MARCH 28, 2009 2:37PM

I can’t stop loving you

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If you haven’t read part one, go for it. Also, read my way earlier post - back from OS beta days on the Elvis schwag I already have in my house.

So lets recap. In Memphis on a business trip I take two trips to Graceland. You see, after the first trip, when a colleague twittered that he still wanted to go, I lost all sense of control and tweeted back that of course I would go again.

So I am basically sending all of Lisa Marie’s children to college - what with the ticket prices and all the new schwag I bought.

The whole tour is really just an opportunity to buy stuff. There are shops at and inbetween every attraction. And I was with people who encouraged me to spend.

First I made sure I got some goodies for my team back at work. (They all liked their pins.)


Then I made sure Bianca didn’t feel left out, and got her a shirt and hat. (I wore the shirt myself when I gave my preso at the conference - the whole reason I was in Memphis - but I’m sure Bianca won’t mind. After all, we are constantly sharing clothes. What would she wear every day if I didn’t have all those Bridesmaid dresses? Don't know about my roomate Bianca? Let me fill you in.


At first I was thinking I’d only get some small things like magnets, or a pen that I could decorate my desk with. But these were so cute, and really went well with the magnets on the fridge.


And when I saw yet another lunchbox, I knew I had the perfect place to put it - in-between the two I already have.


I saw this creepy jailhouse rock bobblehead, and knew that he needed to be paired with my creepy prim lady ceramic.


And when I saw Lucky (from Viva Las Vegas) I knew that there was room on my bookshelf - and that he’d be fast friends with 68 Comeback Special E.


Irrational shopping behavior can be a symptom of larger mental distress. Umm... duh.

Finally I bought something I actually need - a new computer bag. My current bag’s straps are almost ripped through - so I felt justified. Plus there was room to transfer all my pins.


Before we left Graceland I ate a fried peanutbutter and banana sandwich. Not really my cup of tea. After five days in Memphis (ribs, catfish and more ribs) I needed some salad. It was good to come home and leave behind all that temptation.

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Dorelle, looks like the Elvis Organization almost has the waterfront covered with all of those gift shop products, but what about those fans who would like an Elvis kitchen with an Elvis range, oven and dishwasher? Perhaps, they'll see this post and get their act together.
I love your schwag. I'd pay good money for that bowling shirt, and I'd decorate it with the pink cadillac pin. I try to dress nice and decorate tastefully, but deep in my heart there is a redneck in a trailer park trying to get out and go hog wild buying the stuff she knows I really want.
Wow...next best thing to actually going, is to read your adventures and not have to buy the kind of wonderful things not in my budget. Dun read, thanks!
You've got it bad, girl ;) Good thing there is no equivalent for early Beatles stuff (if there is, don't tell me) or I'd be worse. I hope Lisa Marie sends you a thank you card! ;)
Excellent gift shop selections. I'm like your taste in Elvis stuff.
Thanks guys . I say my taste is, well... quirky. Most people don't decorate with records or live with a mannequin. But it makes me smile and thats all that matters.