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May 20
I teach writing at several universities. My two daughters are seven and 18. I adore my children, have trouble raising them, and you will read more about them than you care to. I am a professional cancer survivor. There is a lot more that I don't know than I do know.


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SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 11:50AM

My Contribution to the Barnum and Bailey 9.11 Grief Fest

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Read this poem by Frank Messina and more of his poems if you want to follow the link.

We are not just the good guys.  We ain't wearing white hats.  Messina makes that clear.

Disorderly Conduct

To the people of the world

You’re all under arrest

for giving in to your oppressors

anything you don’t do or won’t say

can and will be used against you


You are hereby charged with

Complacency in the First Degree

Possession of Ambivalence

and failure to obey a distress signal

from your fellow citizens


You have the right to remain "violent"

shouting down the Big Machine

with words of rage till daybreak


instead, you crouch down in silence

drinking, smoking, choking

while your own family stands on trial


You have the right to bear arms up

against the cold, steel face of injustice,

break down barbed walls of dogma,


You have the right to burn the burka,

the straitjacket, the suffocating drapery

smothering your daughters’ dreams


You have the right to make a left turn,

you have the right not to be straight

you have the right to do the right thing


but you’re all guilty, guilty of everything!


You have the right to

"not go gentle into that goodnight"


you have the right to fight,

to break open the pale face of Hatred

and shut it down once and for all


All human race

You have the right to

steal the keys to Freedom’s door

dangling from Tyranny’s drooling jaw


you have the right to infiltrate, to violate

to launch a coup d'état


You have the right to break-in and enter

instead, you break down and bolt

abandoning naked children

lying, dying, crying

beside crooked gates of hell


You have the right to overthrow the king

whose castle’s walls your own hands built

you’re all guilty, guilty of everything!


Guilty of lethargy

guilty of medicating your life away

from harsh truths that daylight brings


guilty of talking the talk

but not walking the walk


guilty of not working for peace

guilty of not working for peace

guilty of not working for peace


Get against the wall!


You’ve been condemned

and convicted by the people

for your crimes against them


Look up at the sun

through blindfolded eyes

until it hurts you to see


Remember those you betray

and remember, you’re guilty

guilty of everything!


copyright 2001, Frank Messina

The refrain "guilty of everything" pays homage to

Herbert Huncke's biography, "Guilty of Everything

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I understand the backlash at the great manipulation of the day. but like dec 7th, 9-11 too is a day of terror and sadness for our country.

we are NOT all guilty of anything. we are a huge country. I just love (not) these diatribes where we're all so damned guilty of "crimes against blah blah".

in a way this teaparty movement to disassemble government, to look at and investigate where the money goes might have once been a positive. maybe then we might have heeded eisenhower and took a deeper look at the military industrial complex. but nope. that day of reckoning is no longer possible.

we are a people. we live. we struggle now. we're fighting for our lives. many people, maybe most of us, possibly at least 20 percent of us are unemplyed. struggling to keep food on the table for ONE FIFTH of the american people.

the rest are worried. there's a small percentage, a very wealthy percentage that would whore their mothers in aid of getting just a little richer, because they've already sold the rest of us out.

the rest of us are innocents. and we are part and parcel of a machine that's milking us dry while it funds some evil shit. we elected obama to end the wars. WHO CAN LEAD US NOW?

you tell me. frank messina, you tell me too. Who can fight this political machine that drives us all? it's easy to dump on "the people" who are guilty. fuck that noise.

dump on the fucking evil that is driving this government and enough of this liberal collective guilt. ORGANIZE something and figure out a way to reach into the frightened minds of a country that is no longer feeling that tomorrow has promise. but please...don't start this cannibalistic shit again.
I've said it before and I'll say it here, again: Epic!

We are, all of us, every one of us, either part of the solution or part of the problem. The legions of us who do nothing but ask "Who will lead us now" are no different than those who believe placing a yellow magnetic "Support the Troops" ribbon on their car means they've somehow done something toward that end.

Anyone who is not standing up and getting in the face of evil is tolerating it and as the British say in Parliament, "The absent are always guilty." Most of us have been absent for this entire fiasco.
Hi Foolish and AJ

Thanks for the comments. I have not been around in awhile. I have nothing against grieving the victims and do so myself. However I also will grieve as you do the collapse of the economy meaning Bin Laden won because that was his stated purpose for the 911 attack. That is why Bush told us to shop. He was a crazy man but he had reasons for saying that. I grieve that we allowed said crazy man to lead us into perpetual war for a product that defines scarcity. I grieve the loss of soldiers put in harm's way. I grieve for the soldiers returnng with PTSD who cannot escape trauma. I grieve the loss of civil rights. I grieve the political divisions in this country. I grieve the rise of fundamentalist religion and the blurring of religion and state in many countries in the world most particularly ours. I grieve for the collateral damage in the Mideast also known as innocent women and children. I grieve for my daughters who must live in the world we created out of reactionary fear. The Barnum and Bailey 9.11 Grief Fest is nothing but a red, white, and blue circus that serves as a shiny thing to distract us from the great injustices perpetuated against us and much worse by us.
Depressing. And he doesn't even mention crimes against the environment...our earth...