APRIL 5, 2011 12:51PM

Salon Kitchen Challenge: Adieu

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Last week, we asked for your favorite not-so-guilty pleasures. The winner was Charlie Lawton was his delicious traditionalist take on spaghetti alla carbonara. We also had four alternate winners: Anjali Joshi with her pakoras (Indian vegetable fritters); Launie Kettler with her cauliflower and prosciutto gratin; Linda Shiue with her Hawaiian sweet bread French toast with coconut syrup; and Felicia Lee with her Sain Teresa's egg yolks. Honorable mentions went to the great entries from Brandi Jo Plaster, Rebecca Farwell, Theresa Rice, Lisa Barlow, Dawn E. Bell, Horns of a Dilemma and The Angry Chef. Be sure to check out Francis Lam's full roundup here

 And now for an announcement: After 68 wonderful rounds, we are bidding adieu to the Salon Kitchen Challenge. A big thank you to everyone who participated, from those of you who gave it a shot once to those who entered scores of stories and recipes. Thank you for making this competition so amazing and so fun for all of us. We hope that you will keep blogging your delicious recipes and scrumptious foodie tales on Open Salon, even now that the Salon Kitchen Challenge has drawn to a close.

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Emily, I did like some of the challenges like the grilled cheese but I think this is a great idea as there are so many talented people out there.
I will toast this with a box of Trader Joe's Gluten free mac n cheese..:)
Rated with hugs
You didn't give two weeks notice. ;-(
Bon chance et merci, Emily.

What a shame - I assume this is related to Francis' upcoming departure from Salon?

Surely it must be possible to keep such a cool feature going, at least on Open Salon. Maybe a panel of past Kitchen Challenge winners could judge, with an impartial nonchef collecting votes? I'd be happy to organize such a thing, so please send me a message if you - or any of the other KC fans - would like to try to keep it going.
What! Just after I perfected my SPAM & cheese on pumpernickel recipe. Dang!
@Charlie - where's Francis going? This is sad news.
Emily, I am sorry to see Francis Lam leaving Salon and to read this afternoon that the Kitchen Challenge will be no more. I hope you will keep the winners in an easy to find spot on Big Salon so new readers will be able to view the many interesting stories and wonderful recipes that resulted from this excellent feature.
I'm sad. I've really enjoyed the culinary creativity that having a "challenge" inspires. I hope Foodie Tuesday continues on.

But...Francis is leaving??? Seriously??? Why am I the last to know things?
What will we do for Tuesdays now?

Spam Tuesdays?

It has been done!! Every day and night for the past 14 months!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Poetry Tuesdays?

I shoulda seen this one coming... OS just moved my cheese. Squeek!
Fun while it lasted... I had a nice little streak going, too. Thanks for all the visits and EP's, Emily.

Will keep writing...but food, not so much.
Who Knows what?
Who knows Snoopy?
Dear V. Wolf ask`
"What is going on with the system?"

Don't ask Kerry L.?
I tried asking Who?
Yesterday was broke.
My button no worked.
Who ruins this Place?
So long, and thanks for all the fish!
i never thought i'd signed up for the food internet network in the first place.
Darn! I've thought of SKC as both a weekly writing prompt and often, an excuse to cook and eat things I'm not supposed to. I'll miss being challenged by this, and I'll especially miss reading others' takes on the weekly task. Bummer!
I'm okay with this. I don't love it, but what's so great about OS is we are encouraged to write what we moves us. Walter Blevins is trying to bring back Foodie Tuesday and I support that.

BTW Emily, I think you're a terrific editor. You don't hold yourself or this venue above us the contributing writers, novices, artists and poets. You're right in the muck along side us, on level ground. And I like that you're within reach.

Hug to you. I wish I could be here more.
I have to say I will miss Francis, and the kitchen challenges. He was quite gracious to me those first couple of challenges that I ventured to blog, gave me a couple of honorable mentions for things like silly pictures of champagne bottles in clementines, and especially nice about my choucroute recipe. I wish him well as he journeys onward. *waves at Francis*
I started to do a guilty pleasure, but it turned out to be guilty and not quite as pleasurable as I had anticipated!