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Linda Seccaspina

Linda Seccaspina
July 24
Formerly called The Maiden of Death by Derek Raymaker Xpress Magazine
When you wish upon a star
Linda's column can now be read in The Humm newspaper and online. Also pick up an issue of Screamin Mamas magazine from Florida for a peak at some of my writing.>> My idol is former mentor and OPRAH senior associate producer Elizabeth Coady. Taskmaster extraordinaire but learned so much from her, and if I could be 1/8 as talented as her I 'd be laughing.>>>>> My books "Menopausal Woman From the Corn" "Cowansville High Misremembered" "Naked Yoga, Twinkies and Celebrities" and "Cancer Calls Collect" now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle >>>>>>>All covers also done by Diana Ani Stokely GRAFIX to go.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "Cowansville High School Misremembered" book is now out as a fundraiser for the school._______________________ ___________________ Follow her on Twitter @@Mcpheeeeee. Linda Seccaspina was born in Cowansville Quebec about the same time the wheel was invented. _____________________________________ She used to own clothing stores in Ottawa and Toronto Ontario Canada from 1974-1996 called Flash Cadilac, Savannah Devilles, Nightmares and Flaming Groovies. _____________________________________ Her brain tries to writes stories about her menopausal life and a host of other things she gets annoyed at. _____________________________________ She has two sons, Schuyleur and one that does not want his name mentioned. She has a grandson called Romeo who is a Boston Terrier and a grandaughter Bella who is a french bulldog. _____________________________________ Linda loves people quite plain and simple and loves to hug.. Yes, she is one of "those".


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I loved Trudge's Open Call last week.  I read blog after blog containing beautiful words, and I knew mine would not be the same. You see, I came from the darkness,  and I have been fighting for the light all my life. I thought it best not to participate until I… Read full post »



This is my pink frying pan. I bought it two years ago today for breast cancer awareness month. 

Anytime that I glanced at it I thought of all those that have been ravaged by this horrible disease. No matter how hard I tried, I could… Read full post »



So as you know, Frank Lloyd went missing in my neighbourhood last week. Frank, or should it be Frankette, got sick of the smell of burning iron, as the sculptors worked with their fire tools.

She was a beauty with a reddish tint, and always kept them in… Read full post »


Last week I heard that Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook was going to donate a $100 million to the New Jersey school system. I immediately thought he was trying to put out a fire before it started. Having read a lot about Zuckerberg, I was really ready… Read full post »

Please play while reading


They give awards every year for almost anything - how about an angel award this year?

If such an award takes place, Blake McGinness from Kingston, Ontario is going to be my pick. Last Saturday Blake had a garage sale, and… Read full post »



Once upon a time there was a little girl called ME. All she ever wanted was for people to accept her.

"Do anything to survive, the inner brain said. Just be what people want you to be."




So ME listened to… Read full post »

This week shall forever be branded in my mind as "The OS Writer's Debate Week."

The essays have been replaying over and over like a Dr. Pepper commerical in my brain.

  notes            "Oh, I'm a writer. He's a writer. She's a writer.

&n… Read full post »



Now who in their right mind would say such a thing? Yes, who would dare?

There is only one person in this world that I know that could say something evil like the above statement; and that would be Ann Coulter.

 "Marriage is not a civil… Read full post »


It is Sunday, and our TV viewing for the evening is planned. Are there any ABC shows in our line up tonight?

I think not. I am not even bothering with "Desperate Housewives" this year. After I saw the props for the "plane crash" last year I… Read full post »

 Please play while reading. This was my sister's favourite song.



On August 3rd, 1997, my only sibling, a sister named Robin died.  She had barely reached the age of 41.

I had personally watched everyone in my family fade to zero, but she had been the … Read full post »

"Did you ever make a call you didn't intend to make while your cell phone was in your pocket or your purse? Perhaps you've been on the receiving end of such a call. "


This was Bluestocking Babe's Open Call I got in in my Inbox this morning.

Saturday is a… Read full post »

                                       Trost's OC:  No BS 25

The Laugh first...You need to… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 10:35AM

Gay Penguins May Never be Scholastic Book Mascots


When my son Sky was in elementary school, all he wanted to do was be a mascot for Scholastic Books.

He longed to wear a Clifford the Dog, or Franklin the Turtle costume for the annual book fair. He loved to read, and I never censored anything, nor did the… Read full post »

While I work on my online business I always flip back and forth to Open Salon. I had no idea what to do today with the site down. This is what I tried to do:


I tried to watch the A &E DVD called "Buried Alive", but I cannot figure out the… Read full post »



So what do you do when your unemployment runs out? What do you do when you can't seem to find a job?

In my life I have re-created myself many times. I have worked for other people for only seven years of my life. It is not… Read full post »

img031-2 (2)

To my dearest children, their spouses, and my friends.

Here are some things you may not have known about me. Maybe you do not care to know. But my darlings, you know me, you are going to hear them anyways. I have no secrets, and my life is an open… Read full post »

First it was Atkins, then Cabbage Soup, then low fat, then low carb. When celebrities use their status to promote their views, everyone follows them.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge human megaphone on all things "food" these days. Her blog called Goop spreads her love with weekly emails.

Now she is… Read full post »




 It's 9:30 am and I am running late. Dr Oz has been spreading his ' fear talk' for the last thirty minutes, and I need to get out of here.

But, at this moment I am reading Open Salon blogs from fellow writers. They used to be… Read full post »




In Cranbrook British Columbia this week, a woman and her teenage son were charged with lacing Gummy Bears with LSD. Yes, once again the Mounties got their man. Or, in this case a woman, and her 18 year old son.

But in another Keystone Cops… Read full post »


 "Bella, did you know Grandma Linda was born in Quebec, Canada ?"

"Is she French?" asked Bella

"No, she isn't, but she speaks both French and English, because Canada is a bilingual country." said Romeo.

"Did you know she ate all sorts of weird Quebec food growing up?"

"How… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 10:44AM


If McDonalds can advertise over 245 billion sold, I figure I can also speak about a few things too.

Linda Seccaspina and her stores sold over 10,000 drag queens their wigs, underwear, and their stage clothes from 1974-1997, and she loved each and every one of them.

There is absolutely… Read full post »

Update.. we figured it out..

Firefox upgraded yesterday and since then we have not been able to load pictures on OS. NO problem emailing them or posting them anywhere else.

So the smart one in my family went to Internet Explorer and got them to load up but as he said… Read full post »

Please do play the video as you read this.




As I reach for my hellium balloon to fly away to parts unknown, I see them all waving.

Once smaller than church mice, my sons now almost touch the sky.




The water is still, as I… Read full post »


Many many years  ago I was eavesdropping outside where my sons were playing with their friends.  I heard one say to my son Sky,

"You know my Mother says your Mum is weird, but you know what? Your Mum rocks!"

I smiled quitely, and kept on watering the flowers. I heard one… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 10:54AM

Should I even Bother to Write this ?

So much going on in the world, so much hate, and so many memories.

Does anyone even want to read something funny these next few days? Does anyone care?  Should I even bother to try and lighten someone' s day;  even though I feel like crying too?



 … Read full post »