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MARCH 28, 2012 11:29PM


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OK, I have to admit that I am extremely ambivalent this year about paying taxes.   Ordinarily, I don't mind paying taxes.  I believe in paying my fair share.  I mean, I like having clean water, and smooth roads.  I loving having National and State Parks.  And damnit, I expect Social Security and Medicare to be there for me.  I have paid into the system for 30 some odd years and I expect it to be there!  So, as I said, ordinarily, paying taxes is a no brainer.   But not this year. 

 This year, I find I resent the simple idea of paying the salary and insurance of these semi to outright crooks in congress.  I mean, I HATE the idea that my taxes pay for John Boehner to sob, and Eric Cantor to be the insolent little twit  he is, and for Paul Ryan to issue sickening budgets that will gut everything I hold dear, and Rand Paul.  IT MAKES ME PHYSICALLY ILL THAT MY TAXES PAY FOR THESE MEN WITH EVIL INTENTIONS!

 As a single woman with no children, I feel I pay way to much in and get way to little back.  Don't get me wrong, I fully support public education.   I want kids to get an edcuation, whether I'll ever send kids to these schools or not.  But I believe an educated person is a person with a future and I will pay my share!  I am the person who believes that what affects one of us affects us all.  So, I am not against taxes for taxes sake.  No, I am against my hard earned money going to pay for the salaries and insurance of men who DO NOT RESPRESENT MY INTERESTS.  

We seem to have lost sight of the fact that we, the people, are the employers of the Congress and the President. They work for us.  And yet, we watch them sell us down the river and are helpless to resist!  Our state, sales and federal taxes make their corruption possible, and I'm sick of it!

Every time these people take a bribe from Big Oil or Wall Street, I lose.  And yet, I don't have the luxury of opting out!  I mean, if the Catholic Church can bitch about contreception because of "religious freedom" then my religious freedoms are being trampled because IT IS AGAINST MY RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS TO KNOWINGLY SUPPORT CROOKS.  So I ask you, where is my religious exemption?  

And as we sit on the brink of the Roberts court possibly striking down the Affordable Care Act, I, as the employer of the congress, decree that our representatives in Congress are not allowed to have insurance until they provide cost-effective insurance to every single damn one of us.  

I hear Mitt Romney in his unrivaled cruelty and stupidity, declare that "people with pre-existing conditions, if they haven't been insured before should never have insurance."  So, let me get this straight... In Mitts world, my neice born with Cerebral Palsy, a PRE-BIRTH condition (talk about pre-existing) should be left to die because she has never been insured before?   Who is this jerk?

 These, so called, representatives, and wanna-be representatives, actively work against my interests and I'm supposed to pay for the privilege?  

I say No More!  I'm Sick and Tired and I'm Not Going to Pay for It Any More!  I don't know the full answer, but I know that I'm coming to a breaking point.  I am sick of these Tea-Party types enthralled to the Koch Brothers, Republican Overlords,  Democratic Blue Dogs and every other representative at the Federal and Local level!  I propose a line item veto for tax payers!  We can be CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS with our tax return.  Don't favor paying representatives salarys?  Check!  Want to support the EPA? Check! Check!

Oh if only!!!!!

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Great rant.

Those congress-critturs with THEIR health insurance and pensions who say people shouldn't have them because it destroys their moral fiber....jeesus.
Excellent work...I am 100% with you..You are right...I am in exactly the same ρosition and is as though you took the words out of my worries when you say "Ordinarily, I don't mind paying taxes. I believe in paying my fair share...But me too,I can not any more.I try ...but ...I can't stand any longer what you so correctly said..." These, so called, representatives, and wanna-be representatives, actively work against my interests and I'm supposed to pay for the privilege? "I am totally with you...Best regards..Regrets that I can rate your meaningful work here with more.Me too..I just can't...
That we pay for!! For life! It makes me sick! Thanks for your comment Myriad!
Thanks Stathi! I just had to get it off my chest!
Rated for an excellent rant. I feel a lot of the same anger and ambivalence. I think everyone in Congress who votes against health care for the general public should lose THEIR sweet little benefits package! At this rate to get health insurance, we'll all have to run for Congress!