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AUGUST 30, 2011 10:29AM

Sorry about yesterday!

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Hello again everyone,

I'm sorry for my absence from OS yesterday!

I was stuck in Connecticut post-Irene without power, water, Internet, trains, or much of a sense of humor.

I'm playing catch-up this morning; thanks very much for your patience, and I hope all fellow East Coast OS-ers made it through the storm all right.


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hurricane irene

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Irene even touched down here then at home base then. Glad all is well and more.
Don't be sorry. I tried to comment.
Comments sometimes stay stuck.
I am teaching a two year old this:

How to win. Guinness world record.
I am showing to put snails on a face.
My grandson loves the idea. It fun.

My wife and I stay way far apart.
She has erotic dream all night.
She dreams I sleep with who?
She and I go separate ways.
When she began slapping?
She dreamt and slaps me.
She slapped me awake.
She no say`God bless'
I sneezed in my bed.
We no say Here is:
My bride anymore.
Life is one mystery.
Good luck. I heard:
a black crow etc.,
I hope this goes.
Glad you made it out okay.
Welcome home. Blessings and warm wishes for hot beverages...
I thought it was part of the plan.....Welcome back!