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MAY 6, 2012 8:00AM

I'm Not Going Anywhere

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 I’m Not Going Anywhere


I’m not going anywhere:

I plan to live forever.

(And just how often’s that been done?

Well, okay, maybe never.)


Life is after all a gift

and one must not tempt fate

by examining it too closely

for an expiration date.


But it’s a gift I value so

I treasure every second--

that maybe Death won’t really mind

if I don’t come when beckoned.


     --Dorien Grey

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poetry, appreciation, life

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Yup! Hope you're oK.:D
Asking the universe to keep you safe as you make your way through your days
Thanks, tg and M.C....hope you didn't think that there was any intimation of impending mortality there...just my general response to the inevitability of life ending at some point.
Short. To the point. Kind of like life. /R