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March 17
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AUGUST 2, 2011 10:59PM

A TV doctor , a young lady, and ......

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     I have, over the past several years. been dismayed and disappointed with the doctors and the reporters involved in delivering healthcare information.  I've had producers ask me to do things that I thought unethical, I've watched one of the most famous of TV docs advocate what appeared to me as some type of voo-doo medicine to shrink brain tumors, a journalist steal my story, that I wrote,and she admittedly read,  two months before she published it, and the latest shameful event, an elderly TV doc apparently attempting to  pick-up a girl  in her 20's.
 Dr. Y is a man just shy of his 65th birthday and quite well known as a TV doctor and Ms. X an attractive woman in her twenties.   I received much of this information from a source I cannot disclose but it is all based on text and e-mails sent between the two that I have received.
 Recently, Ms X was asked, by a physician known to one of the networks, if she would be interested in taking part in a TV interview about a medical condition. Possibly because she was interested in being on camera or because she worked for a company involved with this disease, she consented. After meeting him, Dr.Y asked her to give him her e-mail so he could be in contact with her about the story.  This, as best as I know,  is the first e-mail he sent.
The subject of Dr. Y's E-mail was "Thursday and More"
Hey TV Star!
   Thanks for helping us out today.. and Thursday. I'll know better tomorrow but it looks like I won't be able to get to Dr xxxxxx until around non on Thursday. Hope that works for you. Don't forget to wear the "bad" earrings so we can shoot the swollen, nasty ears (hey, you wanted to be on TV!)
   On another note, you said you're from xxxxx and judging from your tan, I'm guessing you spend time in the Hamptons. Turns out I have a celebrity-charity event to go to this xxxxx night at xxxxxxxxxxxxx (long story). Wanna go? It's usually a pretty fun night... and if it's not, it's free wine, BBQ and martinis!

   Either way... you'll still be on TV  :)


The young lady decided to go if she could go with a friend but declined the Dr's offer stay in a place he could arrange. She , and her friend, who likely went along to keep her safe from the eager hands of Dr. Y, went clubbing and Dr. Y had a photo of the two taken partying together-- I got a bit too nauseated when I saw the photo and so deleted it from my files.

I suspect that the  young lady, who e-mailed these accounts to a bunch of her friends, wanted to make sure that Dr. Y wasn't getting his geriatric and dirty hands on her, although the photo at the club showed him holding on to her, and she apparently  found it enjoyable to go to some VIP affair for free and then publicize the entire charade to her friends by forwarding his e-mails.  Dr. Y, my guess, is just one of many dirty old men looking to use his position to have fun with a woman who apparently is younger than his daughter.  Wonder what Dr. Y would think if some old man tried to use his position to fool around with his kid? 


I turned on the news the other day and there was Dr. Y and I just had to turn it off. I suspect he should turn himself off as well.




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Love my BMW but the dealership can kiss my out of warranty ass! Sorry for the vulgarity, but that's my uncensored feeling about most BMW dealerships. Can't beat the car for superior safety and slick ride, however. Gets out of its own way on the mountain too! Granny knows how to gun it!

As to Dr. Y...EEEE YUCK!!!
Evan: I've never seen any of these TV docs in action. When I saw your hed, I thought we were talking Marcus Welby. Things have apparently gone down hill from there. . .
We've made a few more steps in the USA towards the "cult of personality", and this story tells another tale of its progression. Money is seen as something to be in awe of, and the rest of us? We don't matter.

This doctor, this man, in a just society, would be ostracized. But in today's USA, he's probably the subject of a new hit reality show.
The woman in your story is an adult. If she wants to marry this old guy, be his paid companion, or just let him buy drinks for her and then go home alone, I'd say that's her business.
I agree that both parties are at fault here. But it seems obvious to me that this TV doc is usiing his position, while he is working for a major network, to make his move. Had it been at a bar I would just say he is a dirty old man looking to get lucky but it appears he made his move while he was on the job and used this and other perks to try and get in her pants.
Oh I can almost bet I know who it is. There is one especially bad doctor (I won't say who) giving outrageous advice. I am surprised he is still on!