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APRIL 15, 2012 8:45AM

Poem: I Knew a Man

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I knew a man who,

as a teenager, only liked teenagers.

But as he grew older,

he still only liked teenagers.

When he was about thirty,

he took a lover who was eighteen.

They were very happy…

until the teenager turned twenty.


I knew a man who,

though he had an iron will,

always hoped to find

a lover who would control him.

But when he met

anyone who tried,

he would tell them

to go fuck themselves.


I knew a man who

grew to fear being asked

How old are you?”

For he knew

the true question

almost always was:

Are you still human,

or beneath contempt?”


I knew a man who

was blind. Because

he could not see faces

or age, and he had

no mind games to play,

some people pitied him.

But I think he'd be

the perfect lover.

     --Dorien Grey 

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Like that last stanza. But I wonder if men can ever get beyond the physical envelope as do woman and be content with only the inner beauty we all hope to discover.
I loved this, very open and honest evaluation of feeling put into verse.It is hard to get by looks and it is hard to not control or be controlled. People's relationship fail often for one reason, they don't KNOW each other. The sensual side,( excuse the pun),'jumps into bed' before getting to know what that other human is all about. Nice to be seen as who we really are. Well done poem.
Is this the man who killed 100 boys, Dorien?? I love the solemn rythm of the poem...and your eerie perspective.
Thanks for the most interesting comments! These are all men I actually did know. The man who could love no one over 19 was a college roommate, the strong willed man was my best friend, I am the one who feared people asking my age, and the blind man was a casual acquaintance.