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NOVEMBER 29, 2011 10:25AM

Cain accused of 13 yr. LOVE AFFAIR!!!

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Well we have another side show from the “Cain Train”!  The latest accuser claims her and Ole Herm had a 13 yr. affair although Mr. “999” is denying it of course.  Yes after 2 women came forward about sexual allegations earlier this month with 3 others deciding not to step up, we have a business woman out of Atlanta, Georgia, Ginger White who came out and said she and Herman Cain were involved in a physical relationship for the last 13 yrs. up until 8 months ago.


I’m not surprised by this at all; I don’t even think the man takes himself seriously.  When asked by Wolfe Blitzer, Cain said, “I acknowledge that I know the woman, I acknowledge that I’ve known her for about that period of time, but did I have a 13 yr. affair with her, NO, and I don’t want to be pinned down with things until we see what the story is going to be”.  Why doesn’t he just say, I have to get my story straight with my Campaign manager before I comment, I don’t want to get caught in a lie???  That’s exactly what he means.


Ginger White said that Herman stopped seeing her right after making the announcement he was running for president.  You know, when you lie, and then lie again to cover that lie, and so on and so on, it catches up with you eventually and I really think this is going to be it for Mr. “999”.  He just isn’t going to be able to weave around this one, the woman seems credible to me, and she's not looking for any money or anything like that.  She says it was a simple relationship, she was aware of the fact he was married for a long time and she was also aware that she was involved in a very inappropriate situation.


Ginger White produced records of over 60 phone calls and texts to Herman Cain’s cell over a 4 month period, when she handed the phone over to the station she went to in Atlanta, they texted Herman’s personal cell from Ginger White’s phone and yes, Mr. “999” responded, more than once.  When Cain was confronted with this he came forward with a statement from his lawyer which read, “This appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults...no individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life.”  Sounds to me like that statement is asking the people, the other candidates and the media to just lay off, it’s a personal matter, WRONG...Not when you’re running for President of the United States my friend!  I think it’s fair to say, the “Cain Train” is about to derail.  I will be honest, I said that before, about 2 weeks ago and I guess that was a bit premature, however this time it’s over.  He will now drop in the polls like a rock in the water.

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Okay, so you have a 13-year affair, break it off just before running for prez, and have no clue how to handle the whole thing when it goes public. The people who think Cain was never a serious candidate, just doing a Palin to sell books and get speaking gigs, might be right.

Unfortunately I think Romney has been buttoned up enough all his life that no such scandals will emerge about him (except maybe about the 10 extra wives stashed away in Utah).
Sometimes love is not a splendid thing; it's a splintered thing
This just in (from Twitter)- TheFix The Fix
SIREN! MT @robertcostaNRO: "@NRO reports: Cain told senior staff this morning that he is 'reassessing' whether to stay in race."
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So we now know that he can lie, cheat, and keep a secret over an extended period of time. Since this is SOP for any politician, what's new?

I don't judge my mechanic's ability to fix my truck by his sex life. Same goes for my cardiologist. Both of these people impact my personal life more than any politician ever will - even the one sitting in the Big Chair.

The claim that this sort of behaviour indicates his "character" may be true; in which case his character seems to match perfectly that of his fellow citizens. Remember that over 50% of married people - of both genders - admit to extra-marital affairs. He's part of the majority in that respect.

what is the crime? Illegal Libido?
Wow, is all I can say after reading the some of the comments, it seems like it should be acceptable that Mr.Cain was having affairs, judging by some of the other comments, it is stated that over 50% of people have extra-marital affairs? This may seem bias, but I don't belive that is a good thing. If people are so indispensible then maybe they should all be given raises, so they could move out when ever the darn it isn't working out button goes on. Young people are so much more prone to stuff like that, and people that don't want the responsibility of a relationship or are just not into serious relationships would appreciate a discreet boyfriend/girlfriend, call an escort service. But for this man to want to run for President, it will be open call for most men and women that back up that belief to do what ever comes naturally, Planned Parenthood has their hands full allready with too many baby daddys and baby mamas, it will truly be each affair of it's own, of course between consensual sexual adults yippie, just think what that could mean when the babysitter comes over? Mr. Cain you are a real example of what chauvinistic men would expect a woman to be, maid in the kitchen, the cleaning woman in the bathroom, and an object of humiliation in the bedroom. No class, no Presidency, No Mr.Cain.
Gingrich-Cain 2012: fAMILY vALUES 4 EVER!
Hey MOMSACOMIC.....There's a mature response...Thank you so much.....bunch a grouchy ole ladies here talking out there ass, making no sense. Ladies, there are some Men out there who will still hold the door for a woman, or let a woman have their seat at the Drs. office, open doors for woman, I guess what I'm trying to say is there's still kind men in the world, I taught my son to treat women with respect. And VZN....back to the bullying blog.....for 7 or 8 yr. olds bullying and criticism are two totally different things....
Well said Skypixieo!

It’s unfortunate that the electorate finds the personal sex life of a politician a reliable indicator of their ability to do their job. However, there is hope, perhaps Cain’s sexual history has more to do with partisanship, as Clinton was also caught with his pants down, and most on the left seem to think he did a pretty good job. For whatever its worth, Cain loses my support for his inability to answer the Libya question and poor handling of the sexual harassment allegations.
You know it was Newt and his Clinton hounders who opened this door wide enough to make it all fair game. Maybe if Cain had admitted to the accusations instead of making bad excuse after bad excuse I could say that it didn't matter all that much. We know that damn near all of our presidents were cookie chasers and it made little difference to their ability to do the job. Republicans however, made the "ethics" issue what it is and I don't think that men like Cain or Gingrich should be getting a pass, Cain because he is another corporate buffoon and Gingrich because he was cheating on his dying wife for gods sake as he tied up our government and wasted millions of precious dollars to impeach Clinton for a blow job every now and then. Don't throw the mud if you don't want to get dirty.
WELL SAID BOBBOT!!! These are the republicans that boo a gay soldier, cheer for Rick Perry's death sentences, which 2 were most likely innocent, cheered to let a 30 yr. old die who didn't have insurance, sounds like Johnny Fever is jaded towards men too.
You have more in this than I have read in the news. Good reporting.
Thank you Sheila, I appreciate it.

I agree; attempting to impeach Clinton was regrettable decision by Newt. However, from an ethics standpoint, I have a much harder time giving Clinton a pass versus Cain or Newt.

Clinton, while employed as the President, was getting blow jobs from an employee (in the Oval Office).

Cain, may or may not be guilty of extra marital affairs, didn’t do anything on my dime.

Newt is free to cheat on whomever he likes, it’s a free country. At least he performed his job admirably and stopped the Democrats from spending more of the next generation’s future. If only Obama had someone like Newt around, he might be facing a much easier reelection campaign.
Very amusing Toritto!!! thx....Ole "999" is done whether he wants to admit it or not....these candidates and the republicans are an embarrasment to the world.