APRIL 4, 2009 2:42AM

Picture this, a day in December

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Freshman year of college I took a required class in photography. It was really the first time I'd ever taken any photos other than the typical pics you take of your friends, family and events. We learned the basics, how to shoot (film people, film,) develop and print.

I'd pretty much forgotten how much fun this was, until today, when I found a notebook full of negatives. No contact sheets, just negatives. So I started scanning a few. Some of them made me laugh - such artsy wannabe shots. Obviously an art sudent shot them. But even though I didn't think I was really talented, looking at them now I like them. All were taken in Providence, around 1980.

I'll start with a shot inside, of a hallway in my dorm. I used to brush my teeth in this water fountain.



Look at the pretty reflection!



Outside of the dorm, looking at"The Refectory."



On Waterman street, outside the dorm, looking towards Benefit Street.



Lookign the other way, up towards the dorm. Very silly shot.



I wonder how much the skyline has changed? This is looking downtown from Benefit Street.



Yes I was an art student. Told to look all around, not just straight ahead, I became consumed with angles.



I don't remember where this building is, but I liked the way the white bark on the tree picked up the white trim on the windows.



Gotta love reflections.



I like the big old car, and the fact that everyone is ignoring me.



The best part of this shot is the guy in the lower left. He's having fun.



More to come as I scan...



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nice shots. fun to find the past in photos. i took a photo class the summer after senior year, and still have the pics i took - somewhere in a box...
there's something so lovely and artistic and personal in black and white photography, like listening to some favorite thing on the radio instead of watching something similar on tv, like the satisfaction you get from making something instead of buying it.

these are lovely and beautiful
Dorelle, seeing these means a lot to me. The familiar hallways of Homer and Nickerson with the special decorative brick pattern that obscured some of the views outside. Your shots around Benefit, College, Waterman and Angell Streets--I have walked those sidewalks more times than I could begin to estimate. Likewise, all of the downtown shots are totally familiar. I eagerly look forward to more as you present them and I will also send the url to "A" who was a freshman the same year (as you know) and lived in Homer Hall.
Nora - find them, it will make you smile.
JK - thanks.
Barry - you are too kind. I mean that.
John - I knew you'd dig these.
Thank you for sharing these. I like your photographic "eye".

Dorelle, your store window reflection shot reminded me that I have some downtown window shots with reflections, too. I seem to recall that photographing reflections was one of the class assignments. Perhaps we should put together a combo post with both of our photos of downtown.
Oh, very nice. When I've scanned old pictures, especially when I've had only negatives, there's always been a mixture of "Oh, I'd completely forgotten this, but now I remember" and "I have no idea what this is." :-)