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Emma Kaplan
December 31
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MARCH 11, 2012 8:02PM

U.S. Out Of Afghanistan: Stay Out Of Iran

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Today when I went to read my email, I saw on my front home page "U.S. Soldier held in shooting rampage that killed 16 Afghans, officials say. 

I feel disgusted. I am disgusted because I know that were probably women and children who were killed.I know that these were people who posed no threat and were probably unarmed.  I know that after the kicking down of doors and the terrifying screams of the children, there is nothing left that documents the horror except a trail of blood, a pile of bodies and eternal nightmares for those who are still living.

I click on the link  to the article

Immediately I see a picture of an  elderly man sitting inside a van,  with two small bodies covered in blankets. He has such a look of pain,  and agony on his face that I want to scream for him at the top of my lungs. Part of the caption reads: The dead included women and children, as least 5 others wounded in the attack. 

Afghan image 

The Washington Post recounts what  Fazal Mohammad Esaqzai, the deputy chief of the provincial council witnessed. 

 "Esaqzai, who said he saw the 16 bodies, provided the following account. About midnight, 11 people, including three women; four children whose ages ranged from 6 to 9; and four men were executed inside the home of a village elder.

' They entered the room where the women and children were sleeping, and they were all shot in the head,' Esaqzai said, adding that he was doubtful of the U.S. account suggesting the killings were the work of a lone gunman. They were all shot in the head.'  "

I didn't predict these details because I am a psychic, I predicted this because these atrocities have been the rule not the exception to the wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

This is  rampage is already being spun as the act of one "rogue" soldier who was not following "protocol."  Once again,  the lie  that this was just a fluke accident or a rare incident is being repeated by the politicans and the mainstream media. 

Barack Obama said " This incident is tragic and and does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that the United States has for the people of Afghanistan." Marine Gen. John R. Allen and Leon Panetta expressed "shock"  and the U.S. embassy said that they will make sure justice is served.

I could go on for hours detaling the evidence and stories that show that this is bullshit from the Afghan Kill Team, to the bombing of wedding parties to the Haditha Massacre. But just consider this:    (1) Wikileaks revealed that civilian casualties in Afghanistan have been consciously  covered up and lied about by  those in  highest levels of the U.S. government. (2) Iraq and Afghanistan war era veterans have come forward to testify that these atrocities are daily occurences and are inherent to the overall charcter and protocol of the U.S military.  (3) These types of atrocites were ORDERED from the Bush Administration and the Obama administration went to great lengths to make sure those war criminals were protected from any kind of prosecution. 

What does this tell us about the nature of these wars and the nature of the U.S. government that represents this system?

 The powers that be know very well that this country's wealth was built on slavery and the genocide of native americans. The powers that be know very well that this wealth has to be  expanded via coups, assasinations, massacres and illegal invasions. They will keep going until a mass movement of resistance and protest forces them to stop. 

You are seriously delusional if you think  that  a war on Iran will not unleash  the same (or worse) death and destruction on  civilian populations, the same way the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and all wars for empire do. 

It is long past time that those who run this empire are called out for the monsters that they are and that these monsters are stripped of their right  to run the world.  

 We must get out to the public visibly soon to say that these wars are NOT IN OUR NAME. The U.S. needs to get out of Afghanistan now and Stay the  OUT OF IRAN!   


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I agree, on both counts.

We've had 8 years of horrible, costly and totally UNNECESSARY war in Iraq, and men running for the highest office in the land want us to turn right around and attack Iran??? Yet they tell us there is absolutely NO money for necessities here at home. And then scream at the president for overspending and damn near cripple the economy last summer over the debt ceiling.

Do they even listen to how stupid they sound????
Damn that was hard to read...and not because of your writing.
Thanks for what your group `The World Can't Wait'


You etc., are doing. I saw Dennis Loo on the OS Feed.
I grieve too . . . I can sometimes hear my own Groans.
I literally (I'm told) Groan in my sleep. It's Anguishing.
I could go on and on . . .
I see myself as that man.
If I had a few more wrinkles,
and those comfortable robes . . .
But, this isn't about me. It's so sad.
I don't want to view photos of dead.
But, I insist We People view the dead.
I don't want a 'Civil War' like era`gin.
I live near a town where war happened.
Troops needed a cow slaughtered. Dead!
Women were forced to bake bread. Death!
Soldier stories (still) are recalled ref: Death!
I live where (mountains) locals hid their`Mules,
Years later you can sense . . . War's aftermath.
The small town is in between Gettysburg, and
Antietam Battlefield. The 1860's were recent.
I heard Jimmy Carter mention national strife.
The polarization - the former President said:
The polarization has not been this bad since
The Civil War . . .
I wasn't alive in the 1860's to discern or judge.
I saw Vietn'Nam . . .
I (still) Grieve for the peasant. It's Greed `gin.
Imagine Payback . . . huh . . .
Local Native Americans . . .
Maybe ancient Spirits are Vengeful? Reap. Sow.
General Bradley widened Rout 40 West from DC.
Natives had a narrow pony path for 10,000 years.
I live near Route 40. The military goons cut trees.
Empire. Greedy needed Trees for Ship Commerce.
Greed . . .
Wall Street
They'd scalp
War Goons
Wall Street
War Murder
I can go on/on
I'll sleep horrible?
I almost didn't read.
I may axe gadget soon.
Interstates get widened.

Soon they be one-mile wide?
You know . . . Warmongers.
Evil Incarnate human beast.
There was a Spanish artist:
It created in 1800's scathing
"Disasters of War" as anti-
Killing Wars
A Pentagon
Beast Goon
. . .
Imagine a Tombstone (written on a stone is War's Dead)
Inscribed is:
Here Lies WAR
In Sweet RePose
It had Heretofore
Reeked of BO,
Do Not Mourn
it's dying Out
It Offended More
Than Just The Snout
The Soul, e.g.,
Was Won't to Puke
at Force of Arms
from Club to Nuke
War to End Wars
while legit,
never quite seemed
to succeed in it
You make me look.
We must examine.
We'll all be dead.

I'm gonna have to finish this on & on anti war rant tomorrow?

There is a Canadian artist Geoff Butler. He's satirical. Irreverent.

He's a `Nova Scotia artist.
I have his book Titled:

Art of War -
Painting it out of the picture

Geoff Butler
P.O. Box 29
Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia

(Tink always writes ...
Have a good night sleep
and Wake Up Tomorrow)
like that
Good Night