AUGUST 8, 2010 7:43PM

Haiga for other people!

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 Fun so far!  Let's go again!
I would like to write some haiga about other people's pictures.
If you are curious in what I see through your eyes, link to one of YOUR pictures and I will write a poem about it from my POV.
It needs to be your photograph or image you created.
I need to be able to copy and paste it here to connect with the haiku. 
It can be of and about anything, no nature necessary.
Your posting a link here gives me permission to use it in this manner.
 I will group them and post them as a set.
I hope you will play along, it can certainly be an image from your blog that you have used before.  I will ignore the context for haiga purposes.
Go!  It will only take a second... 

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open call, game, fun, poetry, haiga, art, coop art, haiku

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Ok woman, haiga me

and how the heck does everyone else get clear pictures? anything I import into OS goes all morning bleary eyed