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July 24
Formerly called The Maiden of Death by Derek Raymaker Xpress Magazine
When you wish upon a star
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JANUARY 20, 2012 12:45PM

At Last- A Tribute to Etta James

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                                          Please play while reading




                                                              At last 

                                my love has come along 
                                my lonely days over 
                                and life is like a song 




                                        Ooh At last 
                            the skies above are blue 
                   well my heart was wrapped up in clover 
                               the night I looked at you 






                                      I found a dream 
                                     that I could speak to 
                         a dream that I could call my own 
                                      I found a thrill 
                                  to press my cheek to 
                          a thrill that I have never known 





                                         You smile 
                                         you smile 
                      oh and then the spell was cast 
                          and here we are in heaven 

                                for you are mine at last  




                                                You smile 
                                                you smile 
                             oh and then the spell was cast 
                                and here we are in heaven
                                                                         for you are mine at last  



                                                  ooo yea 
                                             you are mine 
                                             you are mine 
                                                  at last 
                                                  at last 
                                                 at last 

                                                  at last 




                                        Etta James- May she rest in peace




Photos by Linda Seccaspina 2012 

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One of our favourite singers. "At Last" gets significant air time in this house.
I know us too.. I have had silent tears since I read it. I had to do something..
I knew how sick she was but this just hit ,e
They broke the mold when they made Etta James!
The perfect song, Etta's signature, to send the songstress on her way to the skies above that are blue. No woman singer had more passion or pathos in her phrasing. That is how she cast her delightful spell over us.
Nice tribute to one of the all time greats. I didn't know she had passed.
Good one Vicar. Another scone ?
yeah...this is the way to remember an incredible chanteuse.
Now both my favorites are gone: Phoebe Snow and now Etta James. They were both one of a kind.

Linda, thanks for this moving tribute to her! It seems like every day another great talent passes on leaving us with less and less...
You bet they did Scanner
Miguela and Walter" I did not want to list all the problems she had and the pain. Just her and her beautiful voice.

Gerald... this really hit me..
Creekend.. Okay I will meet you on the other site.:)
Lezlie: I so agree
Designnator: I did not want any ugliness as a memorial.. just a loving tribute.
ahhhhhh :) Linda! Thank You! r.
Between you and Myriad I actually got to listen to some real music today. Thank you Linda.
jonathan.. we lost a legend
Jack : we have about 5000 records here.. Etta James is on now.
Etta was a true original. Wonderful photos, as always, Linda. xo
Lovely tribute Linda. When I think back on all the times I've sang this classic at weddings, all the brides who danced to my inferior rendition...what a loss.
I love the music and the photos.....

wonderful. and is that flower in the hair photo taken in san francisco? it looks like it....lovely......
ps if that photo is taken in's approximately two blocks from where I work.

so funny.
Jeez, I just remembered I once saw her live back in the 80s. I went to a taping of Johnny Carson and she was a guest along with Dudley Moore and Susan Anton. She sang a song called "Damn Your Eyes" and I was embarrassed because I was with my friend and her dad who happened to be an Air Force Chaplain. I cringed every time she sang the word damn. Also, my dad almost had a fling with her...long story. He gave me a copy of her autobiography this summer. Now is a good time to read it.
Thanks Erica..
Bluestocking.. number one wedding song..sigh...
Delores- on Market street the day of the first Occupy march.. so yes hahah
bluestocking.. maybe you should write about it
bluestocking.. seriously!
I hadn't heard the news so thanks for the inform, Linda.
Lovely tribute.
Lovely tribute to an amazing lady.
In my nine years as a wedding DJ, I nearly always played At Last as one of the first slow songs of the evening. I can't tell you how many times I got goosebumps watching intensely romantic moments created on the dance floor by Etta, for couples of all ages.
A beautiful song by a beautiful lady. May she rest in peace, at last.
Thank you, Linda♥
A touching tribute. What a song that was ... mesmerizing. My favorite of your photos is the sun rays through the trees.
The following senryu does Not
Does Not apply to Etta James
And Yes ...
May Etta James Rest in Peace
I just received a Salon Pop-Up
It read:
"Something went wrong."
philanderer's grave
surrounded by the tombstones
of mistresses/wives
Robert H. Deluty
A Walrond.. I hope she is at peace now
Barb: I am editing and listening to persona subscription groups on youtube.
Each person seems to have At Last in it.
Margaret: early morning in Golden Gate Park.
Speakers up...oh those cords and chords! I so needed this at 3:40 p.m. today! Thank you Linda. You give such great tributes and are so loved by your readers!
Such raw talent, her gift will be missed :(
It is a beautiful song, and quite a loss.
art: something always goes wrong on OS hahahaha

Mhold: It was important to me today not to remind everyone of the drugs.. etc.. just the beauty

lady miko.. HUGGGGGGGGGG to you and Boo

Bellwether; Johnny Otis died today too. Alsoknownas has a great blog about it.
One of the great ones. Big loss. Huge.
Beautiful tribute, Linda. Coincidentally, the man who discovered Etta, Johnny Otis, died Tuesday. He was 90.
I know Schmoopie.. its so sad..

Chicken M.. My PO lady's mother knew Johnny... so strange seeing he discovered her.
great singer, and love the last picture...
Nice tribute for a great one. R
I also love Diane Shuur's rendition with BB King!
You have such a way of combining words and images. Wonderful. R
Oh good. Now we can shit can the cast of Saturday Night Live and

Dreaming of Mario,
I remain,
Sad passing but fab pics Linda. She really had something that no one else did.
Rugrat; thank you for all the music you have too that I can listen too
Thoth: Just love her voice.. had to do something
From the midwest: I agree.. another good choice
JP" You will always have a piece of my Hart..:)
Abrawang.. nothing but peace to her..
thanks for the reply my very good friend
be honest, now, did you think I was a centrist?
My read on the morning after (so it goes) is that
as thesalonspeare eulogies Etta,Janis,J. Otis and
MJ Rubinstein, the loyal opposition will rub our
noses in it. I can remember the first time I didn't
think of Broderick Crawford as fat.
Is it Saturday where you are Mrs. Seccaspina?
With bitter sweet winks and nods, I am,
bored to self-preservation
deader than a door nail
Missing missy Etta already...:)
thanks for sharing your wonderful
Very cool Linda! You captured a real feeling of the music. One of my favorite songs too.
Oh, the lyrics are stunning and so was Etta's voice.
images knocked me out almost as much as her voice. thanks....
Nice post. Do you mean to say that Steve let's you handle the record collection? That is true love...
This is better than my attempt.

A huge loss to so many. Rated.
JP- Yes- It's Saturday all day long.Welcome to my corner where you can sing or dance or do stand up..:)

Sheila: Thank You and loved your blog yesterday.
Christina: No one has done what Etta did.. Beyonce tried but no one will ever be Etta.
James: I have over 700 photos now on another site. Photography has become an obsession
Kevin: ONly the K tel ones hahaha

Nick; I just threw this together in about 20 minutes
Bleue; That woman sung about our lives. HUGGGGG
A great singer and entertainer.
You captured it -- she influenced us all to appreciate the good and beautiful.
One of the greats. Great tribute. I would applaud even without the last pic.
Thank you for this truly beautiful musical/photo experience. What a wonderful tribute to Etta James! May she rest in peace.
Most beautiful song ever. With the most beautiful pictures from a most beautiful writer.
I reread with the music, and yes, it is the only way to view this piede.
♥╚═══╝╚╝╚╝╚═══╩═══╝─╚for the Etta James music and more thrilling images to go with the song.
Harvey: I so agree
Geezerchick.. no one will come near her

Fernsy: she is one of my faves and that picture is too
Alysa: I so agree
Thanks Ms D
Algis. Thank you so much
Love the photos -- and that I'm not the only one grieving the loss of Etta James. My latest post: At Last: The Undying Realness of Etta James.
Beautiful photos and tribute, Linda. Keep on clicking and tapping.
So sad about her passing when the official word was that she was on the mend. Still, what an incredible life she had and recorded legacy she leaves. I saw her about 6 years ago and she was fantastic.