started texting and we’ve struck up quite the conversation. We have a tentative date to meet for a few rounds of pinochle when he can fit it into his schedule amid performing daily miracles.

As for Holyfield having a “warm feeling” go through his chest when Hinn touched him, is he sure that Hinn didn’t simply have some Vicks VapoRub on his finger tips?
First of all, the BEST part of your post is the beginning, the scripture spoken right out of Jesus' mouth. It always brings me comfort to see it, knowing how he KNOWS that false prophets were, are and always will be around us. Second of all, how did he get your cell phone #??? Random?? Benny Hinn...hmmmmm. He is definitely a man of mixed reputation. Some swear that his healing is solid, others say he gives a damn good show. Being a Christian in a foreign field, we are the ones living among the poor who watch these guys like a hawk and borderline worship them. When they come, people line up, get goosebumps and leave, singing their praises. They become little miniatures of them, and all the while we try to show them the one they claim is their savior. Remember the humble man, who never ever ever took an offering and said "freely you have received, freely give?"

Monkey, yes, he's only 20. The photo is if his mentor, Jon Lovitz, I mean, Benny Hinn. I don't know how these guys sleep at night. As I was watching the video, it reminded me more of the Jerry Springer show than a healing session--all those bodyguards.

Asia, I know what you mean. He gives "laying hands" a whole new meaning.
Jennifer, i'd love to hear your Jimmy Swaggart stories. My brother and I enjoyed watching him because he was so funny: it is all theatre for these guys. Jimmy's crocodile tears were the highlight of his show.

Thanks, Mary.

VA, that's funny! The "warm feeling", Vicks vapor rub or an adrenalin rush, perhaps.

Brazen, I think they are both con artists. You must encounter quite a few of them in your work.
Brazen, how he got my cell number? Maybe Amex sold it yo him? No clue.
I was raised Catholic, but my siblings and I loved to watch and mimic Oral Roberts. We thought it was a game he was playing, and, if not a game, certainly some form of comedy. It never crossed my mind, as a child, that he was to be taken seriously. He seemed more like the cartoons we watched on Saturday mornings.
beauty, I'm with you. My brother and I thought Jimmy Swaggart was hilarious.
Just electronic Elmer Gantrys. R
[r] Erica! Laying on of hands? Dear God! It sure as hell looked like a ruthless shove. Authoritarian following creepiness. Thanks for this. People willing to use a natural God-given charisma for an anti-God agenda. Sadly shutting down of critical thinking doesn't just leave people in a complacent neutral zone, it creates a vacuum that brings on exploiters and enables them to widen the exploitation! best, libby
Predators and scam artists! It enrages me that these people are making millions by preying on people's desperation. I totally understand how a person can become desperate for a cure. I live with a painful auto immune disease, that's also degenerative. I've had everything from several types of healing (never paid for; always given by friends), reflexology, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and acupressure in addition to Western Medicine I've been treated with since 1995. I've had some desperate moments. It saddens me that there are so many people who are naive, ignorant, and or just too desperate to listen to their own common sense. If there really was such a thing as "faith healing" why do so many people die of illness, suffer with disease, and all those millionaires could easily give a donation and get cured. Well? Sounds like the only healing happening here is for these crooks' bank accounts-as they rob from the millions of sick and suffering followers. Someone call the IRS.
escrito, exactly! And not as good looking as Burt Lancaster!

libby, I would not be writing about this except for the fact that I was "called" by the Prophet himself (was probably a recording, but it sounded like a real person).

Nancy, it is God-awful. Preying on the weak, desperate and ill for ill-gotten gains. None of these charlatans will be going to heaven, that's for damn sure.
erica, you may be interested in this article:
Erica, these are such terrible people. It makes me so upset. Thank you for writing this excellent piece and exposing them. To prey on the sick and weak and to do it in the name of God I have to believe they will pay for someday. I have to believe that.
Hi again,

He did shove that guy. It looks like he shoved him off the stage. What was that about?!
Joanne, so many sick people out there preying on the weak and desperate. In the name of God, no less.
I got a call today from the Prophet today! And I am going through a difficult time....coincidence? divine intervention? Did you ever find out how he got your cell number?
Christine, I still don't know how he got my number. Guess I'm on some list.
He called me too and I resented it big time. These guys are around to do nothing but prey on people.
Chicago, you are absolutely right. Preying upon the weak, innocent and vulnerable.