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September 26
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JANUARY 5, 2012 1:26PM

We Need a Little Siku

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“And I need a little angel

Sitting on my shoulder,

Need a little Christmas now.”

            Jerry Herman


I feel those January blues setting in, the post-Christmas, post-New Year’s, where-the hell-is-my-life-going and what-will-the-New-Year-bring blues.  I don’t know about you, but I need a little joy right now, and I found it embodied in Siku, the baby polar bear. 



Siku means “sea ice” in the Greenlandic language.  Siku’s primary caretaker is director of the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark, Frank Vigh-Larsen.


“Unfortunately, his mother had no milk, so we were left with two options—we could either leave him to die from starvation, or we could bottle rear him and turn him into an ambassador for his wild cousins living in the Arctic,” Vigh-Larsen said.


The Scandinavian Wildlife Park has the world's largest polar bear exhibit, spanning six acres, and is an Arctic Ambassador Center zoo.  The goal of these centers is to focus on the animals’ well-being and enrichment and provide leadership for carbon emission reduction in their communities.


During a Today Show appearance, Vigh-Larsen expressed his special New Year's wish on behalf of Siku. 


“Siku would like you all to reduce your carbon footprint and save energy.  And if you all do that, he would be very, very happy.”


Here is Siku in action:



Happy New Year, one and all!


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He is so adorable! I'm glad you found him to chase away your January blues. Days are getting longer too, hang in there. :o)

I think I'm going to die of cuteness overload! Thanks, I needed that.
So adorable, I wanted to pick him up and hug him all day. The little tongue out and the cute squeaky noises. Oh My.
What a treat, thanks for sharing.
rated with love
What better ambassador could there possibly be for saving the ice.
Thanks, Fusun. I already feel better.

Firechick, I know. He tips the cute-o-meter!

RP, Right? The noises he makes are so precious. He kind of reminds me of my blind kitten, Quincy who also has a roly poly belly.

Sarah, Absolutely. Thank you for stopping by.
Be like me; I have no regrets, but I love the bear and I have been a huge fan of the Muppet Show. Still, A very Happy New Year, Erica. R
He is sooo cute! Thank you for sharing him!! Happy New Year!
Right on, Thoth. I feel better now, had a rough morning. Isn't he the cutest?

Thanks, Joanne.
This made my day and I needed it.
I'm so glad, Linda. I cheered myself up by posting it! xo
Awwww. We need reminders!
Well, thank you! ~r
Needed this blessing, thank you!
Me in annoyingly cloying Baby voice: "Oooh, oooh, who's got da CU-TEST lit-to chubby bewwy ev-a!" Siku is wonderful -- Hope he gets his New Year's wish!
He is awesome. And I love the muppets as well. How can anyone be blue after that?
He is awesome. And I love the muppets as well. How can anyone be blue after that?
Lea, Joan, Suzie and Geraint, thanks for stopping by. He could cheer up even the grinch!
Thanks for the pick me up. My sons loved the bear cub video!
My pleasure, Maureen.