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MARCH 9, 2010 11:45AM

Anti Gay State Senator finally comes out as gay

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Roy Ashburn, R-Bakersfield, had finally admitted to himself what everyone else in the state capitol apparently already knew. Yep, he’s gay. Of course it took a DUI, after he left the best-known gay bar in town, to get him to this point. He reportedly had his boyfriend in the car at the time, too.  

In other words, he only admitted it because he got caught red-handed, and it was splattered all over the front page of the Sacramento Bee.

Now, normally I would think “No biggie.” Honestly I think we focus way too much on the sex life of people in the public eye anyway. I’m a “Don’t do it in the street and scare the horses” kind of gal, whether you are gay or straight. But, this is newsworthy because Old Roy never met a piece of gay rights legislation he liked. Yep, Roy was your stereotypical shelf loathing gay who actively worked against gay rights.

His excuse? He said he thought that was what his constituents wanted.

Ok, I have to give him one thing, Bakersfield, and the entire Central Valley is most definitely Glenn Beck territory (shudder). If my neighbors had their druthers, Sarah Palin would be president.

But, do you really think people who think like that would want a partying gay guy as their representative? Yeah, I’m thinking not.  I guess it was his own personal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, but he lied to the voters of his district, plain and simple. They thought they were getting a typical conservative family values guy, and instead they got a guy who spent his free time trolling the local gay bar scene.

Then there is the fact that numerous Central Valley politicians have voted for various gay rights bills and gotten re-elected; it’s not the political suicide that Ashburn made it out to be. And Ashburn did vote to raise taxes last year to close a budget deficit, that was most definitely unpopular back home. Funny, he didn’t have a problem doing the right thing, rather than the popular thing then. Seriously, has there ever been a politician in the history of the US who has voted 100% the way his constituents wanted?

However, I think his problem goes deeper than that, I think Ashburn was lying to himself most of all. The mayor of West Sacramento, who is out, says he had observed Ashburn looking very uncomfortable in the corner in several gay hangouts. That doesn’t sound like a guy is comfortable in his own skin with his sexuality. Add that the fact that a gay rights organization gives him a big fat goose egg for his voting record, and Ashburn might as well change his last name to Cohn and be done with it.

 If he hadn’t been busted for a DUI, he might have gone his entire life lying to everyone. That’s a hard way to live, but I don’t have much sympathy for him, given the fact that through his lies, he made life a little bit harder for the rest of the gay community.

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people shouldn't lie about themselves to better their careers.
Yes, Colleen, they shouldn't. And I love it when they get caught.
People like him are the reason this nation is so screwed up. Doing one thing and voting on another. I could care less what he does or does not do in his private life. But when it affects legislation, he should be held accountable for his votes. Either way, he's gone soon anyway. A dot in our nations history!
Yeah, when I read about his DUI and the aftermath the other day, I just got a little spring in my step. Karma buddy, karma.

Nice job Dragonfly! Rated.
People like him are the reason this nation is so screwed up

Scanner, hypocrites are indeed the root of what ails us. Fortunately this guy is about to term out of his current office, and I doubt he can get elelected to another. We are soon rid of this one, on the next one!

Karma buddy, karma

Twoskinkybabies, the Karma Fairy is a bitch with big nasty teeth. Do not cross her lightly! Thanks for the comment!
Why am I not surprised?
Why am I not surprised?

Because you are a smart guy.
I thought the same thing when I heard he got pulled over. Oops, now the cat's out of the bag! I agree, good riddance. This is 2010. He's out of touch, as so many politicans are. He can't deal with his own reality, how could he deal with his voters? Creep...
He can't deal with his own reality, how could he deal with his voters?

Good question, and I think the answer is, "He can't".