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Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall and Don Southard

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Donnuts 'n a cup o' Joe
Lawrence, Kansas, USA
October 31
Fudgepop stick without the fudge, suck conspirator !
Independent painter & injured asshole
THE LEADING SOURCE OF ANTI- SOUTHERN BAPTIST INFORMATION. GARLAND GARCIA HALL IS A PEDOPHILE THAT AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY SENT ME TO TO 'CLEAR MYSELF' OF THEIR RACIAL REASONING. Social vomit due to a societal poisoning. Some kinds of poisoning require vomiting it up to relieve the body of what it needs to be relieved of to continue living. Unfortunately my stalkers are what they are and this is the response. Dedicated to Garland Garcia Hall, Don Southard and the anonymous blacks the southern baptist church and their conspirators stalking me with whatever their claim is and and intention is regardless of what they claim. I am stalked constantly by them and they don't tell the truth.

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Jessie said something about babbling a few nights ago.  I wish I could sit in my house and read without some idiot obsessed with race bothering me with is idiot drivel. Read full post »

Wow what a night.  I really enjoyed the customers tonight.

thanks so much.  It is almost like a prayer is starting to be answered.

seeing what I did in all the people and one in particular.  I appreciate the wonderful, beautiful and nice people that came in today.  I hope… Read full post »

That rabbit fellow was on 8track and terry wanted something in the pool but it wasn't me... so now that you understand 20 years and a millenium, maybe we could get on with our lives?  Fuk you ! without a 'c'.


oh okay so sorry  Read full post »

wishing you didn't know who I was to you.

boomerang clan  Read full post »

AUGUST 17, 2014 10:34PM

Plant Peanuts instead of Tobacco

whelp...anyway Dr. Absurd and the Frederick Doomsday anticipatory....whelp anyways


Ce ca ceci cela celui leurs se-v'estes leurs ? Read full post »

this is this and that is that.  Wish it could have been an everclear cat.

  Read full post »

So during the sidewalk sale 1993 what was Don Southard chasing me to the corner of 9th and Vermont with a florescent green bike rack for.  I never saw the thing at our place.

Oh, and as I bike to 12th and New York regularly to visit a 'friend' (yeah right).… Read full post »

AUGUST 17, 2014 3:23PM

Bible verses and I am always right

He "knows" me.


I actually love that phrase in English.  

Conozco o Sabe?

Connait o Save?

He knows me.



He knows he wants me to be a 'future pedophile' because he is tuned into America hates (my name here) and… Read full post »

Everybody around me finds it real easy to stab me in the back so as soon as I turn my back make sure you do.


The black fellow or otherwise polite term for the Hillebrand fellow that was elected school board member in 1998 or so was there to tell… Read full post »

AUGUST 17, 2014 8:45AM

Kristin Barkus and Kelly Crawford

Alright, so then one night I was dragged out to a bar.  The Slo Ride Saloon.  I was seeing a band play there and a girl named Kristin Barkus was standing next to me and she knocked a beer mug on the floor and it broke into a million pieces and… Read full post »

One gentleman came into the store to begin my dad and called something 'That's what you call an Arkansas Credit card"  It was funny but other customers were coming through.   Sometimes I wish the flow of customers was slower and interactions longer and better, sometimes I just want it over.… Read full post »

In about 2003 I was walking downtown Lawrence and some underaged black kid runs up to me and mumbles (much like LeRon did) "Go ask Garrett".   

I was walking home from junior high one day and there was this kid I had never seen before.  He snuck up behind me.… Read full post »

I just saw the prettiest woman I have ever seen in Kansas City.  She said she was from Guadalajuara.  I told her she was the prettiest woman I had ever seen in Kansas City and she didn't believe me.  I loved her accent too and she didn't understand much English but… Read full post »

Organized Religion as a platform for Organized Crime in the modern world.

Under the fascist regime of technocracy the element of human learning and growing has become ever modified and hindered.

In the life of a human people should be allowed to make mistakes without being deleted and electrified the rest of their lives under the vice like hold of technocratic bureaucracy.… Read full post »

AUGUST 12, 2014 1:17PM

I am sorry and I hate my own blog

I wish you wouldn't have done that to me.  

I would probably be about ready to go to work for the school year if you would have not gotten in my way.

Wouldn't it be great to teach kids how to paint?  Read full post »

AUGUST 12, 2014 3:50AM

Why Thad Holcombe won't come forward?

Why won't Thad Holcombe come forward about who may have approached him to send me to Garland Garcia Hall in 1993?

I had dealt with Reverend Thad Holcombe who I feel should have retired in complete disgrace, but for all I care I am completely done with the Presbyterian Church and… Read full post »

Here comes my man... the one I needed so badly.  Dan Eckstein.... or rather Joe Yelton?   Two roomies that had to let me down.


Let's play "Never let me down again"?

Interrrupted yet again in my studies to prove I can study with him  Read full post »

Okay then to appease you (which obviously can never be done) I will go apply at Red Wing Shoes again.  

Oh, oops.  It isn't in Lawrence anymore.  Too bad.  I have the distinct feeling you are just chasing me around to hurt me and not consider some job based on… Read full post »

I have seen so many beautiful women in the past month or so.  

Lawrence Kansas certainly has no lack of pretty women... of all races and kinds and I have really enjoyed the splendorous eye full of them I have had the pleasure of seeing.  I wish that some of… Read full post »

In the past 20 years I cannot possibly believe that there was not one single black woman or woman of any other minority or any woman in general that just didn't think it would be worth a venture to see if I was worth dating and asking me out because of… Read full post »

For a period of time I volunteered at the Douglas County Senior Service Center looking for somebody that would volunteer to guide me in life or enable me to become an artist.  I figured there isn't any group of people that might have lived in Lawrence longer or be able to… Read full post »

The Riddler E.Nygma was such a childhood adversary of the Batman and the established law that it took them three movies worth of information to kill him off.

The paradox of Batman and the establishment never passing laws to protect an individual never occurred to any of them.

When the establishment… Read full post »

AUGUST 8, 2014 2:50PM

What you ruined (by 1997)

What a jackass he is.  

I was the son of an educator.  I had decided that kids learn from excitement.  I had worked in the school district myself too.

I thought being a soccer coach and part of the Lawrence Bike Club would be cool as they had an exercise… Read full post »

fuck you.

I don't want anybody from CSS from that time around me at all.  They showed the worst discretion.  

I can't believe that EVERYBODY among them would just sit there and watch me suffer under this asshole.


Douchebag.  I would be living in France right now… Read full post »