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September 08
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FEBRUARY 4, 2011 12:35PM

Pals O' Beck's

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On Wednesday the Southern Poverty Law Center alerted us to the latest campaign by the Traditional Values Coalition, which is scamming money from seniors by claiming that the 2009 Hate Crimes Act outlawed Christianity and classified the Bible as "hate literature." Today Right Wing Watch posts a photo of the TVC's fundraising letter. The Traditional Values Coalition has long been ranked as a hate group by the SPLC.



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Darlin, we need YOU and only YOU to get on TV and spell things out.
People might giggle at me but you are a force to be reckoned with.
Rated with hugs
I say we round up everyone who believes that nonsense and take them out of the gene pool.
once you see my real picture...not my avator, you may change your mind!!!hahaha
as a long-time member of the SPLC, I like to point these things out...I would be in the streets of Cairo if I were a journalist....
I don't know who upsets me the most. The ones who say this crap, or the the ones who believe it!!!!!!!!!
People believe in fairy tales, even the wicked ones. R
Traditional Values must mean the traditional values to scam, steal, and lie.
Whoa, you're good. You need to go on Rachel Maddow. No matter how stupid this guy's audience is, fraud is fraud.

I can't believe people actually believe the crap that the TVC is spewing.
This is so sad. Ugly and sad.
I love your conviction.
Back in the 50's I argued the real danger to America was not communism, but those who wanted to save us from communism. Now it seems the real danger isn't socialism, but those who want to save us from socialism.