Embracing Epiphanies

Rita Bourland

Rita Bourland
Columbus, Ohio,
August 04
I have three sons in their twenties and have been married for 35 years. Life is good. I embrace life's epiphanies as they come to me and pass them along in my writing.


JANUARY 13, 2011 10:19PM

Poem: Just Let Me Laugh 'Til I Cry

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 Just Let Me Laugh 'Til I Cry

 It was outrageously funny,

I wish you could have been there,

People were rolling in the aisles,

I’m tellin’ you it was hysterical,


This guy told jokes like

They were goin’ outta style,

Jokes so funny

Your sides felt like splittin’,


Oh it felt good to laugh,

Really laugh,


I laughed so hard

 I cried,

You know that feeling?


I’m tired of crying

Over tragedy,

Over bullets and madness,


Just let me laugh ‘til I cry,

I’ll take that any day

Over the other.

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laughter, no sad tears, children playing, parents laughing, i'll take that. it's time to laugh again.
This poem brought me the clear mental image of the number line I used during math class in grade school. The one with the positive numbers on the right side of the zero and the negative numbers on the left side.
Chuck, it is time to laugh again. Thanks.
Interesting observation, mhold. Our emotions truly are balanced to the left and right of zero with the balance never being quite perfect. Thanks for commenting.
When you laugh you release tension.. It is always goo to smile and laugh.
Rated with hugs
Oh yes, laughter needed. Tears have their place, but let laughter follow.
So will I. I see things happening everyday that make me sadder and sadder. I want to laugh again too. Great Poem!
Laughter is so important. I tell jokes constantly to my wife. It is part of my Bipolar-manic personality left over after treatment. For some reason, i can't do this in writing. but it eases the tension and makes life bearable again.
Rita B. etc., Beauty is never a Boar.
Saint Frances wrote about a pig snout.
William S. saw Beauty in a Toad's Crown.
Thomas Merton was found dead in a bathtub.
It was 1968 and he was anti-war and peaceful.
Some believe he was electrocuted by the CIA.
I don't know. He was in Bangcock in a washtub.
People said at gathers he'd roll on the floor too.
I read in his released diary - he though you cute.
Meton wrote`WEndell Berry's wife was beautiful.
Thomas Merton was the first spiritual book I read.
No Man Is A Island
Seven Story Mounutain.
My Granny read the monk.
He had a few children. I read.
Amen. Great poem. Rated.
Laughter cures many ills. Great poem!
I like to laugh like that. Comedy is the highest art form I think.
Linda, I'm all for relieving tension. Thanks for commenting.

heidibeth, tears do have their place, but how nice to end with laughter. Thanks for this thought.
scanner, let's all laugh together. I think we need it.

Patrick, I love that you tell your wife jokes. I agree that it's a great way to ease tension and keep things on a lighter note. A very good thing to do.
Art, I think we could all use a little Thomas Merton about now. Thanks for the poem - a beauty.
Thanks, Michelle. I'm glad you liked it.

lschmoopie, it does indeed cure many ills and there are many to cure right now.
zanelle, you are right about art being a high art form. The ability to make others laugh would be such a precious gift.
You've said what many of us feel. Thanks.
So true, Rita. Laugh til you cry. it's been a long time since I've done that.
Thanks, Chicago Guy.

trilogy, I recommend it. We just need to find more things to laugh about.
I see pain, suffering and near death daily. It is a joy to see one laugh until they cry.
It is a joy, heysuz. I'm sure in a hospital setting you see so much suffering. I wish you moments of laughter in the midst of your days.
Glad you laughed. We all need that!
Finally made it over and have been enjoying your poetry. I especially loved this, so I had to comment.
I am not able to go running like I used to, and I find that trying to be positive and filling my life with as much laughter as possible helps.
All of those miles run, and I could've gotten the endorphin rush by watching the Three Stooges...
Oh well, live and learn.