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DECEMBER 19, 2011 2:08PM

Ye Ode to Vodka - Boozy Tuesday

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Oh little town of Belvedere

How valuable thou art!

Your juice from ripe potatoes

Warms the heart of this old fart.


Mixed with tonic, ice and lemons

Feigns a camphor, oh so bright

With help from thee I do believe

I'll someday see the light.


I’m glaring at thy deadline

That erupts on Christmas eve.

My sleigh is filled with crap

To wrap, to tag, to bow, to heave.


Forgot to write thy Christmas note

With praises of our tribe.

Because we’re cranky, unemployed,

And heavily imbibed.


So the night is not so silent

And the halls are not too decked.

Three kings were maced at Wall St.

But my spirit is not wrecked.


Hark the bar is stocked with goods

As the big day doth grow near

From my heart to yours I say

It’s boozy Tuesday, time to cheer!







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I'll drink to that!
And I thought I didn't like poetry.
You may be imbibed, but at least your tongue didn't get tied. I expected the verses to degenrate after:

"Because we’re cranky, unemployed,
And heavily imbibed.


I want a drink, now! Bottoms up, my friend. Cheers, indeed. R
You make me want a drink....I'll have to do it in spirit! Very clever.
Cathy - come on down!

jlsathre - thank you for recognizing poetic talent when you see it...

Fusun - I liked that line too...and it's the truth, Maria.

Thoth - we have booze and useless conversation. Cheers back at ya.

BuffyW - glad you were tempted by the beauty shots of my cocktail.
Cheers! Hey is it you that's been stealing the Meyer lemons off my tree? (I'm in the Conejo Valley too.)
GB - No but what's your address? I'm coming after you!
"Three kings were maced at Wall St...." Love it. Bottoms up!
Well you can come round after the lemons but do wait until Dodger the Doberman has gone to bed. It's a small yard and I'm running out of places to bury the bones.