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OCTOBER 2, 2011 8:35AM

A Second In Time

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Correct me if I’m wrong,

But I thought this was a song

About how the masses of people

Forgot how to feel

Long before the invention

Of the wheel.


          Now we race along in automated cars,

          Picking up people in overpriced bars,

          Fully knowing the score and the deal;

          Fearing the feeling of something too real.


Like love lasts forever,

But a second in time

Is more eternal

Than all the love you can find.


          Still, there may be a chance

          If you don’t ask to dance

          During the ten minutes of the meeting

          When the chemistry of love is starting it’s heating.


                    If you’ve been anywhere near

                    To the feelings you fear

                    Then you are close to the pool

                    That will drown anyone but a fool

                    In the tides of love emotion

                    That rises and surges in each mind’s ocean

                    When the moon rises high

                    And you catch the glint of similarity

                    In someone else’s eye.


I know it’s not the proper way

To be fighting with people every day,

Especially if the man, woman, or child that you kill

Leaves behind only the memory of pain from gun-metal steel.

Now we have the power

To diffuse away the night

With weapons so powerful

In their awesome, explosive light

     That only the shadows

     Of people are left behind

     Among molten wreckage

     That stuns the mind.

               This is what makes mankind only timid and full of fear;

               That, within each of our minds, the threat of Armageddon is near.


Correct me if I’m wrong,

But I thought this was a song

That just anyone could have heard on the radio

If only they had switched it on a hundred years ago.

Now they have radios aimed out into space

In the attempts to contact an alien race.


          Maybe they can solve

          All our enormous binds,

          But I think if we only

          Search within our minds,

          The answers will come sweet and clear,

          Lending their beauty to all we hear.


                    The song will be long,

                    The note so pure

                    That all of Earth’s lands

                    Will be full of verdure;

                    And the feelings we feared

                    From so long ago

                    Will be the feelings that cause us

                    To reach, to grow.




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Brah dah da dah ta DAH! (That's tooting my own horn.)

Come, step forward and listen to the band
Have you ever heard anything so grand?
Delight amidst the sounds that are hurled
Into the crowds as they try to save the world.

Light the world with love, not hate.
any positive message can't be all that bad. Hooting your torn! ;)
It really should be song that is played on radios everywhere to remind us about love and the consequences of its opposite.
Excellent poem, I would hoot my own horn too.
rated with love
This line resonates: "Fearing the feeling of something too real." It's said that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. But your poem finds an upbeat register. Maybe the angels need to be less timid.
Angels need Assertiveness Training, and there are now
several blogs of note
on this shaky boat
built long before the wheel
or the New Deal
or even
the Ark ,
the floaty one on Ararat, or the
Covenant one.

we were born before the wind,
also younger than the sun,
when the bonny boat was One..van morrison.

the key to the electromagnetic universe is frequency.

find the frequency:
"Correct me if I’m wrong,

But I thought this was a song

That just anyone could have heard on the radio

If only they had switched it on a hundred years ago.
Thanks to all!

I'm still not that used to getting compliments, so if I don't gush, please forgive. I used to start making excuses for why I shouldn't get praise, even in the middle of getting it! Thanks, dad.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought this was a song
That made Rodney King ask
Can't we all just get along?
Now we dump our grain into the seas
When there's no profit in it for the boards;
And we'll turn the Earth into a disease
While the rich and powerful live off their hoards.

Oh, wait, that's for "What is Wrong." Sorry.

Blinddream, I move low wou yix up hour yords. (That's: I love how you mix up your words.) I did it so much in elementary school (about the 4th grade on to about 9th) and into high school that when I got excited, it sounded like I was speaking another language.

RP: You are my OS inspiration. So any praise from you I consider more than ample at any moment in time.

Jerry DeNuccio: I thank you specifically for picking up on that line. We tend to see (in the poem it is alluded to) so many defense mechanisms in the "dating" scene where even having sex without attachment is preferable to sitting down and really getting to know someone. Weird, ain't it?

James: Yeah, if only they'd switched it on a hundred years ago. Even fifty years ago. We are all just energy, radiating like towers connected to our Soul Radio putting it all out there for anyone to pick up on. Hopefully, it gets rebroadcast in a more favorable time zone, or gets syndicated and picked up by hundreds, if not thousands of stations.

Resistance is futile -- but don't let that stop you -- I love a good fight.
Wow, this has a punch packed into it.
Thanks Sheila: Just wait until you see my poetry when the gloves come off. Talk about a punch! It's like a friggin Old School "Batman" episode:

Yeah…it should be a song, one played often.

If we just all let go our BS we’d perhaps reach our potential and as a result grow soul reducing the amount of fear out there.

We done!

Thanks M. C. : I saw your water poem today. That's very close to the symbolism and description of water I have so that resonated with me (see? Here I am being complimented and I go talking about someone else's stuff -- moving on...)

I really did like it, though.

Oh, and by the way, this was written as a song, as were a couple of the other poems I have already put up, including What Is Wrong. I grew up on both country and rock as a kid. I hated the Beatles (at least I thought I did) until I was about 12 (that's 1972, two years *after* they broke up.) I was a little late to be a Hippie, but the idea and the idealism rubbed off. So a lot of my poetry either comes from some goofy idea, some concept, my personal losses and wins and as often as not, I wrote them with a song/tune in mind.

Maybe someday, when I get my guitar fixed (I love that cheap old "Emy's Shop" Classic Acoustic, but her neck's separatin' from the body, so I can't play ita) I'll record some of them and put them up on YouTube or something. That way, folks could hear the poem in it's original tempo and intent. HMmm?

Thanks again one and all, really appreciate the comments.
A second in time OR a second time -either way I need more than a second any time. Rated with a Jali Smile. :-)
Wow, your poem from 1984 is so full of wisdom for today and a great poem to boot! Your last 4 lines really resonate for me:

"And the feelings we feared
From so long ago
Will be the feelings that cause us
To reach, to grow."

"I know it’s not the proper way

To be fighting with people every day,"

But they do.. and things will not get better until it stops..
Slow down and catch the second in time.

Good work.
I love it. When I learn to put all these chords together on the guitar, I'll ruin it with music!
Jali17: It's also usually better the second time around, as long as that second is infinite, timeless and present for each of us.

Cathy GF: I agree. Such has been my experience that those things we fear teach us much. I'm hoping (betting even) on the idea that we learn what to do that prevents us from living in fear, while recognizing the benefits of what fear can show us about ourselves.

Linda: Yup. We all fight way too much. At home, with family, friends, co-workers, etc. How can we expect to avoid fighting with people we don't know and are told we shouldn't like if we can't stop fighting with ourselves? We have to relearn honor, integrity and compassion as a species, I think.

I admit, while the evidence isn't always optimistic, history shows us on a steadily advancing incline, even though there may be many stumbles in the trail, it has led (and continues to do so, IMO) up to greater consciousness.

Mary: Yes, that second in time, lived in the instant of it's occurrence is important. All too often we let these instances slip past us, unnoticed, unremarked and unconscious of their potential to change us, make us more aware, and provide not only joy; they may also provide for our continued development as caring, conscious creatures.

I got my fingers crossed in this second in time.

Thanks again to all of you for your kind words and, if I may say it, resonance, to the idea and ideal of this poem.
Ah scanner, you devil, slipped in while I was commenting and thanking everyone else. I'd love to hear your rendition when it comes to fruition.

I used to think Pinball Wizard (when Elton John did it) was by Elton John (I had no idea it was from "Tommy" by The Who at the time. I still like both versions. I also still like both versions of "Proud Mary" from Ike/Tina Turner as well as Creedence Clearwater Revival.

So your version, compared to my version (*totally ruined with music as they might end up being) should be worth hearing as well.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Your are simply Great!
Thanks Algis Kemezys! No corrections here, just a little glow from praise.