MAY 6, 2012 10:12PM

Mother's Day Haiku Challenge

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her heart ceased to beat
loudly and suddenly, not
deafening quiet
twenty years later
cut! yank! "Why is it so bright?!?!"
thundering again
my ear to his chest
rising softly, tick tock tick
oh, for her to hear...


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She dug and planted

Fed, watered and protected

Four hellraising kids.
waiting for daughters,
who forgot about curfew,
asleep on the couch
These are great! It is interesting to see where the memory takes us first and then onward.
Mother-guilt and fear

submit to joyful moments;

Motherhood's reward
I think I only just understood yours, Elizabeth.

she stood at the door

his chest pumped rhythmically

then, "we've lost him, sis."
Thanks for reading it more than once!