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July 24
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FEBRUARY 23, 2012 12:43PM

Just Another Day in Druggie Paradise

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                            Please read while viewing:


                               Thursday, February 23th, 2012

"From the inside looking out" after gunshots rang through the neighbourhood at 8:30 a.m.



                            “I don't do drugs. I am drugs.” 

                                      Salvador Dalí



            “Selling my soul would be a lot easier if I could just find it.” 

 Nikki SixxThe Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star 





 “A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like a license to behave like an asshole.” 

                    Frank ZappaThe Real Frank Zappa Book




“I loved when Bush came out and said, 'We are losing the war against drugs.' 

You know what that implies? There's a war being fought, and the people on drugs are winning it.” 
 Bill Hicks





“Some of us look for the way in opium and some in God, some of us in whisky and some of us in love. It is all the same way and it leads nowhither.” 
 W. Somerset MaughamThe Painted Veil




 “I don't use drugs, my dreams are frightening enough.” 

 M.C. Escher



  What do we say? What do we do?


 Linda Seccaspina





“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem.” 
 Kurt Cobain


                              For the love of a drug deal 

Well I did get a photo credit for all this sadness and so glad he is okay 


Photos by Linda Seccaspina 2012 


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I apologize if I do not respond to your blogs today
Love the quotes, and by odd chance, was listening at the same time I opened this, to FZ's "broken hearts are for assholes."
Dali, Escher, Bill Hicks... good stuff
wonderful story...thanks for sharing your wonderful insight.
This is perfect for me today. I am writing another episode about the druggies next door to me. I am riveted to the window. The thugs look so menacing. Maybe they are just nice fellows who look tough. I see them coming and going over there now. Something is going down. It is a powerful thing, this war. I loved your quotes. Why cant we all just smoke a bowl of homegrown and be happy.
Matt said it, " Good stuff."

I tried every drug once, out of curiousity, but managed to never get addicted. It is deadly stuff.
I'm glad to see you didn't go past the fence. Good job.
Poignant and so well-presented.
I am a little shakin up.. I heard the gunshots and thought it was a tad early for violence. At the same time I heard that a drug courrier on a bicycle was shot to death.
No worries, dear one. Have a good day, nonetheless. xo
Trig: thank you for comments. They are greatly appreciated. It's always nice to know when you are upset there are people around you.

Zanelle: people are dropping like flies around here.

Michelle: no insight just a lot of emotion today
fernsy.. it is a way of life here.
Kevin.. no just too close for comfort today
jon: you have to be hardnosed to live around here.
hugs to you jon and cathy
"Drugs only speed up what is going to happen anyway"
Keith Richards
Linda ~ a sad and powerful statement on how drugs still are a big problem in the U.S. I hadn't stopped to consider how much Oakland is plagued by this, but the photos say a lot!
good job this is nice I like it
Drugs and bicycles don't mix... if you don't believe me, ask Lance Armstrong!
Wow. Powerful. And perfect song...

All so sad.
WOw...This was really nicely put together. I love the irony of using Kurt Cobain's quote at the ending...
So sorry violence was just outside your door today, thanks for explaining what was going on in the comments as I wasn't sure if someone was run over or's a tough world, it's easy to see why people just want to disappear into drugs sometimes, even if they end up creating a worse nightmare for themselves eventually.
I hope your day gets better.
I have been doing a The Wire marathon because I'd never watched it. That's what daily life looks like in Baltimore, too...and Atlanta and
Chicago ...

This was very moving and enlightening.

I was reading a novel that took a slight dive into the British Opium business in India. Starving families worked under threat of the death penalty if they did not meet their opium growing quotas by using their own land. Many families did not have enough time and land left over to feed themselves.

Anything that came after that British opium trade was just the natural progress of a business that, once started, cannot be stopped.

Hugs for you, Linda.
Scanner: true words..
Designanator: Its way up over last year ad it is still February
Thanks Claire
Out on a Limb: especially if you are a target

Hayley;says it all
Cranky: Steve is coming home
JT: me too I am still shaking
Lezlie ; and we fight wars in Iraq.. the war is here
Zuma.. I had no idea.. woww
I just ordered "The Painted Veil" from the library.
If I were ever to see anything like the pictures you posted, I would be absolutely traumatized!
Chrissie. I am.. you have no idea
Wonderful story, scary photos. R
Take care Little Lady. Better Frank Zappa than Bob Marley when the leads flying.
wonderfully constructed and great photos
I am so sorry that you are in the middle of this. I wish I could keep you safe out here in the middle of nowhere.
rated with love
Powerful use of zoom in slow motion, Linda ~ sort of a rising scream.
I don't know how anyone says out of the crossfire, but take care there.
Drugs! For what?
To get u high. Outta here for awhile, man!
Outta where, pray tell? You still here!
Yeah but it is all different now.
How? How? aintcha never gotten high?
Oh many times. Many things.
So you know.

I know this: our brains are tightly constructed for
dealing with immediacies. The Government wages an eternal
propaganda campaign on us to fear the Enemy, within our country
& without. To keep us controllable, and wanting consumer pleasures
to alleviate the unrest.

Drugs are like anything: too much, loses the effect. Cobain's quote is proof of that.
if you gonna do a good drug, make it a holy ritual,
a sacrament.

Legalize most, now, quickly. if you care about the spilled blood of
weak people and harrasssed last chance entrepeneurs,
usually rather nice people.

As a species, evolutionarily, we have been doing drugs since
the beginning of Consciousness.
It's a heavy burden, to be aware.

Clean, healthy, aware, and in love is the goal..............
L, I read your title and caught the blue cap, laughed my blank off thinking you had died...your hair blue. Then I clicked and read your blog and realized it was a hat and someone else had died! Wow what you got in just a few photos. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the excellent front line reporting. Be careful and more .
I thought the drugging thing was over but I guess not.
It is a beautifully crafted bit of work.
Be safe Linda. This is too close.
The quote from M.C. Escher strikes a chord. Powerful post, Linda. ~r
Fine work in an awful situation. You are now a certified war correspondent. Keep your head down.
Thanks Gerald
I agree Creekend. I am pretty shook up
R Poetess.. NO one is safe

Kim: You are so right and my insides are like an idling car right now
james: I agree legalize
TG: I just added a pic.. its pretty graphic
Algis..far from it
Thanks Bobbot
Sheila: more life lost

Thanks Joan
I just added a photo, it's graphic ..
In the time it happened I uploaded two photos to the SF Chronicle and did the blog. After I was finished my adrenalin gave out and I started to shake. I hate reality sometimes.
Stay home, please. Wow. Yuck.
In society, it's never too early for violence. And it's not just the Oaklands and such either, all over the place, heck, down the street from me, some hubby decided to try and off his wife(almost ex-wife and her boyfriend!!)

Excellent job. Its important to let people know the dangers and sad realities of life in the inner city.

I'm just glad you're OK.
Well done. Excellent reporting. Letting the pictures speak for themselves.
Tg; just everyday life in the urban areas
Tink.. insane isn't
Enemy: feel shell shocked now but I feel for these kids today.
lefty.. pretty sad though isnt it.
I know the statistics say that violence is down overall in this country . . . but when all of it seems to be happening in one's own neighborhood, it just doesn't matter. Any violence is too much . . . be safe, Ms. Linda.
I'll listen to You Tubes later. The first comment . . .
That's okay
We get busy
Ay speechless
The SUN Magazine is in tune with you today.
March Issue 435
It's a powerful read
It's ref: Medications
Vincent Van Gough:
I am not strictly speaking mad,
for my mind is absolutely normal
in the intervals and even more so
But during the attacks it is terrible-
and then I lose consciousness of
But that spurs me n to work and to
like a minor who is always in danger
makes haste in what he/she does.
You sure research a painful problem.
I often wonder if politico/Wall Street
is so manic from street drug\cocaine.
There certainly is a serious problem.
Maniacs snort powder and run for:
mayor, Pizza Parlor CEO, president.
(I must visit a neighbor for You Tubes)
scary stuff...the police tape was still up more than 3 hours later when I came home. At least it seems like the kid who got shot will be OK...he was only 17.
Be careful out there!

Maybe you should get a Flak Jacket.
So sad, Linda. Your pictures need no words. Rated.
This photo essay is excellent. The quotes, images, all of it tells the story of drug addiction in this culture. We have more problems with drugs here than anywhere, yet we stick to the same tired and useless tactics to discourage drug use. Time for some fresh thinking, and insights.
Sobering images, great quotes
Really touching. New orleans is filled with murderers murdering murderers in revenge for murderers murding murders for murders involving dirty looks and . . . Oh, drugs because that's how we make it in new orleans. It's not going to stop on its own.
What do we say? What do we do?--Wow-great photo essay.
Owl: Its everywhere sad to say

Art James : you are right Wall Street madness.on drugs
Rugrat 17 going on 35
Leepin.. now thats fashionable
Thanks Erica
I so agree Maureen
Thanks MCS
Nola librarian- no its not I agree
Thanks Spud.. hugggggggggg
That would shake anyone up. Just another war on drugs casualty.
That's one hell of a way to start a day.
And for a life to end.

As to your questions, I wish I knew. As Cranky says, stay safe.
Thanks Abrawang and Shiral.. I feel for the familes.
I like to learn something everyday. Enter the following on your search bar "Gabor Mate: Drugs, Set and Setting (2011 Internatio‚Äčnal Drug Policy Reform Conference‚Äč)"

You will not be disappointed.
This is a terrible thing to witness. I am so sorry
Fight with words, camera and know you have soldiers here with you.
Please keep safe, my friend. Sending love---as always.