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June 06
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NOVEMBER 11, 2011 12:51PM

Vow to Hire Heroes Act of 2011

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Yesterday the world's least controversial bill has come to the floor for voting, the “Vow to Hire Heroes Act of 2011”.  This is basically a tax cut for businesses that hire veterans that are returning from war.  No controversy to this one but yet there was one person who voted against it.  The total was 94 yes and 1 no. The one was Jim DeMint, a republican from South Carolina who has already shown, like most of the republicans that he is a rightwing extremist who has not a clue about reality just like the entire Tea party.


Of course DeMint voted against the hiring or rehiring of teachers, cops and firemen, the infrastructure bill that would have provided thousands of jobs and every other bill that President Obama has brought forward.  In other words, he’s an obstructionist who will do anything to drive the economy into the ground in order to oust the president.  The same game the rest of the republicans are playing with people's lives.


This bill will not add a cent to the deficit; they are moving some other veteran funds around to pay for it that way, so there are no new taxes or anything that would jeopardize the republican's lip to lip relationship with Grover Norquist or the Tea party.  This would help the economy as well as help our veterans who sacrificed everything for us, and please don’t forget the sacrifice the families of the veteran have to make as well.  Missing seeing their children grow, missing the games, dance recitals, graduations, and I can go on and on, think of the extra stress and pressure put on the parent that is at home with the child or children, the questions they have to answer almost every day to children who don’t quite understand what war is all about and why would they want to kill my Mommy or my Daddy.


Jim DeMint basically said the veterans of this great country don’t deserve this special treatment, his exact words were, “ I can’t support this tax credit because I do not believe the government should privilege one American over another when it comes to work”.  Yeah, Happy Veteran’s Day, these people are clueless when it comes to reality, absolutely clueless.


At least we can say something got done in Congress yesterday for a change, something more important than a baseball coin or the slogan, “In God We Trust”.  The FCC also unveiled its low cost internet plan for low income families for $9.95 a month which is about a fifth of the national average.  This is a great bill for people who need the internet to search for jobs and become educated but otherwise couldn’t afford it.  These days the internet is almost a necessity more than a convenience, some companies won’t accept an application any other way than online, no more going to the place of business, meeting the manager and filling out an application.  No more phone calls to the business in regards to an open position, this is why I take my hat off to the FCC for making this available.  The children in these households will now have the internet to become more educated for our future.

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This bill seems like, nay, it is a no-brainer. Of course there has to be a dissenting opinion. It is what makes the right-wingers so darn lovable. His supposed reason for doing smacks of overcompensating in the political correctness department. He just ends up looking like an ass.

The Americans with Disabilities Act doesn't ensure employment, so the cynic in me wonders how much this will benefit the veterans. I will hold out hope.