DECEMBER 16, 2011 1:32PM

Open Call: The New Year's resolution you kept

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Soon January will be upon us -- and once more my gym will be swarmed by swaths of New Yorkers who've swore that this will be the year they shed X number of pounds. Their ranks will thin by mid-month, and occupancy will dwindle to normal sometime around March. We all make New Years resolutions that we break -- sometimes over and over again. On the brink of this New Year, though, we want stories about a New Year's resolution that you kept -- and what held you to it. 

Tag your stories "The New Years resolution I kept", and be sure to blog them by 10 AM EDT on Thursday, December 22nd. We'll feature our favorites on a special holiday cover on Open Salon, and we're hoping to cross-post a few on Salon as well.

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Emily, I found out a long time ago that New Year's resolutions are a bad idea as so many are broken by a lot of the population. Better to have no resolution and be pleasantly surprised when you actually "do" the thing that was on your mind all along with no specific deadline involved. Nevertheless, I'll be interested to see what gets posted here by those who found the New Year's resolution system actually worked for them!
I'm not sure that ever happened. Can I make it up?
One that I actually kept? I'm going to have to think about that one.
All fine and good and... interesting topic.. yeah

but, could you go look, right now, at the left feed on the home page? Do you think you and Cranky and Alysa, between the group of you could figure a way to kill the grey head spam attack? I mean, it's not even the weekend yet Emily.
@designanator -- I've never made many resolutions myself, although I think there are probably upsides and downsides to the practice. Glad you're looking forward to the responses!

@Mimetalker -- Hah! I can't think of one for myself off the top of my head either.

@Joan -- Looking forward to reading your contribution!

@trig -- Unfortunately I can't delete accounts before they go up on the site (and appear in the feed). Prod is working on ways to keep spammers from opening these accounts in the first place.
Emily: "Prod is working on ways to keep spammers from opening these accounts in the first place"

Is Prod an immigrant? Think you could give him (or her) a little kick in the britches? I've seen here at OS, hundreds of times, solutions to this very problem that you have Prod "working on" by very smart IT types that I am sure know what they are talking about Emily. Do you realize how tiresome the WORKING ON IT thing gets for us??
Why delete my comment?

Rude? No it wasn't..

Whatever Emily
My resolution was not to keep any of my resolutions. Mission accomplished!
What Cranky said, except that I've never made one, knowing I have a contrary nature and frightening ability to rationalize almost anything. I'd try reverse psychology, but even at my age I'm too hip for that.
I have a good one. (In my humble opinion ;)
If you are going to be an editor, learn please to write: The New Year's Resolution. Year needs the possessive apostrophe. Good Lord!
Hmm...I once resolved not to make any New Year's resolutions. I think I've kept that one pretty well...
My first resolution is to convince Emily to choose a poem as an EP.
My second is to convince her to use one of mine.
New Year's resolutions? Geez, I don't even remember if I had any this year. ;)
I have two.

Not to open packages/remove staples etc. with my fingernails,
ca. approximately 1992. Still stands today.

To slap myself in the face if I catch myself using "gay" in a derogatory way or "fag" in any way at all. Complete success-I have had to slap myself only once this month, down from perhaps a dozen in January of 2011.
Okay, got it in a little late, but thanks for the prompt!
I've never once made a resolution.
Therefore, I've kept my resolution not to resolute.