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Linda Seccaspina
July 24
Formerly called The Maiden of Death by Derek Raymaker Xpress Magazine
When you wish upon a star
Linda's column can now be read in The Humm newspaper and online. Also pick up an issue of Screamin Mamas magazine from Florida for a peak at some of my writing.>> My idol is former mentor and OPRAH senior associate producer Elizabeth Coady. Taskmaster extraordinaire but learned so much from her, and if I could be 1/8 as talented as her I 'd be laughing.>>>>> My books "Menopausal Woman From the Corn" "Cowansville High Misremembered" "Naked Yoga, Twinkies and Celebrities" and "Cancer Calls Collect" now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle >>>>>>>All covers also done by Diana Ani Stokely GRAFIX to go.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> "Cowansville High School Misremembered" book is now out as a fundraiser for the school._______________________ ___________________ Follow her on Twitter @@Mcpheeeeee. Linda Seccaspina was born in Cowansville Quebec about the same time the wheel was invented. _____________________________________ She used to own clothing stores in Ottawa and Toronto Ontario Canada from 1974-1996 called Flash Cadilac, Savannah Devilles, Nightmares and Flaming Groovies. _____________________________________ Her brain tries to writes stories about her menopausal life and a host of other things she gets annoyed at. _____________________________________ She has two sons, Schuyleur and one that does not want his name mentioned. She has a grandson called Romeo who is a Boston Terrier and a grandaughter Bella who is a french bulldog. _____________________________________ Linda loves people quite plain and simple and loves to hug.. Yes, she is one of "those".


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MARCH 14, 2011 10:39AM

This is What Open Salon is All About - A Photo Essay

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                     Some people write about fashion





                           Some people have similar styles




                    Some people write about friends and family



                             Some people write about gay issues




                Some people write about odd and abstract things




                                         Some people take photographs





Some people write about Tiger Mothers and women's issues 



                 Some people write poetry and words of love



                                       Some people write about erotica




                     Some people are on the cutting edge



                Some people write about their fears and phobias




         Some people write about about their childhood



 Some people believe they write masterpieces and are very worthy of Editor's Picks





                Some people believe their work is worth money



Look at the three books below.

Which one would you read?

Would you choose a particular book over the other because you felt one was "beneath you"?




Open Salon does not do that. It welcomes everyone to express themselves with their point of view.


There is no elitism on Open Salon.

The motto is diversity not segregation.

We choose what we want to read and write.

If you don't like the platform then I just do not know what to say.

It's called freedom of  choice.


                            Thank you Open Salon!


P.S.: And as for the awful slowness that we have been experiencing? Actually it is as slow as a death procession.

I am white knuckling it as Kerry as blogged.

But I am trying to deal with this for as you see Linda has a lot of flaws too.





So what are we? Chopped liver?

I like the mix here and have always resented the divide between the new or amateur writers and the so-called "pros".

Some of the best writing that I have ever read has contained a few errors and some of the most dead awful dreck has complied with all of the rules.

This is one place where everyone has a chance to write, to express themselves, and to tell their stories. 

Xenonlitxl - March 13th



Images of the artwork I  own by Linda Seccaspina

Text: Linda Seccaspina 2011




Thierry Mugler- Fashion Runway Show Illustrations Spring 1982

Margaret Keane prints

Unknown artist bought for $8.00

“Muget Des Bois”: Hand coloured photo of a gay woman 1915

“Linda” by David Hawken Ottawa Ontario

Fanny Farah Farkentelli San Francisco Photo

Japanese Airline Vintage Print

Hand Coloured Photo Print 1898

Unknown Artist ‘Mammy”

Fillmore Print

“Vertigo” Shadow box

“Baby” by Juanita

Print  unknown





I am doing short shorts now.. Enjoy my one minute clip!

I can do this because Open Salon lets me be as crazy as I want! Thank you!!

RIP Granny

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And some people write obits! Uh--Interesting film, Linda! Poor Granma. As for the rest of the post--I love the diversity here. I love that there is support--for the most part--for that diversity. And I look here first, every day, to see what Linda has written!!☺
Great piece. This is a free place, so there is no threshold of good, bad and ugly, we get to make the choice ourselves every time we come here to read. If something is bad, how will I know it, not by someone telling me, but my reading it. Then I know. Who cares, it is how we use our time. If this was a professional writer site, I would think there would be some kinds of distinctions made. Right now, we chose what we read, what we rate. The editors chose things to highlight and often it is not even rated or barely read, why? It is not what we chose. Sometimes I think about that. If we all rated the heck out of something, does it belong on the cover? If we were a certain type of person and the editor favored that kind of person, do they belong on the cover? Well, I guess it all revolves around how the vehicle is set up, OS is set up with an editor who has a style too. It is not a democracy, but you do have a choice to read or not, or to perhaps read and not comment or rate. If we paid money would it be better? Possibly the mechanics of it would be, then they could afford a server, and paid help to whack the spammers, but everything in life has trade offs. So, if you like it stay, if not go away, my opinion, anyway. This was a wonderful piece and I loved RIP Grandma. Good stuff and inspirational. I get more energy when I read you Linda that you can imagine, it oozes sometimes from every word or every have a great aura of kindness and I can see it in your work.
Eclectic mix of artwork and worthy thoughts. Thanks, Linda:)
Choice! Auntie Mame said "The world is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!" No need to fear anything on OS. It all passes before us and we can savor all the different flavors. You are my favorite dish!! Thanks for this survey.
Poor Granma...she didn't even get to die with a "d" in her name. My condolences to Granpa.
But seriously, you hit the nail on the head.
Let us be who we want to be.
That is the beauty of OS.
Good work!
...and a's for slowness, I posted this comment last Tuesday...glad it arrived today.
As usual you have said it all ina profound and creative way. If I werent typing this on my phone I'd write more but for now all I can say is amen sister! dogs?
No one should ever push someone to the back of the bus because they think that they are better than someone else! The cast of characters on Open Salon is amazing!
Right, on Linda. I'm so verklempt. Rated with a million *linda* hugs.
Roy Rogers! Priceless, like you, L...
OS is a celebration of all that makes us human. You capture it here as a colorful reminder. As always, you are an inspiration. I needed this today. R with many hugs to you
Satori: Oh get read for more films.. I am working on Steve Katz's Shirley Sidleman and I did some of Romantic Poetess's poems.. :)
I get up every morning, and before I eve see what I sold on Amazon I check the site.:) one 12 step program needed please..:)

Sheila: Have you ever looked at the "Views" and seen some people have something like 12,000 hits and not ONE comment. No one went over and said GOOD JOB.. If we paid money the site might flow better, but the writers wold still be the same. It is a family after all. HUGGGGG

Susan: I am an art junkie.. I worship yours..
:) I can just draw stick figures..:)

Zanelle: GROUP HUG!!! :)

Steve: LOL you kill me.. I am going to do Shirley today..

Bonnie: I forgot NEWS AND COOKING... yikes.. apologies.
We are SO lucky we can write what comes out of our mouths and read others when maybe somewhere else we would not have the choice.
I'm impressed by YOUR diversity, Linda. Are you really one woman--or a consortium of talented women?
just terrific, Linda! r.
Schmoopie.. United we stand divided... well we fall on out butts..:)

Rugrat: You betcha
Fusun: We are all family and we accept each other for our grammar and spelling faults. God only knows I get emails hahahaha
Thank you for that. How can we learn if we are not told.. gently..

Brian: I so thought that song set the whole scene..:)

Michelle: We are humans not robots and let;s hope they fix the robot soon on this speed.

Leon.. to quote a comment I got yeterday on my anniverary blog:

"Felicitaciones Linda ~ I really thought you'd been here a much longer time. I still get a chuckle when I think of the comment someone made awhile ago (may have been Fernsy) regarding your output; that you were really a half dozen bloggers from Asia blogging in unison under the name of Linda!;~)"

Inverted Interrobang
March 14, 2011 02:29 AM
Linda..if I were to be judged on my atrocious spelling, no one would read me. lol Kindness goes a long ways in my book, and you are that, to everyone and every walk of life.xo
Jon: I so admire the 'senior' writers here. In fact I am ikn awe of the words that I will never have. BUT I hate the older/ younger child bullying that goes on here sometimes. We are all equal.
Very cleverly done, Linda, and well put.
The 'masterpiece' oil? painting...which one is that?
She's beautiful.
Great Linda. You've summed up our little Oasis very nicely. All are welcome here.
....and the Thierry Mugler illustration is yours? signed??
It does make me sad to read this post but it's the way the world is. I got used to hearing I was inferior 50 years ago. I was stupid, my beliefs are stupid, my thoughts are stupid, my actions are stupid, my choices are wrong, my likes are wrong, even my feelings are wrong. I hear I'm not good enough all the time, it's just how things are.

Strange as it sounds, it's kind of nice because now I don't have to struggle or try hard. It's kind of freeing to have many people think so little of me or treat me poorly, I don't have to try to please them anymore. If I'm not enough or right enough for others, I can do what I want to make me feel better, things even out.

Thanks for always accepting me as I am and thinking I'm good enough. It feels really nice. Rated with hugs.
Wonderful, Linda. I love that OS is so eclectic. -R-
You got it just right Linda. Captured the world and the heavens in a drop, as Zora would say. I liked the short. Granma ain't coming back. Thank God she was here.
Cindy: So well said.. LOL you have no idea.. yes let's do something others do not do.. Let's be kind.

Just Thinking : I will go look.. I got her for I think 5 bucks.. There are 4 Muglers and yes they are all signed..

Trilogy: I never thought it that way but we are an oasis.

Bleue: for most of my waking days I was called a loser because my thoughts and actions are different. This is NO joke.. I finally feel comfortable here with who I am. The fact that anyone reads me is a bonus..:)
I wholeheartedly agree.

The art professor in me wants you to credit Edouard Manet with his painting "Olympia" though. I can just hear him screeching at you from his grave for calling it Mammy ;-)
OS is the Island of Misfit Toys. I want to be Charlie-in-the-Box.
You have a terrific art collection, Linda. Open Salon is a place that provides an outlet for all types of creative energy. It is a place that refuses to be defined by the parameters of any one writer. What you see is what you get, like it or leave it. Vive le choix!

Just thinking..:)
The portrait is:

The Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi is a painting by the Italian artist Agnolo di Cosimo, known as Bronzino, finished around 1545. It is housed in the Uffizi Gallery of Florence, Italy.

Lucrezia di Sigismondo Pucci was the wife of Bartolomeo Panciatichi, a Florentine humanist and politician, also portrayed by Bronzino in another Uffizi portrait. Vasari describes the two portrays as: "so natural that they seem truly living". The show of refined garments and jewelry was intended not only to underline the élite position of the woman, but also aspects of her personality through a complex symbology (as in the write "Amour dure sans fin" on the golden necklace, a reference to a love treatise written for the Grand Duke of Florence, Cosimo I de' Medici, in 1547).
Rei: If it was not enough to bother the 'loved one' with conversations of blogs and photos now we have video. LOL He just endures it all>>:)

Greenheron: LOL.. I literally peed my pants.. seriously when I read your comment. I found it on the street for free. Now I know she is NOT mammmmy..:)

Cranky: But no we discussed I believe it was yesterday in my anniversary post that you er the hubby of all of us sister wives..:)
Naomi: Totally understood.. OS is not for everyone but as a budding writer you do get some love here.. That s a start..:)

******cheering here
****** throwing roses and smiles at ya Linda.
It is called Open for a good reason.
I am sick of the naysayers.
I am familiar with the blog that illicited this response and I stated my opinion there as strongly as I could. It is no surprise that the author did not agree with me. Some people believe that OS was ruined the minute they allowed the "Masses" to flood in and become members. Personally, I believe that the influx of new blood had the opposite gave the site life and flavor, and a deeper texture. Yes, the bad came in with the good, but hell that's what life is all about and I don't come to this place to escape life, but to talk about it and to experience it.

Open Salon fits perfectly for me. Besides, what would life be if I couldn't experience your take on it, are one of my true favorites.
Round up the horses, get along little doggies..
And some people write about snow over and over again.
Yep, it is snowing again.
love ya.
RIP Granma.
Mission: I wish I could blame it all on menopause but I cannot. I was furious and to blog how I felt MY WAY..:) Trying to keep angry words at a minimum.

Torman: I read your comment hmmm was it twice? No maybe it was three times. I understood every word you said and agreed. I felt after I read the blog in question that I was in High School again with someone telling me after my 32nd public speaking content that I had a great voice but my content was too controversial or lame. I was truly the Susan Lucci of Public Speaking.

BTW I thought that you might that video to your Tater Tot sometime hahaha

Sheba: But no.. you see you take the pictures and we are over joyed we are not sitting in that mess and just marvel at the beauty..:)
Linda, you really said it this case, the medium IS the message - or at least allows the message to be heard - and without judgement or editing. What a delightful way to acknowledge OS! Adore the picture of you . This was just outstanding. Bet Granma was someone special. You're terrific.
Open Salon would be a much poorer place without your dazzling creativity, Linda. Just for today I'll out-hugggggg you.
And some of us attempt to write kooky poetry and recipes from time to time, not to mentions streams of mind overload, freaky fiction and anything and everything. "Loverly bunch of coconuts!" Fun post, Linda!
Mhold's Pick. For what it's worth!
I know the post which inspired this- I left a comment about the elitist . restrictionist attitude some people would prefer be the norm here.
Your rebuttal is vastly superior- and considerably more interesting. And colorful...
I can forgive the Roy Rogers film clip but not the plastic cutlery on that picture. FRed(tm) was mortified - it could have been wind (gas) but plastic indeed Madam. Well pleeease.

Have I told you lately that your new profile pic is hot?
"Press FRed please send.....SHit. I know what I mean Boy".
'Nother fine piece of entertainment. Great pics.

"Git along little dogies" was the song they taught us in 4th grade that made me want to jump out the window of stick an ice pick in my ears. But we learn from what hate as well as what we love.
"There is no elitism on Open Salon."

There certainly is.
OS is the only place that will highlight stories that corporate media neglects as well...this was lovely - thanks
Your post explains beautifully why it's called OPEN Salon.
You left off the people who write wandering disconnected thoughts just for the fun of it. :)

and chickens.
I've come across many fine people on OS, some of whom I've gotten to meet in person. Makes it all worth it.
I trust there will be a sequel in which Granma really isn't dead, and comes back to bake us all cookies. Whattaya say?

I agree with your points here, Linda, except I simply cannot accept that someone who has spent YEARS developing her skills as a writer and who has been paid as a professional writer would be overlooked in favor of someone who doesn't write as slickly and as grammatically conventional simply because she or he has a likeable personality. It's just not faaaaaaaaair.
D is for...doh!
I is for...I as in I'm super important!
V is for...very wonderful post!
E is for...egalitarianism! Because we're savvy readers just ask Stacey Youdin!
R is for...Right...conservatives in hemp pants who are welcome here no matter how much I'd like them to smoke their own pants!
S is for...Supah Dupah!
I is for I again...I I I memememememe!
T is for...totalitarianism...NOTTTTTT!
Y is for youyouyouyouyou!

I love this post! xox
D is for...doh!
I is for...I as in I'm super important!
V is for...very wonderful post!
E is for...egalitarianism! Because we're savvy readers just ask Stacey Youdin!
R is for...Right...conservatives in hemp pants who are welcome here no matter how much I'd like them to smoke their own pants!
S is for...Supah Dupah!
I is for I again...I I I memememememe!
T is for...totalitarianism...NOTTTTTT!
Y is for youyouyouyouyou!

I love this post! xox
And I love it when comments post twice...tis part of the charm of OS...xox
Marsha: I got that piece of art yesterday at the lfea market for 8 bucks.. I loved it because it reminded me of my old picture.

Sarah: LOL there are so damn many of us.. not just me hahah

JustCathy: and we appreciate ever last person on here.

Mhold I take anythign I can get from you The supermodel..:)
Ian: as you can tell I accept a lot of mediums in life and apprfeciate each one of them

Creekend.. ARE YA DAFT MAN?? That would be fine metal cutlery there..:)
Luminous: My song was " How much is that doggie in the window?":)
Whoopee-ti-yi-yo! Someday, everyone will appreciate the vocal artistry of Roy (and all the efforts/ craziness that goes into OS). And the Cleveland Indians will win the World Series...

Thanks, as always, for a great post.
XJS: I am sure there would be a lot of discussion on the [oint that you make hahah

YHeron: SPOT ON!!

Ms M Feike..:) I see no OPEN nor CLOSED sign on the door.. do you??:)

Ocular: and while we speak about things like that.. a lot of people miss your weekly blog like myself

Bonnie: Yeah and Pets.. I mentioned it above

Nikki: I have met nothing but kind on here. Okay a few rotten apples but they can be made into some sort of tasty pie..:)

Matt: I shot two today.. LOL.... I dont know which one is next. Of course I did drop my camera in a puddle and I was just screaming..:)

Robin: Hemp Pants?? Those must be smokin!!! :)
And some people are shunned,
lose homes because of frauds,
eat left-over WW2- rations,
sleep on city slum grates,
curse lawyers and bank.
crooked greedy-creep,
and appear pale-ghost,
beg for molded-crumb,
Post death - immortality.
Remember - reap - sow.
Fool choose a cold soup.
Jerks achieve bah peculiar.
But (not Linda S.) Oy poor`
Ay win molded fruitcake!
Ever wonder? Pugnacious!
"What if?"
Aye, call cops?
No. They busy.
Call the Pope!
You go to beach.
Wear flip-flops!
Stop Snoopy poop!
Pope & Ed pant!
Be look a-likes!
Wear flowered`
boxer shorts!
Cold porridge!
Oy bah- sellout!smile.
Linda S. Great Post.
You worth millions.
Paul: I used to watch Roy Rogers every week.
Listen, if the SF Giants can win so can Cleveland.:)
One of my fave towns in the world is Cleveland.
Captain America,
Greetings and Salutations!
If your idea ever came to light what a boring and anal place this would be.

"Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences.

When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world - "No, you move."

A quote by Captain America
I will not move
Flower Child: It takes all kinds to build a village and yes some of the people have run Catherine F out of Dodge. See ClarkK's post today.

What a loss. All you had to do is email her and she would help you.
She is devastated and so are a lot of us!
Great post and great thoughts here.

Linda, I view you as a coach and mentor wrt Open Salon.

I have decided not to "go on" about this "superior so-called professional writer issue. No need for me to annoy anybody else. I may PM you.
When I saw all the spam on Open Salon and no posts from Catherine this weekend, it didn't take much to figure it out. So why didn't Mishima keep the spam away from the site? I hope you, Emily or somebody can convince her to come back.
Linda, Thanks so much for this excellent post that exudes beauty and truth (and a dead granma...sad). It's wonderful to see someone actually celebrating OS, not just berating it. Yes, as you point out, it's not perfect, but neither are we. I don't know what I'd do without OS and the kind and talented people like you that I've met here. Vive l'Open Salon!
Linda this is great.

You have been somehwat of a mentor to me on OS.
There are no more "what ifs" in this world,
Look at the pain in the world,
And all people do is weave insults with fake pearls,
But you Art have the words of hope,
You are so right.. too much shit in the world!
I love your message! I do feel that this is a great place to practice. Personally, I am trying out many different subjects to see what people are interested in reading, since like some writers, I am working to get a following. Rated~
Sorry I missed your one year anniversary yesterday. Congrats and as you are most prolific, that is no easy feat. My husband has been very ill in another town and it is been a trying time for me. I can almost find the time each day for what fun and interest you have to offer us. Thanks for a chuckle most days and a good thought everyday.
Another Steve: If I am YOUR mentor, honey you had better dye your hair red and start dancing hahahah

There is no need to make comments already said. We need to appreciate OS for what it is and NOT for what we want it to be,

Eve: Good Question.. Read ClarkK's post today and let's just cross our fingers.

Alysa; OS " is what it is" as they say here. We should be happy to have a platform to blog on. AND LOVELY people around us.
Susie: I am never going to influence people or write the great novel but I can come here and rant my menopausal mind. If people read..then that is one hell of a bonus.

Maryway.. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.. Tomorrow will be funny to make you smile.
I think you captured it! Well done!
David Foster Wallace hands down but... not saying I couldn't be tempted by the Vinyl Princess ~

Very adept meta-rebuttal of sorts.
I love Open.Salon!!! Woooo!! And you too!! You cool, like ice!! Crazy, like the Fox!!!! ~smooch~

~wanders off~
This is a masterpiece of describing OS, except you left out the bizarre thinkers and sex crazed maniacs, and I am offended!

Just kidding. Thanks for the quote. I am blushed.

I love how you were inclusive of the different motivations and styles, rather than praising the cronies while pointing out others by type and criticizing.

I have GOT to get the David Foster Wallace.

Zumapick for acceptance, compassion and understanding!
Okay Bellwether.. we said our peace .. now bring on that delicious food you make.:)

Inverted...Vinyl Princess is a book written by a former owner of Amoeba Records in the bay area..:)

Tink... geeeeeeeeeez... look what the hot air blew in finally..
this place soothes me.
Xenon: No one is pointing fingers as I do not care for that This place is the UN of the literary world. We just have to remember to treat it as such. Loved the quote an thought it felt just right..

Mr Stetson.. Soothes you?? Tell me which area of this site..:) LOL
Delightful! And you seem to be the heart and soul of what is great here. :-)
You said it right, sister Linda!
excellent combo, linda, words and pics. the speed (lack of, actually) is making me nutz today, though. anyone who quotes general zuma is a pal o' mine.
Lisa: I am but one cog in a large wheel and proud to be a cog..:)
Fernsy: How I love ya my dear dear Fensy

Femme: I emailed Zuma last night to ask for her permission as I thought it was just perfect. We love our el capitaine..:)
Loved your post and your collection of art and the spirit you share with OS and that a non writer like me can include run-on sentences and not be fined by the grammar police (no punctuation either)
I've learned much on Open Salon about our shared humanity - the humor, sorrow, loss and joy we all experience. The writing of others leads me to places I didn't anticipate but for the most part was glad I went. You speak of the many positives on OS. Thanks, Linda. R
rated and will be back. :-) I am reading Anais's journal over Spring Break. :-)
Love the video! Where the heck did you get picture #3/the ferris wheel picture? Is it displayed in the apartment? It is something else!
Peter: IN Quebec we have that also but it is the language police

Victoria: My fave authour
Yserba.. yes it is.. Bought it at the flea market under the freeway pass for 8 bucks.. I love it.
QUOTEBut if OS is open to everyone, unfortunately that includes the elitists and the angry, spiteful people whose main goal in life is to make other people as unhappy as they are.

You are a strong person and you have learned not to let the bullies get you down. Some people aren't as strong as you are. Who knows how many people have already left, and will leave, because they have been made to feel unwelcome? QUOTE

Who are these bullies? I keep hearing how "elites" are forcing people to leave OS and yet I've never once seen anyone mention a name or give a specific example. Until I do, I will assume that those who leave do so out of choice because they expect nothing but unqualified praise for their work on a blog open to the public, or they are terribly insecure and should probably not blog publicly. The reality is that when you blog publicly, you take the chance that someone, somewhere, might not agree with you 100 per cent, or love everything you write and how you wrote it. No one can force someone to stop doing anything at OS. They make that decision for themselves.
RIP Linderella the Good Witch, Dead Granma. Love the short shorts. Xoxo
I love OS for all the reasons the some others do not. I like that real people are writing about real stuff, and have real opinions... not the carefully edited 500 word blandly neutral "editorial" piece with a hidden agenda... When I come here I want to see some passion, bad grammar and all .. people who are writing for the fun of it or a desire to share something that is important to them.

If I want the "news", I read elsewhere. But as an aside, I learned more about what was really going on in Wisconsin here, than through traditional channels.

Why is having fun with the medium such a bad thing?
Gosh Linda, this subject just keeps popping up. I like the way you framed it :) I don't understand why anyone would want OS to be any certain way. We are in the wilderness here making it up as we go. We are the unwashed masses, writing out loud and loving it. There's just enough organization to keep some semblance of order, but otherwise it's write and let write. OS, I love you just the way you are!
Oryoki: My new hobby and ma loving it.
Kai2: Its not a bad thing, some people would like to make us think so.
Bluestocking.. I love it the way it is too but for gods sake increase the gerbil power
I expect no praise.
I expect absolutely nothing.
I come here to write.
You want argument? You have come to the wrong place.
I always appreciate you taking the time to comment.
@Emma - Well, for one, you. You claimed on Kent Pitman's post last night that I've discouraged you from participating much here. In your own words, "Ridiculous, defensive attitudes like yours are why I rarely comment any more, much less write here."

And yet, here you are, commenting on Linda's post, too, and on my (Clark's) post about Catherine. Seems as if the only times you comment on OS anymore is when you come to hector me. You seem to be a moth drawn to the flame...unless...oh, no! Go away, little girl. Shoo! I'm too old for you. And I'm married.
Linda, That's what the literary magazine was called when I was in 3rd grade: The Cog. The high school had The Wheel. All part of a bigger locomotive that was our quirky school. And I love that everyone is a cog here propelling this great rattletrap along.
Oh boy I'm going to be the cranky person here. Titling a post" This is What Open Salon is All About" implies that you know what it is all about. And that's impossible. I get the let's hold hands and embrace our creativity, but you don't actually know what OS is all about - if you did, there would probably be religions built around you! It is impossible to know such a thing!
If Catherine Forsythe has left the building because of a blog that didn't even mention her...well, she's much thinner skinned than I thought. There's nothing on that blog that is insulting or degrading to her! The author, Mishima666 has been around for awhile and states very clearly what is happening about spam. Please, tell me if I missed some part that mentiond CF.
Talking about people in thinly veiled ways only adds to the idea that this is a very mysterious place where a hierarchy exists and lots of mean people are lurking just to tell you you're a bad writer. It's just not true! I will be considered the meanest person because I am leaving this comment - and all who wish to call me out for attacking Linda (which I'm not doing, but I know exactly how this will be read) - bring it. I invite you to my blog.
Linda, you write beautifully about your life and truly, you bring so many skills to play in every blog you create.
If Catherine is upset by a post that didn't even mention her, well, I'm befuddled and will wait to see what she has to say about it. She's pretty good about making her points, so why not wait and see what she has to say. it makes me sad that Mishima's excellent post is not being recognized for the hard work he aptly describes doing. To wit: being a spam cop to the point where he felt we should be told that we are posting in a spam place with a few blogs that actually get read. I feel like Catherine would support what he said, but I don't know because I can't know - if I knew, people would be building temples around my amazing knowledge.
Kent Pitman wrote a blog about writing and content on OS. I was a bit taken aback, but Kent also beautifully defends himself on his blog, and will likely come back and talk more about his thoughts - he's an intense, smart person who writes about a variety of things and will probably see the humor in how it all ends up being a weird conversation about who is who on Open Salon.
What is Open Salon all about? it kind of depends on your mood and your intake on a daily, if not minute by minute, basis.
There are many people who are not around here anymore - a few of them like to come back just to say that they're so glad they're not around here anymore, which is just about as smart as claiming that you have the only correct analysis about Open Salon.
It might feel like the most special place in the world, but it's still the internet.
Linda, you are amazing - but I have to take you to task for this post. The minute you actually know what anything is all about, please alert me. I'll call God and see if we can build some sort of temple to such great knowledge. I'll meet you there.
Lisa: to me we are nothing but cogs..
Matt; If you and Emma are going to dust up I only have one broom and dustpan
All right. I confess. Aim has busted me, albeit a thinly veiled bust alluding to my (Clark's) post that suggests in a thinly veiled way that Mishima's post might have taken credit for some of the things Catherine has been doing for months to bust the spambots in a very unveiled way. I don't claim to know exactly what's going on behind the scenes any more than you, Linda, or you, aim, know what Open Salon is all about, which is why I thinly veiled my (Clark's) post, which drew a very unveiled comment that we had a helluva lot of spam this past weekend when, coincidentally, Catherine was not here. And this is a true. The comment - I forget who made it, but anyone interested in piercing the veils can find it, don't worry, they're thin, the veils, that is - went on to suggest that whatever Mishima had been doing evidently wasn't getting it done, so to speak.

I've got nothing against Mishima. I do know that Catherine has busted her ass helping anyone here who has asked her for help and that after she explained in a post how to get rid of the spam, and then posted that OS had given her the go-ahead to do what she'd suggested, and then - lo and behold - the spam started disappearing. And now she's disappeared and the spam is back.

I imagine what I've just said here can be found by some to be thinly veiled. If so, so be it. I've always had sort of a thing for veils. Toodle doo. I'm going to bed now, perchance to dream of veils...and thou.
whimsical, lovely.... this is also how life is (or should be?)..... and i do believe people should be "here" or wherever (and writing) for themselves, not others.... but of course, that's just my advice to to others, not to myself...! i'm here for the acclaim. ha. jk.
@naomi: i've also noticed the lack of fiction and found it odd.
I am nothing but a old wrinkled crazy 60 year old woman. I have lived a difficult life and take absolutely nothing for granted. I know not what makes this world spin and am the first to admit it.

I really appreciate your comment and point well taken.

The title refers to the mediums that are written about here. This is what people write about - okay I forgot cooking and pets etc..

I do not know not know what the soul of Open Salon is just the every day content I see when I get up in the morning. That is what I described here. If I did know then we would both be erecting temples.

People write about everything and if certain individuals do not like what others write they can offer comments. But to go on and say that they are ashamed of sending friends over to view their blogs because of the content of this site is an insult to the writers. It is just not right. That is why I did those last sentences.

The forum is free to offer comments, not mud wrestle and that both you and I do not do. People hold no legions to me yet some how we all connect.

I like the person that wrote that blog. Actually, we do share some interests. But the tone and some of the words irked me and a lot of others too.

Everyone has the freedom to write. Yes as Emma said; be prepared to be criticized about what you write. It goes both ways.

As for Catherine.. I never blogged about her, you will have to take that up with Matt Paust. :)
Matt : may your veils have lovely thoughts in them.
Babette... you are an honest soul..LOL
You give a compelling point of view here Linda, and do it in a very enjoyable way.
I can honestly say I don't know what to think of Open Salon these days. Well, for quite a while actually. As a result I've changed the nature of my contributions. In the time that I've been here - just about a year and a half - I've gone back through the archives following threads from way before my time and found a lot of the same sentiment and unrest a couple years ago that is prevalent these days.

What is the saying? ... the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Btw, I liked your short short RIP Granma rant, man.
@ matt: I didn't read your post. Yet! So my comment to Linda is not referring to you at all. There is nothing in my comment that refers to anyone on this comment thread unless i named them - so that's Catherine F,. Kent Pitman, Mishima666 and Linda.
And me - I refer to myself with great and solemn reverence. Wink wink.
Did I miss something?
JD: Thank you for your words . You are a man of peace and I enjoy that about you.

Scarlett: Everything changes and I do not care for change much. I like the comfort of things. When I had a retail store things changed.The Evolution of retail: From Mom n Pop stores to Shopping Centres to Big Box stores etc..
Is it the same here and people lose their feel of the comfort they had?
@aim - If you didn't read my post, then how did you know about Catherine leaving the building, etc.? So far as I know, nobody else posted any thinly veiled references to that.
I don't know if rip gramma was a serious piece or not, but your whole attitude and persona made me giggle. Loved it!

As for what you said about good writing with spelling errors. The professionals have editors, so their spelling errors are caught early. And people are so uptight when it comes to taking artistic license with words... It is an art form and it shouldn't always have to be grammatically correct with all words used in the "proper" context.
Sweetfeet .. yes.. buy the crib notes hahaha

Aim.. nudge nudge wink wink say no more..:)

Hayley: NO my short shorts will not be serious..:)
Yes we need to be ourselves
I love this post Linda, the photos of your art, the video and your wonderful words of support and encouragement. You are simply the best!!!!! Reading your blog is a daily joy.
rated with love
Yeah, I like the haphazard nature of the place. Kent covered this taking a different point of view and while, as usual, he makes a strong case, if OS were more structured I'd mainly stick to the political posts and and might never have stumbled on you Linda.
loved the use of art to parallel the writing...clever girl! Damn bad news about granma-I didn't even know she was sick. ;} xo R
Poetess.. each day I get up and wonder what people will write about.
It is like opening a present each day.

Abrawang: yes I wouold be in the Lost and Found.:)

Muse: I have seen this grafitti each week. I took a picture of it but it needed more.

Various: It was the way they spelled it.:)
@ Matt: Please see your inbox @Linda and everyone: The thoughts about Catherine F. were presented, by Linda, in a comment on the truly awesome Xenon's blog, so...after reading extensively and then reading this, I wrote my long comment referring to what I perceive to be, on this blog, a glossing over of some things that are being discussed. So I now realize that I am referencing things that are not exactly addressed in this post, but to me are implied. Linda and I have been pm'ing throughout, and I think I can say we both feel good about each other and my comments thus far.
Look, if I want to say something about you or to you I will pretty much say it right to your avatar.
I could write seventeen pages about what I think Open Salon is - but who cares? Nobody has the power to say what it is or isn't except maybe the editors and I'm hoping they are drunk and/or snoozing at this point.
Linda is an exceptional writer, artist and contributor to Open Salon. I get to disagree with her sometimes, which doesn't mean anything except that - I have no hidden agenda here.
And really? This debate IS what Open Salon is all about - so let's all put on our adult diapers and engage in a civil debate and discussion on each other's blogs.
I may be going slightly off topic right now, but I'm getting really tired of apologizing whenever I leave a comment that is more than "You're so awesome!".
I took the time to engage with, debate and talk with Linda tonight, and she has responded in kind - which is what I expect from any writer here, and hopefully return with as much passion and vigor. Linda is great - I know that much more now because we took the time to debate.
THAT is what Open Salon should be all about.
Now if I can only get her to stop hugging me! Sheesh! The things I have to put up with around here!
Aim: I was just about to sign off here and I saw your comment.

"I'm hoping they are drunk and/or snoozing at this point."
Maybe they will share??:)

We need to disagree and express ourselves. I encourage great debate, but good thought out words like yours not anger.
You are right.. we never ever should apologize for your truthful comments because Aim... and are you sitting down???

"Love means never having to say you're sorry!

Now stick that in a hug dearest Aim. :)
Thanks Brie!!! Hugs to you..:)
I believe Matt is the one insulting me by presuming that I am interested in him romantically rather than addressing the concerns I mentioned. I am faithful to my husband. I have made several comments in the last 24 hours, TWO of which concerned him. He started a kerfuffle in defense of Catherine, when none was needed. Why is it Mishima's fault that she wasn't here this weekend? Why is it his fault that when one less person is here, there is more spam? Maybe she left because of OS's lack of interest in truly solving the spam problem. I don't know. This rush to assign blame to someone based on nothing more than the desire to stir up trouble is what bothers me. And it's a continuing pattern. I am more than certain that Catherine is fully capable of speaking for herself if she feels the need. To assume otherwise is insulting to her.
Emma: I am faithful too so I guess Matt will have to do without the both of us.:)
oh Linda. In my life love means constantly saying you're sorry. You should see the dishes piled up in the sink that I regretfully ignore. "I'm really sorry that I have not done a single chore, but at least I'm very funny. Love, me". It's a wonder I can keep a man!
I also control the entire internet, but that's a whole different subject.
This comment thread needs Tink to come in and wander off.
Aim: Its 6:33 am.. every blog or anything I click on the front page I get URL not found.. Is this the beginning of the end?

HUggggggg reneee
You actually took a day off! To enjoy, I hope.
As always and post to stimulate thought and tweak us with a hint of humor at our own foibles. Thanks.
Crazy as crazy can be. May I join you!
hey cutie, i would read the one with the eyes, of course.
the movie would not load, and i will try again later.
thanks to you, too, for mixing it up.
ah, now i have seen 'granma is dead' and - sorry - i laughed. yep, dead.
i would watch a movie with you narrating the stories behind the grafitti, broken up with a little yodeling, or whistling.