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July 24
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SEPTEMBER 7, 2011 11:04AM

From a Perfect Tango to a Lone Tap Dancer- 9-11 Thoughts

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                     Linda misses everyone and now blogs here



   From a Perfect Tango to a Lone Tap Dancer- 9-11 Thoughts


My good friend Jack Heart commented..

"9/11 as the story go’s has a few boxcutter wielding Arab savages destroying America? "

Jack, none of them got the 'office memo' either!





In Laramie Wyoming Laura fixes up the shelves waiting for the next bus to arrive. She counts on the people getting off that bus to come in and buy things from her store. This is cowboy country and its citizens are devoted to the red white and blue like no one else. None of them will ever forget what happened on 9-11 but top priorities are now about jobs and surviving. Laura worries more about keeping a roof over her head more than the tenth anniversary she says sadly.




Also riding the bus is a woman that is saving a few children from a bad situation. One of her young charges is a teen from South Dakota who is facing prejudice from his peers because he is a Native American. Last week things got so bad two teens were shot near his home because there are those that still exist in a narrow minded world. People cannot get it through their thick skulls that we are really all one and the same.


The other two children she is rescuing are barely three years old. Their mother and father fell on very hard times after their father lost his job and both parents chose drugs to ease their worries. They are now in no condition to raise their children and decided their kids should have a better lifestyle. The grandmother has chosen to raise all three and yes, she is worried about money and trying to find extra jobs to finance it all. Their new-found mother wants them to have a better life that is free from drugs, poverty and prejudice.




As Marina walks through the bus terminal in Columbus Ohio she talks to any passengers that will listen.  They look at the gaping hole in her shoe and the broken down doll carriage she pushes and ignore her. Not one person takes the time to listen to her story, nor do they care. No one wants to hear about the loss of both her sons in Iraq and how their death drove her to life in the streets. She continually pushes that baby carriage around the terminal with two stuffed animals that belonged to the sons she will never see again. Marina gave birth to two males that gave up their lives, yet no one cares and all people can see is the craziness that she now conveys to the world.




My favourite couple is Johnny and Angela who are traveling the roads with all of their worldly possessions. Johnny went to Iraq for a couple of tours and Angela who could not cope with him being gone went into a mental depression and was hospitalized. When Johnny came back he wasn't in much better condition that Angela and the two of them pretty well lost everything as well as a lot of their minds. They lived in the streets for a few months and finally someone is helping them move to Oregon to see if they cannot start a better life. He dotes on her every word and she sees the sun in his eyes as he pushes all their belongings on and off the bus at every stop.




A former veteran of Vietnam sits on the property of the Peppermill Casino in Nevada and begs for change. Two men go by and laugh at him even though he offered his life once to save their country. He looks downtrodden as I place some money at his feet and asks me,


‘When will we they ever understand that it if it was not for us we might not be free?”


After the tragedy of 9-11 happened people finally pulled it together. Neighbours helped neighbours, countries did not care about differences, and everyone tried to become one. I dreamed that after such a horrific period of time maybe the prejudices and imaginary caste system thoughts might finally go away.




At exactly 9:11 am someone’s cell phone rings in front of me and the angry conversation ends as quickly as it began.


“If they do not pay the rent throw the whole family out! Who wants towel heads in the neighbourhood anyway?”



So after ten years it seems we are back to square one, and what exactly did we learn from 9-11? Was there not some sort of message we were to carry to our graves or was it just me and a few others that realized that? We helped our fellow man through one of of the greatest tragedies of our times yet when did people lose those thoughts and memories that if we do not work together that all is lost. We had better find it before it becomes too late, as this time we might not have a second chance.

                                         Linda Seccaspina 2011

                                                     The End


This horrific event didn't just alter all those whose lives were directly touched that day; it altered our country.  We became fearful, we lost our optimism, we blamed others, we made excuses, we stopped caring for each other.  The anthem of 'we' became a mantra of 'me'.  Yes, I'm overgeneralizing....but I don't think by much. Maybe we can use the anniversary to self-examine and to make amends to the living. 

Marsha Shearer-2011




Dedicated to all those that lost their lives in 9-11 and to all those that continue to serve; especially huge hugs to all the military families I see shopping in the Salmonrun Mall in Watertown, N.Y from Fort Hood. (Pic of American Flag in the Salmonrun Mall,Watertown NY)

 Text and Images: Linda Seccaspina 2011


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No I am not back, just very pissed off at the world today.
No one learns anything.. Just want to get this message out to everyone.
I love you all..
To be concerned first about our own welfare is normal. For some, changing their mindset seems to be impossible. Sadly, some things might not ever change.
Welcome back, even if you're not back.
It's ten years, but yes, we've become more polarized then ever in this country. Where we are these days is a pretty sad thing.
no I am not back Kevin.. JUST PISSED.. that's all.
You know me.. I hope I dont have to post this in another 10 years if I am still around..

Chrissie.. yes people need to be concerned about their welfare.. but they also need to give a damn about their neighbour
Linda, wonderful to see a post here this morning by you! Great and essential reporting from your travels on how little was learned by the experience of 9/11. Everyone could use the tenth anniversary of this tragic event to assess how we could pull together as a society. Just as another example look at the unbelievable polarization taking place in Washington these days!
Designanator; sadly I am not back but really pissed at the world. Canada just pulled out their last troops from Afghanistan realizing it is going nowhere fast and it will jeopardize the economy.
It is the "I dont care if our people are suffering here we have to win!"
It gets me angry.
Thank you for posting this here. I read it on Zoomer's. It is a magnificent piece of journalism and heart felt writing. You have truly expressed what these people who seem to have no voice would want the world to hear. This is an award winning post.
rated with love
This is just what we need to hear, Linda.
On a national level all the way down to our neighbors, in houses next door, or on the bus ride and the neighbors in the next row.
Don't we all have our anger and crap to deal with? I truly feel on all these levels we keep ourselves separate to avoid further hurt, which just drums up more...we do need to put aside the bullshit if our country actually does want to stand united.

ps -- I loved the fudge in that shop in Laramie when we drove through those several times, driving across country like crazy people. I loved Laramie. ...and the antique shop there, stuffed with fabulous items I had no money or room for....
Poetess.. I looked at the blog and did not want it to end with a piece on anime singers.. I wanted it to be something I could be proud of. I love yu all you know that or I would not be coming here every darn day to comment hahaha.
You had me at hello..:)
Just thinking.. I so agree and I would love to spend the rest of my life in Laramie..:)
I have always loved it that much.
- Linda, thank you... be well.
What did we learn? Good question. We learned that knee jerk reactions are rarely correct, we learned that we are surrounded by people who are so locked up inside themselves that compassion is a totally alien concept, we learned that the majority of people who favor wars are not going to lose or participate in one, we learned that despite the failings of most people there is still a core of resistance to the constant blather of hate and death and envy, we learned that as long as two of exist that the fight to a better world is not over.
I am Catherine.. I really am..
For once in my life I have people that need me..:)
Isnt that a song??
You're back for a day and I'm so happy. Love this post and it's message.
I know you have been itching to do this and glad this post was your exit piece. I never want to piss you off:)
Christina.. as rugrat said.. this was on my bucket list to leave the blog with something I was passionate about.. I still come on here many times a day.. I love the people I met on here but I am finally happy.

Catherine: You know what and who and where inspired this blog.
Bobbot: I dislike hate and it is amazing how people continue to get away from it and make the world a horrible place.
Rugrat: Its done and I am at peace.
Hatred never stops breeding. Neither does love. Look for the love in our heats and don't let haters hurt your dreams of prosperity and peace. Love: it's abundant when you don't let hostile hacks destroy your dreams of hope.
I just don’t get the whole 9/11 story, what was it 16 or 17 Arabs with box cutters resulting in this wreckage of a nation you now see before you?
Rated. Rock on, sistah. Later, loves.
Belinda.. thanks and sending mucho love..
Jack: where the hell did they buy these things?? There must have some super powers with hatred to do the damage they did. I hope Home depot was not involved.
An excellent message to get out Linda. Great to see you here (and I do notice all your good comments). R
Thanks Mary.. I am finally happy now.. and I will never stop reading on this place.. ever sista friend..:)
Great post and it deserves a wide audience. Keep on writing, where ever you can, you are the voice that brings light to the darkness.
Linda, it's good to see you. Thanks for this. ~r
The other side of the coin from Christine Geery's lovely post of today

I guess she was writing of a prosperous (by current standards) and peaceful neighbourhood of functioning people... but that's only part of the picture. There are all those wounded people out there...

So happy you're back in your safe harbour...and I have some idea of how you have come by your attitude of compassion and goddammit joy.
People are scared, and when they get scared they divert their fear to anger and it's a pretty quick step from there to hatred. Who to hate? There are plenty of manipulators pointing the haters in the wrong direction. We haven't healed. We're festering.
Nice to see you here if only for a day.
If only......

Your report from Laramie and beyond. . .a sad commentary on America's struggles over the past decade. So many casualties of the times, the economy, the mental depression that's befallen so many...
no one can possibly wrap this up in just one story.

So keep at it, keep posting. . .
Hi Linda, Across the continent on public transit provides a perspective not many see on that scale over that many miles. The story of the woman who lost both sons and had the stuffed animals in the stroller is especially sad.

As a non-American, I have to say too much has been wrapped in the ole' stars and stripes over the last ten years. I'm all for love and peace that extends beyond one's own borders and gives acknowledgement of the brutality and harm done to others. Whose counting the dead bodies, um, I mean, "collateral damage" done elsewhere be it Vietnam or Iraq? That seems to be one of the bigger the lessons unlearned.

Glad you made your North American trek back in one piece.
What an excellent message to bring with you. I won't argue with anyone about what we have and have not learned since 9-11, because instead of the world coming together, hundreds of thousands were murdered. How many were hurt and disfigured, and every time they look in the mirror hate this country. Am I unpatriotic? If so, tough shit, the haters in this world will never stop until they get what they want, and what do they want? They want to see themselves everywhere they go. It ain't gonna happen and my friend, I hope you take this time to forget about the past, and come back to OS. Believe me, you have more friends here than you know, and you know I'm on top of the list. Great Post~
From long ago and far away (Talmudists in 2nd Century AD Babylon),

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am 'I'? And if not now, when?" (Pirkei Avot 1:14)
Thanks Joan: Today I begin my literary journey.. sadly it ends here but it begins somewhere else.

Myriad: I read Christines piece and LOVED it and SO HAPPY you posted the link here. It was so nice to finally meet you and Tim Hortons will never be the same without us..:)

Jon: Thanks guys for letting me round up the final herd of cattle.:)

Matt: and for writers it should being on OS. People should stop this hateful bickering.. Its not going to get you anywhere.

Susie: Alas thanks to greyhound we did not meet but boy did we talk hahaha

Vivian: I need to make a completion here and it has botherd me for a very long time.

Scarlet: A lot of Americans do not realize that Canada pulled out their final troops this summer out of Afghanistan. They realize no one is winning this war especially the population at home.
Someone has to stand up here and take charge before everything falls into the toilet.
Scanner: your message to me a few weeks ago came on a day that I needed it. My musketeers in arms and you know who they are have never left my side and if they ever left me .. well lets say a KTel record of some sort of sad songs might come out.
I am sick of the hate on OS and everywhere else. Everyone needs to grow up.
Linda, this is quite a good vent. There's more to it though...its not just about anger and loss. This is about coping, we're trying real hard to cope with great changes. Most of this country are ordinary people only trying to get by. Like they sing in Annie, "it's a hard luck world for us". For many.

Good post kiddo. Big hug to you.
Great post Linda. We miss you, around here.
Miss not a foolish monkey. I so agree and much love to you..
Shiral.. I come every day to visit as this will always be home.
Linda- It made me so happy to open OS today and see your insignia. The post is poignant, sad, and awakening. Humanity must re-discover love and interconnection in a new way. Old tribal ways must go! New universal ethics about fair treatment and respect for all people must find its footing. Our survival depends on our ability to work together as one people and one planet.
Rei: I bet that was a shocker huh??:) Yeah I knew I was going to do one last post and I would know which one it would be when I saw it.
This was it.. somehow toot toot bingo was not going to cut the cheese..:)
A beautiful swan song for your OS blog, Linda, with as beautiful a message for the ages.
I think it's sad to see a post like this - in the days following 9/11, everyone seemed so united. How unfortunate that the fear, but not the love, has remained....
Sadly, 9/11 has become another factor in the great divide that America has become. I just attended a wedding where a good friend started ranting that the war in Iraq was important because of 9/11. I told her that the named hijackers were Saudi, so there was no reason to attack Iraq. She said, "They're all Jihadists, so it doesn't matter." I just quit a discussion on Facebook where a woman insisted that Islam is the enemy of America and of the Creator. This kind of language is so divisive that I have no idea what to do other than avoid the topic if I want to maintain a facade of peace.
Miguela: I knew when I wrote it this would be the one. I am happy now.

Alysa: What happened??

Lois" The Great Divide" how well said.
That bus station in Columbus Ohio is one I know well; I rode those Greyhounds to and from Cleveland for many years. I've seen more Marinas than I can count. When I think of how things might have been after what happened on 9/11, I'm reminded of that poem by Robert Frost, "The Road Not Taken." We had a choice and we went down the wrong road. And unfortunately, that has made all the difference.

Wonderful to see you again.
Margaret.. I did that ride for 13 years.. no more..
You are so right.. we went down the wrong road.

Kate: Hugs to you
I hope when I decide to leave it will be with such a fine bit of observation and writing. If we learned nothing collectively from this whole experience of 9-11, then it is sad to say "they won". You point out losses many would never think of...I just hope someone who hasn't considered your points will. A fine piece of writing about an ugly truth.
I told no one I was going to do this because I just did not know when. I lived this piece first hand for 4 days and felt their pain and frustration. So it was important for me to get it out there.
They are not unique to our society and that is just awful that we have chosen the wrong path.
Love you much.. HUGGGGGGGGGG
Welcome back, Maestro, we missed you...a lot. Great come back. R
Thanks Thoth but I am not back sad to say.
"In Laramie Wyoming Laura fixes up the shelves waiting for the next bus to arrive."

I have many slaves in Wyoming. Linda, you are My next slave, huggywhisperking!!!

Rated too!!!
nana.... is that you tink? Did you forget to take your meds???
Come here kitty
Hey, stranger, it's good to see you. :)

Thanks for sharing the story of Marina's heartbreak, and Johnny and Angela, and all the people who lost way more than anyone should ever have to, Ms. Linda. ((((big huggggggzzzzzzz to you))))
clayball.. HUGGGGGGGGGGG to you too and so nice to see you.
It seems that since 9/11, we've been doing the terrorists' work for them. We've done things that I could never imagine we could do - and that's not a compliment.

Eloquent, my friend.
Certainly glad to see you back here Linda, if only for a day. As for being pissed off, well that's part of being human, and this is more than pissed-off worthy.
"9/11 as the story go’s has a few boxcutter wielding Arab savages destroying America? "
oh yeah, and 1+1==3
Linda, I smiled when I saw you were back and then frowned when I realised you weren't really. But knowing you are happy brings a smile again.

I am glad you came back to leave this significant, thoughtful and eloquent post. Your message I hear so very well.

Take care, lovely lady. All my love.
I think The Patriot Act did as much for destroying this country as the "box cutter-weilding Arabs."
I'm not off my meds, I was never on them! Too expensive, not enough $$$ in the kitty...teeheee!! :D

Cranky: is it not strange how we kept digging the hole?

Various: So sorry we did not meet up..but yeah it was nice to end this like this

Little kate: well I am still floating around

Miguela: so many things
Tink: I wuv you
Hugs to you. Are you mad at me?
Thanks for the clever pov and the ending song rocks! Like you do!
LOL OE.. I just emailed you.
Thanks Algis my bright talented friend
Good to see you, and you are right, many people haven't learned a thing except how to be harder, crueler, cheaper, more racist, more religious and more hateful - in the name of love of god, country and family. That's impressive.
we really did well right oryoki bowl??
What a drag--I thought the title said "lap dancer."
jeff.. sigh.. oh you wish hahaha
I can barely stand to come here now that you're not posting here. Like always, in the midst of fear, anger and hate you always spread love. I don't check PM's very often but was thrilled to find one from you. You were right, I could not live with the hate.

Pissed or not, you are a gentle lovebird. Thank you for the post. Thank you for the love. HUGGGGGS
Ohh Doris..that comment made me tear up...
thank you
I don't want to even think about it till Sunday. Otherwise it's the medias pagentry of pain. Like September is mass murder month.
Derrick.. love your name and yes it will be 24/7 on sunday..:(
How sad it happened.. how terrible and awful
I haven't been on here in many weeks and here you are! A lot of talk about 9-11 in the last week. I described it as our country suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. That horrible day changed EVERYTHING.
Chelle.. still read on here but no more blogging.. it was however very important for me to do this and end the blog on a good note.
Chelle.. still read on here but no more blogging.. it was however very important for me to do this and end the blog on some sort of note that was important to me.
I read the links you send me from Zoomers, but cannot rate. I'm glad you posted this here so I could add my vote, Linda. Miss you.
You made me start crying again. Not that it's difficult to do that these days.
We learn things for sure. The wrong things, or the things we were prepped, equipped, to learn anyway. Very few people make a huge turnaround. But it DOES happen sometimes. Which is reason to keep trying.
Ms Vance.... smileeeeeeeeeee I miss you
Hah! Whoville! Just read that darn Grinch who Stole Christmas yet again today!

I don't care how you package it! Just so glad to see you back on these fragile pages.

A day full of memories. Fears. Horror. Tragedy. Hate. Anger. Tears. Tears. And more tears.
What a wonderful surprise--you're back. So far the best thing of my day.

Hope all's well in your busy life.