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Dorinda D.
Orlando, Florida, United States
May 20
I teach writing at several universities. My two daughters are seven and 18. I adore my children, have trouble raising them, and you will read more about them than you care to. I am a professional cancer survivor. There is a lot more that I don't know than I do know.


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MAY 22, 2011 10:33PM


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I never much cared for rollercoasters then had a companion for several years who lives to ride rollercoasters.  So for awhile I rode them to be with that companion.

Then after radiation three years ago I was advised to avoid rollercoasters for physical reasons.  Basically the ribs on my left side that protect my heart were barbequed/radiated three years ago and they are very weak, have broken in the past, and could in the future.  I needed to avoid emotional rollercoasters this summer as well since that was my summer all last year AND I AM FRAGILE.

My whole birthday weekend was high highs bathed in light and love by friends/family who knew I needed affirmation with one very low very upside down roller coaster twist that broke my heart and demeaned me.  Welcome to 49.  I am not 29 and that trumps any quality I may ever have.  Ever.  I got it and spent a day crying over my inability to be younger.

 Then tonight my ex brought my youngest home tonight holding 10 feet of paper in his hands.  My youngest spent all day yesterday making a large star for my birthday that now hangs in the dining area. 


I am not 29.

I am a hell of a lot better.

Figure that out.   


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You will get better with every year. Love makes us better than we ever thought we could be. What love you have.
rated with love
So glad to read the last line - glad you realized you are a hell of a lot better. Happy Birthday Dorinda
Leave it to the amazing Tyler to put it all in perspective :-)
Dorinda, speaking from the hoary depths of 59 I can tell you that "it gets better." Just not in the ways we wish. Take care of those ribs of yours and that tender heart and enjoy the good parts.
It comes to us in the most unexpected ways, that affirmation that we are, indeed, better. You are the absolute best.
I followed the gentleman - AJ Calhoun.

The Fireman's Carnival comes to town.
It's so fun to ride the real Ferris Wheel.
I Love a feeling of butterflies in tummy.
It's like a buggy ride in a Amish tunnel.

The younger Amish kiss under bridges.
Smooch under a red wood kiss-bridge.
It's good luck. But. I hear what You say.
It's a good day to roll up pants. No socks.

Maybe I'll take off my flip-flops and splash.
Flip-Flops use to be called thongs. Thanks.

I wish I was sixteen and knew a elder woman.
She's be stable, normal, and not misconstrue.
The quit stoll is better than any human 'shrink'`
Maybe Kerry can teach a Ethics Seminar Course.
We can ride "Up & Down" on a Merry Go Round.
Glad the car came back up, Dorinda. Congratulations on logging in another year. If it's any comfort, you're still a kid from my point of view. ;-D
Sorry this is a little late, Dorinda .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And, yep ... the older we get, the better we get!
Thanks. Art I am honored. I have been listening to a local band that sang this song for me in March. It makes me feel better. I recoemmend the Painted Ladies.!/video/video.php?v=1674577303265
Baby, you are SO much better than 29! Make this birthday a celebration of you still being here. Fuck cancer in the eye. I never say crude stuff like that unless it's about cancer. You know what I mean. Be the hottest funniest smartest 49 that you are. I know you will.