NOVEMBER 10, 2010 1:50PM

Help Salon name the "Sexiest Man" feature

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The following dispatch comes from Salon Culture editor Sarah Hepola:

Over at big Salon next week, we're kicking off one of our most popular annual features: Our collection of the 15 sexiest men, selected by a hair-pulling process of rigorous debate and slammed doors. The feature first began in 2006 as creative counter-programming to People's drab, one-dimensional list. We like pretty boys, too, but we grew tired of their cheesy monopoly on attractiveness: Sexiness is a complex algorithm of humor, intelligence, weirdness, talent -- not just a contest of perfect abs and jutting jaws. And so our "Sexiest Man Living!" list was born, with such winners as Stephen Colbert (2006), and Jon Hamm, way back in 2007.

And yet, as we enter our sixth year we think it's time to retire our original moniker -- a clear homage to that other list. We'd like to find something that better signifies what our list is: men who inspire us, make us laugh and think, and turn us on in all the right ways. The best guys, the top guys, the amazing and awesomest guys. Funny enough, all the words that spring to mind have that embarrassing whiff of corniness about them -- dreamboats, hunks, studs, beefcake. It's hard to say those words without cringing. So what to name it? "Salon's Men We Love"? Too Esquire. "Salon: We'd Tap That"? Perfect, if it were 2005 and if by "perfect" you mean "terrible."

So, we're asking you guys here at Open Salon to take a crack at helping us rename our beloved feature. Post your ideas here on Open Salon and be sure to tag them Sexiest Man Reboot.

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I thought Tink was the sexiest, or the most sexist, I can't remember which. he he he.
Sexiest man sounds like an oxymoron.
"SALON MEN 2011"


Can't imagine doing an entire post to rename this feature.

I am now so conflicted on coming up with a single man to propose to fill these Gucci shoes/Tomms/Merrills/Converse All Stars/Keds, slip ons or tied?!

Now I am hung up on the shoes!

Will be fun to see what those who have their heads on straight can come up with!
Have you any idea what you're in for? I'm in!
No doubt in my mind: Leepin Larry.
I'll vote for "Sexiest Man". If the women of Salon agree with your assessment of "Sexiest" then they will vote according to how you would like them to.

At least until some group trying to be "politically correct" comes along and demands it be "Sexiest Person" and we vote for the cutest babes.

Narrow it down any further and you'll make it too complicated to vote. And not worthwhile.

Keep it simple, like for Penthouse Pet of the Year.
First of all, define these 3 words as they pertain to men: Sex, Sexy, Sexiest.
Then come up with something to substitute that has a bit more class than "sexiest".
And lastly, please refer to the following post I made last year--a tongue in cheek look and "manly men":

Come to think of it: Manliest Man kind of gets my nod, but then again if you look at my post, you'll get the idea that my definition is just a bit different.
I think they should call it Salon's GILF's (sort of like MILF). It's a little dated but straight to the point.
That would be the "Greg-Correll-ish" list, methinks.

ba-dum tush.
Unfortunately, we aren't "Salon" -- we're "Open Salon". Make that fortunately because at least on OS we have avatars to look at... combined with great writing, and the occasional a photo essay. Salon doesn't offer the same advantages. I'd have to nominate one of our own OSers for quality content, heart, soul, and spirit. It's just more to go on, beyond ability to look hawt while sporting staples in your groin as a centerfold.
Salon's Stimulating Men

Too much sexual innuendo?
The Most Captivating Men of 2010
Open Salon's Captivating Men of 2010
Open Salon's Cavaliers of 2010
Open Salon's Debonair Men of 2010
ocular, that's most sexist....teeheehee!!!

I would like to nominate DSSDFFGG GGFFDSSD and his friend ASDFG GFDSA from here on Open.Salon. Their facelift bars and LIVE FEEDS have inspired me numerous times, not even speaking about their ghost like manliness which goes beyond sexiest.

Also, I think Brad Pitt was better looking before he met up with that life force sucker called Fatherhood.

Thank you.

Your friend,

Juan Nugget.
"Biggest Dick"

Face it -- that's what it's all about people.
Salon's 2010 Pectoral

The shirts are off, the pants have begun...
Salon's 2010 Pectoral

The shirts are off, the pants have begun...
I think women should decide this. I don't care. I'm sure he will be famous and well to do. Why not a sexiest women open call?
Sorry kids, but the sexiest guys to me are always, without fail the funniest.

Johnny Carson said, "Comics have the MOST beautiful girlfriends, without question, they always have."

I vote for "Leapin' Larry" as THE sexiest man of OS, bar none!!!!
Okay, to break it down to it's most basic element:

"The Sexiest Man that Makes Me Laugh"

Because, honestly, don't we all want that? Be sexy, make my toes curl with the sex, but make me laugh while I (or even better, YOU) make coffee the next morning?!

Make me laugh, baby.

That is IT. It doesn't get any better, any sexier, than that.
The National Franks and Beans Cook-Off . . .
I'd go with MILF of the Year, (Man I'd Like to F*ck).
Hot Thinkers of 2010
Guys We Like
Salon's List: Real Men for 2010

heck, you guys and gals are SO much better at this (although I kind of like the last one...)
I like Niki's "Hottest Thinkers of 2010" with an added, "Men Who Can Write Your Pants Off."
Just a thought...
Hottest Thinkers of 2010: Men Who Can Write Your Pants Off
Am I the only one who followed directions? I just posted.
'The men we've always dreamt of'; 'Just the men whe've been looking for'; 'They sure didn't make them like this in my day'.
Masters of Salon's Domain
O'Really, I posted. Leapin Larry makes us collectively blow snot laughing.....and while that may not sound sexy, baby baby baby IT IS sexy!

Make us laugh, and the sex is SO much better, so much more fun, so much more memorable.......I just don't think that it gets better than laughter.

So I submit, again, the sexiest man is the one that makes us laugh.

Hands down, the laughter and fun factor is the key to true sexual desirability.

Jump into bed laughing....wake up in the morning giggling! Can you honestly tell me that there is any sex better than that????
Call it "Cooler than Sinatra?" No one will ever win.
Oops! I did it again. This time, I only picked one phrase and it was better than "Is he smarter and sexier than a 5th grader"?
You've created a monster! Here are a few more:

"Manimal Attraction"
"Manimal Instinct"
"Manyalyze This!"
"Manecdotal Evidence"
"Manza" (For the smartest guy of the year)

Stop me now. If you can.
"Salon's Most Meaningful Man"
Why the hell isn't mine in with the rest?
Men We'd like to Open Our Salon
Since men are from Mars, perhaps we should call it 'Sexiest Martian of 2010'.
The Manservants.

Dreamboats not Douchebags?

Salon sex sandwich. Men who make the cut?
Simple pimple:

"The Sexiest Man on O/S Makes us Laugh."

Honestly........reword it how you need to, but laugher is the sexiest element of sexy.

You know that I am right about this...........
We like David's "BIGGEST DICK"—hahahahahaha
For what it's worth, here's my two cents worth:Sexiest Man Reboot