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July 24
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JANUARY 17, 2011 10:59AM

If My Disease is IN, Then How Come I Feel Like I'm OUT

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Apparently according to the foodie gurus who calculate what's in and what's out, a disease I live with everyday is still in for 2011. Thankfully Celiac disease is still trending up and even Subway is testing a gluten free sandwich in Texas for the next few months.

Three million people in the United States alone suffer every day yet millions more have convinced themselves that it's cool to go gluten free. Believe me they have no idea what it's really like to live like this everyday. It's really out believe me!

A few kind people on Open Salon like Heidibeth and Oryoki Bowl have given me gluten free recipes. If you are gluten intolerant you need to have patience, imagination and be prepared to pay through the nose for stuff. Sick of paying outrageous prices for gluten free pre-made food and pocketing a couple of recipes from Heidibeth, I make the pilgrimage to Whole Foods.

We enter the store and the scenario unfolds.

I buy two loaves of Udi's Gluten Free white slice bread at $5.99 each. An actual slice is no bigger than the palm of your hand but I have discussed that before so let's move on.






Last week I bought some gluten free all purpose baking flour at $5.99 for 22 ounces and seeing you need almost 2 cups to make banana bread we all know how far that is going to go. Flour purchased and ready to bake, I read the recipe and come to a complete screeching halt.

I see that they are suckering me into buying something else before I can bake. It is called Xanthan Gum and made by the same company called Bob's Red Mill.

I tell you by the 20 kinds of pricey flour Bob has on the market today he must own that Red Mill right now. If not he is pretty damn close. One more purchase from me and he is going to be time sharing that sucker out.




I stand in front of the vast flour empire at Whole Foods that Bob built and do not have my glasses on. Can you smell trouble right now? There stands in front of me the many choices of Bob’s finest and I cannot read the titles.

Do I really want to dig in my purse to find them?

Of course not!

Having been bred to be stubborn I stand there and feel my way through the packages like reading Braille. I figure if I can spot the letter “X” I am on my way but I see no “X” just Bob's picture with a golf hat on. Steve finds me and offers to help and asks what I am looking for.

“It starts with an 'X'. Just find anything with the letter 'X' and we're good”, I say.

He looks and says he does not see anything of the sort and he has his glasses on. I start the “not yet” serious whine, which I proudly got an “A” in at school.

“It has to be here because it is made by Bob and they had it at the Berkeley Bowl with the flour", I mumble.

"This isn't the Berkeley Bowl", Steve says.

"I know that", I whine.
"But it has to be here! How many things start with the letter X?"

He looks a little farther down the row and sees it tucked next to the baking powder, so now I have a good idea what this stuff is. I look at the price and I scream so loudly I think I knocked over the man next to me with the sheer volume.

"It's $11.99?


"You have to be out of your mind!"

"Eight ounces for $11.99??"

  whiningWe  are now cruising down into serious whine mode.





 Steve stands there and talks me through the rationalization of it all. How much am I going to need of this stuff to bake? I tell him with tears in my eyes that I will only need 1 teaspoon. He then assures me that it is a good deal, it will last a long time and do I really have any choice? I nod my head and now know how Bob has financed those expensive golf hats he has perched on his head. You think with all this money that he might have been able to afford hair plugs?

We proceed to the check out and a man who looks just like the lead singer from the band The Smashing Pumpkins is mumbling something to me. I smiled and looked at him and said, “Excuse me?"

He glares at me and tells me to take my items out of the basket like it is completely out of his job description. I take the 7  items that are costing me $33.00 out and he starts to whine to a fellow cashier that he is all alone on the Express checkout.

At this point I really want to say something but I "zip it". Amazingly enough I "zip" it out the door and wait until I am least 200 feet from the store. I look at Steve and in a full blown over the top whine say,

   corgan  "Do you think "Billy Corgan" could have at least cracked a smile?"

And then I proceed to yammer on and on that if people do not like people then they should not get into the retail field. Of course it does not stop there and I proceed to tell the story that I have probably told a million times before of how The Ottawa Citizen named me as one of the five people in the city of Ottawa that provided top service when I had my store.

I believe the words the newspaper used were " bends-over-backwards service" which is really what I wanted to give Bob of Bob's Red Mill for their prices and the Billy Corgan look a like who gave me about 13 cents worth of service for my $33.00 bill. Isn't bad service out?

After all this I still have not baked anything yet. I figure I have lots of time to decide what recipe is in before I find my disease is on the out list. Bob had better watch those flour prices or he might be on his way out.

Because as Heidi Klum says,

"You're either in or you're out!" - trendy disease or not.


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I won't even go into that Whole Foods, the staff has always been like that. The real mystery to me is that Trader Joes is the cheap store and the staff are always nice at it. I don't expect awesome service these days anywhere, but when I'm paying $50 for one bag of groceries at WF, they could drop the attitude!
Yserba.. Isn't bad service out??:)
TJ rocks but I hate their brown rice bread.
Linda, I cannot believe I am the first person to make a comment on your post! What you wrote is so funny and also true. I work with a guy who has celiac and he has become quite the expert on products, websites, etc. I get to hear all about it. I don't know if you've tried it but he says Bisquick makes a good gluten-free baking mix. He also like a brand called Pamela's (I think? A woman's name? You probably know it.) I feel for you; it is really hard to eat this way.
Maybe you should start making gluten free bread? I miss Berkeley Bowl. You should write a whole post about the social culture of the Bowl for folks around the world who have never been there. It could be really funny.
Eating out must put you in danger. Take care of yourself, Linda.
Oops. Guess I wasn't the first after all; I took too long. Anyway, I wanted to add, my friend cooks and bakes a lot. I'll ask him about the xanthan gum but I think it's necessary for baking.
Have you always had this "in" disorder? If not, how do you get it? Sounds hellish.
Kat's so does Yserba's... So little time and so much attitude hahaha

Margaret.. I got the Bisquick only mine is made by Arrowhead Foods..
6.99 for one box. Betty Crocker had a new line of gluten free mixes at Target and now it's gone. NO volume.. it's out.
Yea the X gum is necessary.. but I got me a bag now.:)
is there an online source?
Janice.. TOOOO much work for 5 bucks hahahah and mine would probably be a brick.:) Since the grilled cheese challenge came up and I figured out how to make a delicious one for lunch the rbead has been going.:)
The Bowl.. I had to laugh.. man granola r us hahaha.
I am kidding.. I love that place.

Leon.. I am okay eating out now.. At the beginning not so much.

Matt.. I think I had some form of it for part of my life but had no idea. After menopause it blew in like a summer storm and never left.
We don't go to Whole Paycheck either, but then we are lucky to have a local Farmer's Market that carries organic produce, flour, and staples - read that as no pre-made, ready-to-eat stuff - much, much cheaper than Whole Paycheck or Trader Joes.
Brian B.. yeah Amazon etc but shipping is $$$
In my store it's too cold to smile. They have the temp down to minus 12 and the checkers are all pissed because they're wearing parkas and ski gloves.
I have another friend who is a Celiac, and she says the same thing! It is OUT! I can't imagine having to live that to you, Linda...xox
Linda, Linda, Linda. Yes, you need xanthan gum, and a host of other products. I can send stuff down from Canada if you need. Remember my sister???? My mother and I bought every gluten-free cookbook we could find. Dona would agree that the "in" disease is not very much fun. In fact, it's a darn right pain in the butt, so to speak. Love the blog, but you've go to get with the program kiddo. Stop cheating, I know you do, and pay for it too. Go to better stores than Whole Foods where they treat you with respect and probably cheaper prices. Don't they have bulk stores there where you can buy just the amount you need?
Peggy.. I may have cheated years ago but not anymore.. We have it all here (no bulk foods) but things are very expensive. The thing there is so many ready made gluten free products that sometimes its cheaper to get those than bake.. But I am trying..
You are at their mercy! Sigh. Customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird. Im glad your friend grounded you. Accept it and move on. Good luck.
It must be terrible trying to figure out what to eat. I hope everything bakes out alright!
Zanelle.. customer service is out and so is my whining hahaha

Scanner.. it is easy once you put your mind to it and say NO..:)
You didn't say that I walked out of the store muttering "prick" underneath my breath...
rugrat... Oh dear... this is a family show hahaha
I am one of Bob's slaves as well, just for bran and flax seed though. Instead of banana bread, how about a bowl of sweet moist delicious banana slices and organic almonds instead?
greenheron. I think Bob is doing an amazing service to us all.. but the prices? Maybe if he made bigger sizes it would be cheaper instead of all the cute little bags.
Does he not remind you of Captain Kangaroo??:)

Bananas and almonds huh. It is fairly obvious that you need to live next door to me..:) I do have bananas on toast in the morning with peanut butter,
I can't even imagine what a pain in the ass it is to have celiac disease. You are entitled to whine. :)
Believe me sweetfeet.. MY whine is OUT hahaha
I agree with you; when I am paying top dollar, I want service--good service.
mary... just a smile mary.. just a smirk maybe??:)
This sounds like what happens every time I go into Whole Foods, the people in my local coop treat me as though I am special, Whole Foods treats me like I don't deserve to shop there. I lived in the East Bay for a year and spent a lot of my time at the Berkeley Bowl, what a wonderful place and I loved the Burrito Bar. I won't eat them anywhere else because they will never be as good as the Berkeley Bowl. You are so creative, I am sure you will figure out a low cost way to make gluten free everything.
rated with love
Romantic.. This is the second time I ahve had bad service in there and apparently it is a usual thing.
If I would have had staff like that when I had my store they would have been gone the first day.
The Bowl has a new store almost twice the size as the first.:)
I don't think we have a Whole Foods whatever here. And it's either paying top dollar or going off wheat protein, so I undertand it must be a terrible thing to go through. Many parents of children under the autistic spectrum are going the glutten free route, too.
I know some people just love bread (I am one of them). But I was just wondering if you can eat root vegetables (ethnic market, probably less expensive than WF), their dense texture might engage the starch craving that bread satisfies.
My neice has the affliction, but she is thriving on corn tortillas and tacos. We all eat too much wheat in this country. I'm glad you can still eat ice cream. Try spumoni. Love it.
I've been gluten free for almost 3 yrs and I've learned some tricks along the way. I learned the hard way (like you) to only buy the gf-flour mixes that already have the xantham gum & everything in them. Right now I have a huge bag of "Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix" that worked fine for christmas cakes and cookies. I haven't been loyal to any particular brand, each of them have worked fine for me. Bob's brand is always more expensive however.

It seems it really depends on where you live--my city is definitely one of those where gf is In. My local pizza place delivers gf-pizza, for example. This "trend" will have no choice but to grow to other areas, as people develop more allergies, sicknesses, etc. to what passes for "food" in our modern world.

Of course, unlike most people I have never been very fond of bread. (makes me think I've always been gluten sensitive) Anyway, I just put all my sandwich fixin's on a corn tortilla. Pasta however had always been my #1 food source, so it has been hard to only eat the ultra-starchy gf version, and not be able to order it at restaurants. But the more you eat something (like brown rice pasta), the more you get used to it so it doesn't bother me as much anymore.

I realize most of what I'm saying won't be much of a help to you right now, but just wanted you to know I understand your journey--and it partly a long process of letting go, trial & error and learning the cost-cutting sources/brands available in your area.

I hear Amazon has some of the flour mixes available cheaper too, but haven't personally looked into it because of the stores I have available here.
vanessa.. what you just said makes sense. Root vegetables.
I love turnip and to get 4 tiny baseball sized ones is like 7.50.
I do sweet potatoes but should try other things.. Smart idea

Sarah... yup a veggie corn taco is great. I am sorry your niece has gotten it so yong.:(
So, not only should I be thankful that I can tolerate gluten, I am apparently grateful that I am not near a Whole Foods. I would be tempted. I think you and all other Celiac folks, should whine, yell, blame and do whatever is necessary to improve your choices and mostly your prices. You are being ripped off, perhaps you need to find a famous person who shares this to help with your cause. Famous people unfortunately get some things done. Good luck.
Liberal Southern..
You want to know someone famous that promotes a flour free world?
Gwyneth Paltrow.
I rest my case.
Celiacs used to hide in the dark almost. Not really but no one knew what they had and it is still hard to detect. They used to say IBS.. Chrohns etc.. In the last two years they have gone leaps and bounds.. but we still have bad service.:0

XJS.. I am coming after yer cat :)
Since your requirements are related to medical issues, wouldn't it be wonderful if our prescription plans paid for at least part of those special items? I know, I know...rub a lamp, Lezlie. :-)
Yeah, Linda, I buy some of Bob's stuff, too--flax meal and quinoa flour. I suspect Bob's like Betty Crocker and the Jolly Green Giant--a trade character, not an actual person. If he were a real person, he'd surely feel the shame of being a price-gouging bandit! Probably Goldman Sachs owns the ol' Red Mill, and they're going "Ho! Ho! Ho!
1 more quick thing:
I gave up on gf recipes pretty quick, and now use regular recipes and just replace flour with a baking mix. I don't make bread though....
Flower Child.. I use lettuce leaves for some things.. It does work well actually and that is why Trader Joe's carrys huge heads of lettuce as others are doing the same thing.
I will look for a bread machine. I do make my own ice cream though.

Lezlie.. if they cannot give prescriptions at decent prices they sure as heck are not going to look at celiacs haha :) Good thoughts though.
two of my sisters have celiac. in my neck of the woods, Whole Foods is an experience ... Klum got it right.
Linda, the days of knowledgeable sales people are long gone. I was looking for another computer monitor at Staples and a sales person came to help. This poor guy could not answer one of my hardware questions. It is sad when the customer is telling the sales person what are the salient features of the products he is trying to sell.
You can even make a disease sound glamorous and intriguing, as well as retail insight into the matter. It's Trader Joe's all the way for me.
caroline marie..
Amazon has tons of stuff now and that is probably where I will look too now.
I had no idea that Pamelas did flour too. I thought she just did cookies..:) Trader Joe's also haas a baking mix that is supposed to be for pancakes but can be subbed as a baking mix.

This disease is getting worse by the day thanks to what Monsanto is putting into the grains. My BF just got it. I bumped into a man that has it so bad he has to wear gloves. Makeup can have gluten too.

Tinkyada has just come out with a gluten free non mushy pasta.. Really good.. but yeah the starch scares me.

Thank you so much for your advice.
Oh, and is the banner new? Really caught my eye! So colorful and bright and much needed!
Jerry... I bet you General Foods owns it..:)

Chuck.. more and more people are getting this every darn day. What the heck are they putting in our food?

Catherine.. tell me you got video of this encounter.. I would have paid to watch that..:)

Just Cathy.. TJ.. is my alma matter.. It is nothing but the best
It's shocking the cost of having an alternative diet...or even the cost of a healthy diet!
...but you are talking smack about an Oregonian, good ol' Bob.... : )
Cathy I change my banner all the time. This is not a painting.. It is a picture of a flower bush near by.
Linda, check out Amy's frozen ethnic dinners....really good and the ones I've seen are labeled Gluten Free...
There is no excuse for lousy service - when it happens to me, I ask to speak to the manager. The negative comments about WF service should be a warning - especially when TJ's cost less and shopping is a pleasure.
marsha. I have had the odd one but they are 5 bucks each
I got curious and checked ol' Bob's website, there is a Bob, he owns it all and is actually good to his employees....but even online, Xanthan Gum, .50 lb, $11.96...yike! The gluten-free oat flour is over $20!
Only the rich get to be healthy it seems...
Bob exists Just thinking?/ Let us all bow to BOB..
I am glad he treats his employees right though.
Those of us who can eat whatever we please never stop to think how lucky we are. Thanks for reminding me. One more thing...I get really pissed when I get attitude from someone taking my money!
Totally beautiful banner, makes me think it is your soul. Gluten free is definitely a challenge. Thanks for all the tips from everyone and you. And service is a lost art, a total myth.....a lost art.....
pretty banner! It is very springtime-like.
Fay.. Do these companies not care ? and it seems to be the norm in a couple of stores from a few people's comments

Sheila.. I will post the whole picture of the banner this week.
Catherine. Dave R has asked me to some poetry.. (beating the dead horse.:) So it hink I will use the photo
Good writing is always IN. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, as always. Sorry to hear of this frustrating predicament. $33 is so pricey...yikes.
Whole Paycheck is soo expensive .I believe they have gluten free stuff at Walmart.That would be as cheap as it gets.Have you looked on food network or the cooking network ,they may have killer recipes.ugggg at least you can eat your cool Whole Foods marshmallows:) xoxo
I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Good luck being gluten-free. Rated with sincere hugs, to borrow your phrase.
Your post brings up another point: food prices are ridiculous! And now, the Wealthy Ruling Class, which controls prices, supplies, etc. because there's no such thing as a free market in this country any more, has decided it's time to trot out "inflation" as the "reason" prices are climbing. My strategy? VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET!! I go without or wait for sales rather than pay ridiculous prices!
Singlegrlin.. It's nuts and I hope Bob reads this.. Thanks to Just Thinking telling us he is the real deal hahaha

Diary.. I am fine with recipes.. there is a site called Gluten Free Goddess.. it's just the ingredients that are killing me.

Alysa.. ma cher.. twas your blog about the King Cake that got me hahaha

Soap .. once in awhile there is a sale but it is not much.
Glutino (yes that is their name) has a sale on gluten free cereal or the mock Ritz crackers..
Oh dear! I spoke at the local Celiac support group yesterday. I thought of you as I was walking out to my car with a bag of goodies for one of the members who's recovering from knee surgery. We MUST talk! Gluten free baking is a major experiment. PM on the way.
wow, can't imagine paying 5.99 for a loaf of bread. I hope your baking is successful and satisfying.
Heidibeth.. you escaped with a bag of gluten free goodies..:)
I am impressed.:)
angel kisses.. you can get brown rice bread at Trader Joes for 3.99 but it is much like a brick in size and feel. If I have to eat this well.. ya know..:)
I know Bob's gluten free land well and it is so pricey unless I baked everyday I can't pay that price. They had a gluten free business on Cupcake Wars, she had at least 10 different ingredients to add and that was just to make the dry part. I eat as best I can gluten free but since I am only gluten intolerant I can "get away" with a bit more. As long as I have antacid and gasX around and I don't mind that hot chin and red face I am just fine.
I am glad it is a fad only in the fact that when I do have money I can get much better product that doesn't hurt me.
I am afraid this to will pass and we will be back to finding what we can. There is a almond bread out there that toasted is edible :)
Lunchlady.. I shall look for that almond bread.. Heidibeth has tons of ideaas where to get cheap flour etc.
Sad face for you. I'd be bakin' up a storm, put it to good use. Somehow I get the feeling they are taking advantage of you.
Have you tried soy pasta? Gluten free, super high protein and minimal carbs. Not quite like the normal, wheat based- but smother it in a good sauce and its fine. Its also excellent for people going veggie.
The secret to living gluten free is to give up on the baked goods. It's also one of the secrets to long term waist/weight management and inflammation reduction.

Here's a great recipe for gluten free, and raw, and good for you!
equal parts (measured dry)
mixed raw nuts: almonds, pecans, hazelnuts
mixed dried fruit: figs, cherries, berries, maybe a date or two

Soak these in water for a few hours, until plump. Drain, feed juicy nuts and fruits, alternating, through a grinding juicer/nut butter maker (no sieve) or an S-blade blender. Makes a soft and fluffy delicious paste. At this point, add chocolate chips (as needed) and form into little balls. Roll balls into toasted rolled oats or coconut. Eat. Or let air dry. Can press the dough into a pie shape and bake a little, use as a crust. YUM! I call them the Uncookies.
Linda, ugh! Sorry you have to go thru this all! I have a discount store near me called Ocean State Job Lot that's always stocked w/Bob's and Paul Newman's. (Tho your rant has forever altered my benign image of Bob :) And check out this company InclusiLife A business started by a young mom in Oregon whose son has celiac disease. As an aside--she contacted me out of the blue when she first started her business, about 6 years ago, and hired me to do her logo & calligraphy. I've never tried the product, but give her a holler and mention my name :) (r)
I apologize for posting recipes here that were not for gluten intolerant people like you, Linda. I felt guilty then and still do. I admire your self discipline, don't know how you do it and remain so cheerful.
my daughter in-law does glutten free stuff too and leaves it at our house when they go home. I've accidently tasted it sometimes. My sympathies.
Big props to you for sticking to the GF diet. I tried it for awhile for my son's autism (didn't help, after all that trouble!). It takes a lot of time and energy and my hat is off to you! (Is it just me, or is it way easier to find gluten-free in Canada? What's UP with that?!)
Razzle.. LOL BIG time.. Not only celiacs.. if you have any food allergies at all they charge you through the nose.

Ian.. I found the perfect pasta but the soy.. .. why is it everything I like is bad for me.

Oryoki... This is almost like the recipe for Larabars which I love.
If any of you have not tried the Larabars, well they have saved me I swear. Oryoki.. you are so lucky you can restrain yourself. It is not easy after decades of bulimia, anorexia etc..
When you stop and go clean... well it is not pretty
But I love Whole Foods. Bwahahahahaha! Oh wait, today's not Opposite Day? My bad.

Take care of yourself, Linda.
Dirndl.. POOR BOB.. I have put him through the wringer have I not?
We love you BOB but your prices are ahhh expensive.
I will check that site out.. HUGGGGGGG

Fusun. PLEASE DO NOT STOP THE RECIPES. I live through the food challenges and have grilled cheese myself out this week on gluten free bread..:) but please do not stop..

Mime.. Did they leave any gluten free brownies sitting around and did you taste sand??:)
Mama kaze.. it is easier because of two words..

Cranky.. I love it too.. but there are some unfriendly people working there
I'm sorry this is so difficult for you, Linda. Eating well shouldn't be for the rich. Thanks for Billie Joe at the end...~r
@Mamakaze- it might actually be easier to find in Canada because proportionately there are a lot more Irish, Scott and English in the population, and they are who have the highest predisposition to Celiac disease. Because of that, Canadian doctors have been more prone to look for it and diagnose early and properly than in the United States.
There are many great reasons to go gluten free for a while, not just Celiac disease. It turns out, one can acquire Celiac later in life (this is new research), it was previously believed to only be present at birth. It is in the autoimmune category and correlates often enough with acquired Hashimoto's thyroiditis and lactose intolerance. Probably has more to do with the utter crap we have done to our food supply, genetically, the how we farm, then how we process than it has to do with wheat itself. Unfortunately, the SAD (and probably the SCD) is full of wheat, dairy and sugar at every turn. It only changes when the people demand a change.
As to Bob's, glad they provide stuff, but they charge a fortune.
I just discovered crepes over christmas and now have to find a way to make these delicious and gluten free. Not because I am gluten intolerant, but because life is better with less wheat in it and my patients need ideas. So, Ms. Linda, I hear quinoa flour is good for pancakes. Lets see who can come up with delicious gluten free crepes. (totally ok with butter here).
There is a competitive store called Sprouts Farmer's just opened near me in California. They have a very large gluten free department. and a website with recipes.
Maybe they'll make their way to your neck of the woods, but maybe..just maybe..they would have new brands or information on their website. I really have no idea about prices.
Is there a food cooperative near by? Probably not, if you have Whole Foods. They tend to locate where coops exist and then drive them out of business. Good luck. I'm sorry you have that condition, but on the positive side, I'm glad you found what is wrong. I suspect it took years of trying. I've heard that story from folks, but once they figure it out, they are much better. Take care, girl. Relax. There is more snow coming.
Linda, I can't begin to imagine what it's like to live with your condition but we all have problems. I have just ended a thirty year addiction to chewing ice, or rather, the wear and tear on my teeth decided for me. My problem is anaemia. The iron tablets are very cheap but they make me nauseous. The chewable ones which are more palatable cost an arm and a leg so chewing ice was a comfort zone for me. doing without it is hard but every time I get the urge I pop an iron pill - just sharing.

I hope things get easier for you
That's terrible, Linda. Not only having the disorder, but getting robbed in the process. Hugs!
It seems not right that when someone has no choice to eat a certain food that they are penalised by having to pay higher prices. I wish it could be different.

But Linda, yet another serious subject that you've managed to lighten with your wonderful sense of humour whilst not losing the fabric of the message.
With Celiac disease every day must be an "adventure." (You can order directly from Bob's Red Mill web site. One Christmas I ordered a ton of stuff to create foodie gift baskets.)
Joan H.. Every darb day more people get it. It sucks

Satori.. Sprouts is actually a UK chain trying to compete with Trader Joe's. Not in this area yet.. Too many TJ's :)

Sheba.. It was me that ended up figuring it out. Doctors are still baffled.

A Walrond.. Wow.. I never heard of that. HUGGGGGG
Xenonlit.. Welcome to the bay area hahaha

Little Kate.. you just do the best you can..

Bellwether.. If you talk to Bob.. say Im sorry but I was angry when I wrote this hahaha
Well, you certainly do NOT have Writer's Block THANK GOD! So sorry for your celia. Ack!
mhold LOL.. actually I got some clothes on sale for really dirt cheap and I could not think of what to write of a day and had to go to my notebook of stuff.. Usually it just flows :0
What a difficult challenge you face daily, Linda. Hats off to you. I don't think I'll take my wheat products for granted after reading this post and all the comments.
Schmoopie.. the cherrios I eat that are gluten free are yucky but I deal with it. Right now its breakfast time and its like.. bwaaaaaa hahaha
Do you have any smaller natural foods stores in your area? I live in Austin and there's a smaller natural grocery here that has pretty good prices on gluten free items, much cheaper than at Whole Paycheck. I can't have gluten, yeast, sugar, peanuts, milk, strawberries, yeah, it's fun.