MAY 6, 2012 9:59PM

Mother's Day Haiku Challenge

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let's make some art for mom!

5/7/5 is the traditional syllable format.

A reference to nature is customary but not necessary for American Haiku.

Rhyming is not necessary.  Blank verse is cool but not haiku.  Other syllable arrangements are fine, though, so a short three line poem will count.  The best part of haiku is that it forces you to be concise.  A thesarus is your friend if you are trying to go deep and not finding it.  I find that it can be very interesting to actually go to a source of words as it is kind of like browsing/shopping, only for words!

Should be about mother, motherhood, mothering, your mom, you get it!


My entries are about my own mother and about being a mother.  I will post several this week.  Please post in your own blog with the title, Mother's Day Haiku Challenge, so that we can search and find them all.  Tag with "haiku, poetry, Mother's Day Haiku Challenge"


I hope this will be fun.  Haiku are funny, serious, sad, evocative.  Be free! 

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breast free, hormone free
she survives: lives, loves, plays, runs
kid, wife, mom: Janet
Cool! Sounds like a wonder woman...
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Good poems always rhyme
Anything else is haiku.
some mothers rhyme, some

like Feike, cannot. It isn't

such an easy gig.