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July 24
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MARCH 20, 2011 10:54AM

Tink! You’ve Got to Fight for Your Right to Party!

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On Friday I was shocked and dismayed to see that Tink had "kicked back" with Scanner! He had already been here all week whining about his much needed toenail transplant. I gave him 17 dollars which was one dollar for each photo that he allowed me to take of him. So no wonder he was all hush hush on the phone. He and Scanner had been plotting how to spend that money.

                   For shame Tink! No Editor's Picks for you!!!

                          scanner                          folow thePlease play while reading and follow the music.



                                                         Kick it Tink! 

                 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not Kerry the Editor!!  Be nice!!





         You wake up late for school man you don't wanna go,




        You ask your mom, "Please?" but she still says, "No!"




               You missed two classes and no homework,
But your teacher preaches class like you're some kind of jerk.




        You gotta fight for your right to partyyyyyyyyyyyy!

party1 tink



       Your pops caught you smoking and he said, "No way!"
       That hypocrite smokes two packs a day.

smoking tink



                     Man, living at home is such a drag!

home tink



  Now your mom threw away your best porno mag ...Busted!


       You gotta fight for your right to partyyyyyyyyyyyyy!




                       musical n



                                                           guitar solo


                         musical n




Don't step out of this house if that's the clothes you're gonna

clothes tink



      I'll kick you out of my home if you don't cut that hair!




        Your mom busted in and said, "What's that noise?"

angel mom




        Aw, mom you're just jealous it's the Beastie Boys!

beastie bys



          You gotta fight for your right to partyyyyyyyyyy!





         You gotta fight for your right to partyyyyyyyyyyyy!











  There is an actual police car following Tink on the cable car!


Images and text: Linda Seccaspina 2011

Lyrics by The Beastie Boys

***Thanks to my good friend Lorenzo for helping out and playing the teacher.




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this was sooooooooo good and funny..I was getting a little down, but now I'm up!
OK, "funnies" today can't rival this! I just have one question..what is that "rearing" horse DOING to Tink??? Hugs!!!
A great photo blog. Tink is so lucky to have you.
Elijah: It took me 3.5 hours to post this not counting photo time and when I was posting it I was giggling.. I needed it too after all the darn rain the past few days..:)

Satori: After I looked at the picture i was not quite sure myself:).. We will have to ask him..:)

Naomi.. and I want my gloves back.. he probably sold them when he was visiting Scanner. hahaha

Zanelle: I had NO idea that he went to see Scanner and when I saw that on Friday.. I felt.. hmmmm taken? :) hahahahaha
Those are some big damned claws on that pussycat.
Yeah Matt.. toenail implant my ass..
Linda, vous etes une blogeuse mervailleuse. Formidable!
hilarious...perfect for a Sunday funnies...
merci buckets Leon..

Sunday funnies rugrat.. Ill show you funny hahahahah
Thanks Jon: I have fun doing these

Jane: ya gotta fight for your right to be lord and mistress..
Well. You know you can't keep Tink down.
Tink can't get bummed-out like edit hobos.
Tink Play footsie in sauna ho-hut pot-house.
Linda S. do Magnus Annus with sacred-Tink.
Ancient Tinks and Linda S. see ideal holiness.
Thanks. Entertain.
Linda S. may be entering sauna and be naked.
huh, heigh-ho. ah!
This is as fun as Byzantium cathedral Sancta`
Penetrating ay
What can we say?
I think we both got played. He didn't mention anything about you. Payback is a Mutha'~~:-)
Linda, you do not have to come over here and make me laugh. This was very funny. -R-
Scanner: I had a funny feeling when I saw your post on Friday. I was shocked!!He had already been here and then I saw him mooching off of you. I know he tried to stay up to see this post but I got up late and he is sleeping now.

Probably at Kerry's brother Larry... Mooching off of poor Larry. Of course I did see Emily in the photos so maybe he is there Bugging her with another recipe for her food challenge..
He is so "High off the Hog"
Peggy: You betcha.. everyone should get up and dance this morning..

Christine: I did one last month and had a blast!! Of course I go places where I should not for the sake of art hahahaha
Like the little car.. it was in the middle of someones lawn and he was glaring at me through the window hahah
R, with moss growing outta my ears these days.

This rain and wind is driving me a bit over the edge, too.

Always great to see what that two-timing marmalade rascal gets up to (ummmm, just to be clear, I 'm referring to Tinkerertink here).
on a cold, grey, SoCal Sunday I needed a giggle and a guffaw and maybe just a bit of a snort too. And I got it from you.

Damn....did I just write a rhyme?
I love it! Tink...he went wild for seventeen bucks! Awww...I would too! Your readings are great...the vid about the said it like monsune...heheheheh! I would have too! xox
Love the Beastie Boys!!! Going to a real birthday Parrr-tay later for 2 year old grand daughter!
Another Steve.. and its coming down again right now..Last night's storm was wild but Friday night was the worst..
I am always up to something.. dont need a blog about that..:)

Walter: you had better be stopin with the rhymes.. I might have to do a reading hahaha
Linda is never naked,
For she would scare those who are sacred.

People like you that are so kind dearest Art,
Will never be found with the likes of those shopping at KMart! :)
Robin: It is pouring and there are no Cowsill songs coming out of my mouth about the flowers and the birds right now..:)

Flower Child.. I just might have to!!!

Just Cathy: you are so lucky but I love my grandkids/ doggies too..:)
Lots of smiles in this one Linda. And I'm sure there were lots of laughs in the actual meet-up. Surely no illegal smiles though.
That Tink is one bad cat!! rated~
Abrawang: One never knows what passes through our minds.
Mental jail terms possibly?:)

Susie: He is and we do love him
Rated for Tinkalicious and Lindalicioulous AWESOMENESS
One Open Salon member looking out for another. It doesn't get any better than that! It looks like you correctly identified where the $17 went!
Loving the short shorts. Was it up hill four ways? Hope the shower was warm, I got cold just watching it rain. We get your rain here tomorrow, today we have the haze.
I am so glad that it is taking time for the frozen buns to thaw and rise, or I would be spitting chocolate milk and bun all over my keyboard right now.

You are the master of the photo/music/lyrics blog and I bow to your ultimate and overwhelming greatness!

Zuma now-we-know-about-tinkertink's-troubled-past pick!!!!!
Enemy: HUGGGGGGGGGG my dear friend

Larry: I could not figure out if that was you or your twin brother Kerry Tink was kicking! You both look the same! (notice the power in the arms)

So what I would do is sue that Tink for $17 bucks. Could be worth it for lunches etc. :)
This was quite fun!!!! I enjoyed every part of it :)
Oryoki: thank god it was flat hahahah Cold rain.. lots of frost bite

Xenon: It is not hard when you have the "master" as the lead..:)
Next month Tink goes to the UK!!!!
Lunchlady: nothing but hugs to you..
Well this starts my Monday morning here with a bounce and a laugh, Linda!

Lots of fun! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! : )
just to be clear, linda. what was that hobbyhorse doing to our pal, tink?
Diananni: Only those who live in Texas know whats really going on..
(nudge nudge wink wink)
Yep ... right now it's 6:17am Monday morning! : )
I have sure missed a lot of goings on here Linda......
Great post! Does that one pic mean I have to go bail Tink out of jail again?
Little Kate: euhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mission: LOL I thought you were at Scanners..:)

Duane.. Yes!!! He is waiting for Super Legoman to arrive.
Payment is 232 lego pieces..:)
This is brighter than the sunshine I'm enjoying today. Tink and you - how can one go Linda? Thanks for a light hearted fun post.
♥R~ with love.
Fusun: You have sunshine?
Not fair hahaha
Rated for the Esquerita album alone!
You are rapidly becoming a multi-media maven. R
various: you should see what we have but of course yserba/kevin is no match..:)

Trudge: Its is basically called 'teaching old dogs new tricks" :)
Tink is wild and fun, he looks equally hot in that hat or jewels. Get warm sweetie, hugs to you.
That was great and Tink is a bad ass as one could be. Tink needs to go out with me on my next 10.5 mile run, so I can push it to 14. If he has to he can drag me by the hair with one hand and pack of smokes on his other!
this is good silliness.
Oh, this was good, really good! Totally had me laughing out loud. And I admire anyone deeply who can do 44 blocks on foot in the rain. Superwoman, you are!
Bleue.. Tink is HOT!
Lady Dove .. nothing but hugs to you
Heh SUZZZZZZZZZZ: he will eat all your waffles first
Schmoopie.. when you have no choice.. you have no choice
that's you
bursting whimsy
very funny whimsy
(ps how did you get Tink to let you take his pic? is he your "familiar"? just asking)
I dont now if you have ever watched LOST. As Farraday told Desmond," Tink is my constant" :)
did you sneak in while I was nap...I mean... watching basketball?
ahhh no Brian I posted this at am PST hahah
This made me smile and once again we are on the same musical wavelength. I went to Grooveshark this weekend to share some Beasties with my kids and they looked at me like I had three heads!! But at least I fought. for my right. to party. Dammit. Rated because you always know how to bring me out of my lowest points. RRRRRR
Excellent reading of Leon's poem. I say party on. R
Michelle: We fight for our rights every darn day..
Rita: Just another way to tell everyone we have great poets on OS like yourself
Love this post
the fabulous cat
so cool
so tough
so raw
love your shorts
videos that is
rain and Leon
got to love 'em

rated with love
Poetess.. Tink and Leon.. how can you not miss
"There is an actual police car following Tink on the cable car!"

You'd be shocked at how often that happens!! Teeheehee!! ;D
it is 1am here and that made me laugh .Thanks for that .xxo
You made tink look kinda cute and plushy. Well done! I love it when you come out to play.
Tink: You dont even have to tell us this hahaha

Diary: That's what I am here for..:)

Linnnn: Ive sent him over to your house hahah
Lovely post that you just want to hug! Thanks for the fun chuckles! I did cut my hair by the way too! In Pamukkale of all places.
All I can do is guffaw and rate.
if you have interest in it , take action !!!!!
{{w w w }} {{ happyshopping100 }} {{ com }}