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May 20
I teach writing at several universities. My two daughters are seven and 18. I adore my children, have trouble raising them, and you will read more about them than you care to. I am a professional cancer survivor. There is a lot more that I don't know than I do know.


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JULY 21, 2011 8:06AM

Thanks to Cenk Uygur For His Integrity

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I have been gone awhile.  #1 I am very happy and busy in part because I am spending the summer with time with my daughters as my priority.  #2 I am happy with work and everything else. 

I killed my cable because I could not stand the messages created by any player in the 24 hour news cycle and realized that message was negatively affecting my world view.

Listen to this guy.  He quit MSNBC because they tried to rein him in.  I actually never watched him but listen to the whole video.

. . . desperate to get access . . . they don't challenge the government . . . they don't challenge power . . .


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I found him difficult to watch despite his integrity and acumen bc his vocal tone rarely changed and bc he was wont to interrupt guests, to pre-empt them before the would, at times, say three words.

I wish him well, tho I am not certain if his style is quite right for the kind of venue he was in.

I think he's got much to contribute and he will.

OMG change is everywhere and for so many difficult reasons too.
This is too bad. I watched him and liked him and what he had to say. I wondered where he went. At least I still have Richard Lui, smart eye-candy. ;-)
I liked him very much. Why does Chris Matthews get two shows repeated?
Is this the guy who left because the White House told MSNBC to "reign him in?" For a constitutional lawyer, President Obama is not big on "free speech."
yeah Ive been reading him on huffpost for years, he's brilliant. he just whistle-blew himself out of a nice, fat, juicy raise.
I suggest he go talk to Alex Jones.
more on alex jones in my blog.
I wondered where he went! I had been watching him but his last few weeks were very strained.

Although his cadence drives me crazy, I have to admit that I get a kick out of Rev. Al Sharpton's folksy speech and pointed questions. Big switch, though, from Cenk.