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May 20
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MARCH 21, 2010 3:50PM

Of Cheese and Rainbows

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I’m not sure what has been going on around OS but it looks like it was ugly. Not sorry I missed it but hope that all is well later on for all involved.

On my drive home earlier today I was thinking about rainbows and yes that is the ultimate cheese of cheese type thoughts to have.   I was driving through some serious rain on the Turnpike.   I have seen perhaps a dozen natural rainbows during my lifetime and could probably link to thousands of Googled rainbow images.  I will go find one in a minute.

Found it.  This is even a double rainbow.

double rainbow two



Now back to writing.

I assume rainbows are common.  Perhaps I forget to look up in the sky and see them.  Perhaps I forget that no one gets a rainbow without some rain. Perhaps I have yet to learn to appreciate what is beautiful and right there in front of me.  Perhaps my own inner skies have been so dark I can’t see light.  Perhaps I might want to stop hunting for the leprechaun and just appreciate the rainbow.  Perhaps this analogy is becoming one stinking hunk of smelly cheese.


smelly cheese


This weekend I spent time with a lovely friend and her gracious beau who took me sailing on a beautiful bay where we seemed magically to be the only boat on that sea for an hour, riding in a convertible along an ocean drive in the moonlight, and invited me to share dinners with their close friends and family.  This was a wonderful gift of their time and attention.  The more important gift they gave was to reaffirm something I saw last weekend that I had decided was a fluke of nature.

Last weekend I met a couple who are dear friends of a dear friend.  We had a great dinner out, heard some wonderful live and very loud music by another of their friends, and saw photos of the couple’s trip to Vegas keeping us out until 2 a.m. on a school night. They were the most joyful and least jaded photos of Vegas I have ever seen.

Both couples are so happy to be together that their fun and strong bonds to each other shine.  I am very thankful for having spent time with them.  I hope that they realize that by just being together they make this world a more beautiful place.

No one can see a rainbow unless they look up and feel hopeful.  My friend said something like that when we were talking this morning.  And no she is not cheesy enough to use rainbow analogies.  That is just me.  But that was what she meant.




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I'm touched by this. And you are not cheesy. And there are rainbows galore when you look for them. They may fade and they may not create a perfect arc, but there they are: worth a smile, a stop even if for a second.

And there will be others when you least expect them after a rain. Lots more, really.
Thanks for sharing your perspective, Dorinda.
I just love it when rainbows and cheese go together! As of course they do.
How true, you have to look up out of yourself to see, really see, even rainbows. I liked this a lot!
Here's some good wine for the cheese. Rated for double rainbows, and reminding us of what is important.
Thanks for the reminder of the good things in life.
I have never seen a double rainbow...thanks for the picture.
Just for curiousity...what kind of cheese was it?
May your rainbows be too many to count.
Isn't it wonderful not to be involved in a dustup? I'm always grateful for that alone!