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Ed Stein
Denver, Colorado, USA
November 22
Former editorial cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News. Creator of Freshly Squeezed, a comic strip about family togetherness after the economic collapse, syndicated by Universal Uclick


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FEBRUARY 9, 2012 3:39PM

Wedding Cake

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Poor Mitt. He just can’t quite close the deal. After the smashing victory in Florida and the large margin in Nevada, it looked as though he would cruise to the nomination. Print the wedding invitations, reserve the bridal suite and schedule the honeymoon. The GOP was going to get hitched to the Massachusetts moderate after all. Not so fast! On Tuesday, Rick Santorum came out of nowhere to win in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota. The die-hards on the right are still searching for the Not-Mitt, and Santorum is the latest version, Newt having imploded last week. Barring a late entry from Chris Christie or Jeb Bush, Romney, with deep pockets and a strong organization, is still the overwhelming favorite to win the nomination, but it won’t be a marriage based on a deep and abiding passion.

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OMG great...

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Great cartoon.It looks like the Rick Santorum may stop the wedding like in that final scene in The Graduate.
Poor guy, the GOP just can't commit. =o)

Let them marry the most toxic conservative they can, and go down in flames at the polls.