OCTOBER 12, 2011 2:37PM

Photo call: The real 53%

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My colleague Alex Pareene just published a piece about Erick Erickson's unintentionally hilarious (and also pretty depressing) website, We Are The 53%. He included the parody photo below along with the post. The website screams for satire -- so why not take your own parody pictures and post them on your blog? We'll publish our favorites on Salon. 

 Be sure to tag your posts "the real 53%." Please note that by using this tag you are giving us permission to cross-post your photos on Salon.  


Pareene parody 

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the real 53%

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I just saw that sign on Salon.
Thank You.
Her Friends Bring Her a Christmas Tree
Why not?
What makes
any sense?
PARDON, great enemy,
(generic. not you Emily)
Without an angry thought
We've carried in our tree,
And here and there have bought
Till all the boughs are gay,
And she may look from the bed
O pretty things that may
Please a fantastic head.
Give her a little grace,
What if a laughing eye
Have looked into your face?
It is about to die. (W.B. Yeats)
I was reading the poet this morn.
my camera only has a 47% exposure
This is harder to do than I'd thought. Alex set the bar high. . . come on, OSers!
Here's what I want to say ---- to the 53% F*CK YOU!

Even as an unemployed computer monkey, I'm still paying taxes, in the form of income(yeah, I get unemployment, and they tax it!!! Will fool them, here in a few I won't have that for them to tax!!!), property(again, will fool them, WHO NEEDS A HOUSE, BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!!!), sales(food items are not taxable, thank god, I lub me crackers(saltines, not you know white folks!!!), etc. etc.

I went to college, 4 years, no money from my folks, they were too poor, but they did provide me housing. I worked in the food service for the dorms, best four years I'd say, got free chicken when they over cooked!!

I worked for a company for almost 12 years, I gave them blood, sweat and tears, and what did they give me?

8 weeks severance.

And I'm still thinking of going on a killing spree!!


No pictures though, I break the camera!!
Thanks Emily.. sounds like fun
Tink, now I'm frightened.
Go Tink! go Tink!

No no! Wait!

Not with the killing...errp...oops.

This has a 52% chance of being a little fun!
Now they the 42.2 percent(I just wounded the one!! GOTTA FIGHT THE POWER WITH POWDER!! TWA(TINK WITH ATTITUDE!!!!)
Please join this serious response to the (so-called) 53%:

Believe me when I tell you that I don't agree with these people politically. However, instead of making fun of them, we should not only understand the position that they're coming from. But realize this. Every day those people are fed a ton of horse crap by F*x News and other right wing spin machines. These people are as unhappy as the OWS people, and they are right about one thing. This group of people is in fact the most heavily taxed group of Americans. And they need to be educated to the fact that their interests as small businessmen are NOT identical with the banks and multinational corporations.

As an official Move On organizer, I am going to make contact with a local Tea Party group today to establish a dialogue with these people. I firmly believe that if a dialogue is established by everyone (taking some extra time and self-confidence for ourselves) we can actually stage debates and public discussions on our agreements as well as disagreements with the 53%ers.

From a standpoint of political tactics and strategy, when the Tea Party begins to support us selectively, and when we can actually work together on these issues, then the banksters and morally corrupt politicos of DC will start shaking in their boots -- seriously.
old new lefty-

My Open Letter to the 53% went mini-viral, giving me a chance to discuss it with a number of 53%ers. They all hated it, of course. A couple of them went apoplectic.

A few things are recurrent among them: They refuse to understand simple overview concepts about OWS; they object to it even though they agree with many of the same principles; and they have no intention of getting on board no matter what.

It's not a coincidence that they're steeped in Fox News. They go to the well that gives up their brand of water.

There are many conservatives who do support OWS for the obvious reasons. I suspect, however, that the 53% are the hardcore "party of no" people. Their ideology is framed by their emotional issues, and nothing you can do or say will convince them to support a movement that they are not in charge of.

Just my $0.02.
I am the -2%. I am about 3,000 years old. [I thought I was only a novice octogenarian until I read all of this :-(] My VERY FIRST JOB (after ... I don't right now remember which of those various degrees over the years) paid me -- are you ready for this? two thousand dollars an [academic] year. [Teaching].

You guys think you're in trouble with this kind of figures you use to calculate input/output?

Oh well. I save things. I save used Kleenex. I don't flush toilets until I ABSOLUTELY HAFTA. Haven't washed any of my clothes for, by now, I forget how many years. Have one "outfit" I wear when I "go out"; the other one for when I sleep or stay home.

But hey, I love popcorn, o.k.?