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JUNE 14, 2008 12:51PM

I want you, I need you, I love you

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After my last post, I'd to share my lighter side. And what better way than to show some of my Elvis collectibles. You might notice that I have a teeny teeny thing about the King, but I rarely purchase any of this schwag - most of it has been a gift. And I must also admit that the best Elvis gift wasn't an item, it was a weeked in Memphis. My two best friends kidnapped me and took me to Graceland for my 30th bday.

So lets start highbrow: 




I've got this Warhol used as a museum exhibit title print hanging in my kitchen. If you look real close at this excellent photo I took with my iPhone you can see all my liquor bottles.




Yes its true, I can sit on Elvis' face anytime I want. A former boss gave this to me. Its really awesome - velvet seat, gold fringe and blue glass beads.




An intern found this decanter on eBay, another birthday gift for me. Baby E hangs out with my shell from Mustique and my lava lamp on my fireplace. Why Baby E? because big daddy lives in the hall.




It makes me smile when guests quickly look over their shoulders to see who's standing behind them. I'm an excellent hostess.

My birthday and Elvis' death day are one day apart. My friends didn't realize this, and during our Graceland visit met all sorts of serious fans who were really mourning his passing. I'm not that kind of fan. I just can't get over how silly "Roustabout" was. Or the fringe and karate. Its the kitsch that I love. And he was hot.


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I so love this. Terrific!
If you ever make it up here Ms. D, I'll show you the "Velvet Elvis" we have hanging over the "throne" in the downstairs bathroom. We have it in the master bath, where it belongs, but there wasn't room in the house we live in now.

I can also tell you the story of hopping in the car on Aug 16, 1977 and driving out to Graceland and what that mob scene was like, people passing out from the heat and grief.

And I'll show you the Elvis item an artist friend of mine in Memphis makes out of old bowling pins, perfect for immortalizing the "late period" King.

That chair you've got is awesome!
Oh boy. Elvis and I share a birthday. Because my mother was that kind of fan, this meant I had more Elvis themed birthday parties before I was old enough to put my foot down than you can shake a stick at. This means that I spent most of my formative years despising Elvis. I'm over it now.

I do like your kitsch. So would my mother. She might even like to adopt you. I was so disappointing in this area. :)
that chair totally rocks.
He was at his absolute hottest for the 6? special that was like an unplugged where he was in leather and finally old enough to really be sexy. Smokin' hot.
Elvis was a pop star back in the day when pop stars knew how to be legendary. LOVE the kitsch!
I'm baaaaack.

And just in time to comment that when I first read your headline, I thought you were going for the Meatloaf: "I want you, I need you, but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you, now don't feel bad ... 'cuz two outta three ain't bad!"

Yeah, Elvis left the building, but he left a lot of shit behind.
I am happy I was able to make folks smile today.
Barry - so glad.
Lonnie - now I must take a drive up.
Arlene - I am available for part-time adoption only, as my mom requires regular maintenance (since I have not married and spawned, and therefore have not fulfilled my duty as a daughter.)
Sandra - During parties people vie to sit on it.
ePriddy - God yes.
Bagheera - you should see my office.
JD - I have Bat out of Hell on vinyl. Must go home and blast it now.
"Well we were barely 17 and we were barely dressed."

One of my fav Bat Out of Hell lyrics.
Oh Elvis was crazy about me! That's what the whole jungle room thing was about.

For the record, I'm doubly blessed.