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DECEMBER 28, 2011 7:16PM

"PERSONHOOD"- When Extreme Right is OVERBOARD!!!

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 When the candidates for President were asked if they would support the “personhood” amendment five of them responded with, “Absolutely”.  This amendment is much more serious than your pro-choice debate.  This means there would be no exceptions for rape, incest or in cases where the life of a woman is on the line. Are these people serious???  The republicans are for the rich and against everyone else so I don't understand this extreme right view, if a baby is born to not one family member because the Mother died at birth, than this kid will enter the foster world and possibly need government help, she or he isn't going to get any help from the republicans so what are they thinking???  Personhood amendments are now being considered in Florida, Ohio and Mississippi.  This measure would elevate the status of a fertilized egg to a legal person.  This would ban IUD’s, the morning after pill, in-vitro fertilization and let’s not forget, cases where the life of the woman is on the line.  How can anyone vote this way, what happened to a woman’s right to chose? I understand there are cases where children who were born due to rape or incest where just fine and as normal as can be,  productive in society and successful in life and never commited a crime. This is the minority, think of the impact on a mother who just gave birth to a child from being raped by someone with HIV.  Say the woman had a health condition where if she where to give birth the chance of survival for the woman as well as the child was 37%, it wouldn’t matter if the “personhood” amendment is in place.  No exceptions!!! That in itself is a crime.


       I think we’re going backwards rather than forward, do women have no say in the matter? I believe it’s completely up to the woman whether to have an abortion or not.  It’s their right.  Any politician, democrat, republican or independent should have no say whatsoever in whether a woman chooses to have an abortion or not.  They don’t know the situation nor is it any of their business.  If a woman’s life is at risk if she gives birth, we shouldn’t count their lives?  Just the life of the unborn? This is one of the most radical views and shows how not one of these candidates are serious candidates for President, actually they're going to make it a very easy win for President Obama if they keep up the way they're going!  I can't see many women voting for a republican when they have less rights now than they did when they were an egg!!!  And when the hell are any of these extreme nut jobs going to talk about jobs???  They don't really want to bring up the economy due to the fact that it's the House Republican's fault as to why the economy is like it is, can you imagine how great the economy would be if the Republicans actually cared about it? If the Republican's didn't block everything that the President has brought forward the economy would be fine and the electorate is now onto this and onto the circus clowns game, it's about time electorate!!!


       In other words candidates for the GOP nomination for president are on the record backing a law that would make abortions and many types of birth control murder!  Do they even understand this or do they think they're against abortion, there’s a very big difference and I’m not sure if any of theses extreme rightwingers even fully understand the depth and importance of this amendment.  It doesn’t make sense to possibly lose a life to save a life.  If the woman dies during birth because this amendment is written into law than we lost the mother but gained a newborn? I just can’t grasp that at all.  Now we have someone who lost a mother, a sister perhaps a daughter or neice but we have a newborn that could be pushed off into Foster care or neglected.  What if the pregnant mom has no family at all and no husband but dies at birth because of this amendment? Now we have a child who has no family at all, have they given that any thought?  The Republicans are for the rich and against the rest so why would they want to have the government take care of a baby all of it's life because Mom died at birth, it's against all they believe in, I would love to see what they thought if it was one of their daughters who got raped by an HIV  carrying drug addict, would they give more rights to the egg or their daughter??? Once again this will be a cake walk for our President, these candidates even scare some of the most extreme nutjobs out there!!!


Just the thought of this amendment even being considered is absolutely appauling.  This is saying that many forms of birth control and abortion are equal to murder. Personhood amendments like this one are a direct affront to the federal right to privacy afforded by Roe vs. Wade.



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"I can't see many women voting for a republican when they have less rights now than they did when they were an egg!!!" Well said and there are many women intelligent enough to understand.

Sadly, I've noticed that while the candidates think very highly of themselves and their mental prowess, they seem to be incredibly unintelligent, as well as short sighted and needing of instant gratification. I doubt any of them think of the consequences of legislation or the possibility that these laws might someday affect them. Arrogant and stupid are a dangerous combination.

I also know that people tend to vote for those most like themselves. There are plenty of unintelligent, short sighted people who need to be gratified this instant at any cost. When an acquaintance tells me they're voting for one of these people I'm never surprised. Like attracts like.
Well said and I agree. This attack on women is shocking. I am offended that anyone would think my life is less valuable than a fertilized egg inside of me. The sad part of this is that GOP legislators are chipping away at women's reproductive rights and putting up more barriers to getting an abortion, a legal procedure in this country (I believe they forget that point as well - that it is LEGAL.) Longer waiting periods, forced ultrasounds (external and internal), pushing to allow employers to not cover contraception in their medical plans, defunding women's health organizations like Planned Parenthood...it all adds up to not valuing and respecting women's choices and decisions as well as that of her doctor. Sorry it took me so long to read this post...I've not been on Open Salon much lately.
I love your tags for this. This is a frightening line of thinking, and I'm amazed that it's bubbled up to the surface again this election year.